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Good article on Ran Carthon

Jon C. in MD : 1/13/2022 8:15 pm
This is a really good article on Ran Carthon. Makes me want to root for him as a person, whether he gets the Giants job or not. And I love that he was a draftnik when he was a kid.

The whole article is good, but here are some quotes:


As a kid growing up, Carthon would talk with his NFL playing dad, Maurice, about the talent level of various players around the league, and took a big interest each year in the draft.

“I’ve always just been a fan of the draft, especially when I was younger,” Carthon said. “I used to record every draft and buy all the draft magazines and follow along. I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time. I was just more so trying to predict which team was going to take which player.”


Carthon said he has learned different aspects of the job from all three organizations he has been a part of but says the No. 1 thing he has learned in San Francisco is the importance of the relationship between Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan.

“John and Kyle are aligned and have a clear vision of what they want from players at every position,” Carthon said. “Then, now us as scouts, we can just go out and identify that. That’s the big thing that I’ve learned probably the most. That’s not to take away from any of the other organizations. Just having a clear line vision between the GM and his staff and the head coach and his staff. That allows us to have our marching orders and allows us to just go out and hunt for those players.”


“When that opportunity comes, hopefully I’ll be fully prepared and I’ll be able to put my best foot forward and impress a decision maker to make a make decision to give me a chance,” he said. “If that’s not the case, I’ll learn and grow from it and make sure that I get that that needed help and go from there again.

“It’s almost like playing again. You get your opportunity to play at the start and you try to make the most of it, and if it doesn’t go the way you want to, you go back to the film, correct your mistakes and help you get another opportunity to prove yourself.”

AP Article - 49ers executive Ran Carthon aims to run a team of his own - ( New Window )
His Giants ties certainly won't hurt him in the interview process.  
FStubbs : 1/13/2022 8:37 pm : link
If he went to  
Daniel in MI : 1/13/2022 8:40 pm : link
BC he’d be our GM by now…
Thanks for posting  
Lines of Scrimmage : 1/13/2022 8:44 pm : link
Didn’t recognize the ties. His Dad was a huge Parcells favorite and he was grooming him for HC but it never materialized. Wish him well.
RE: If he went to  
Lines of Scrimmage : 1/13/2022 8:48 pm : link
In comment 15552172 Daniel in MI said:
BC he’d be our GM by now…

Parcells, Mo and the 80’s alumni is not too shabby.
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