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"Carte blanche" and Assistant GM

NYGCO : 1/19/2022 2:49 pm
It is absolutely nice to see the comment about the "carte blanche" given, for sure. BUT we can only wait and see ...
Something I have been thinking during this past week while the GM interviews were being done, is could there be a GM and assistant GM being interviewed at the same time.
I would think that the new GM would want their own assistant GM, so this will be a big sign if ownership is truly giving them their own reign.
What's your thought that Abrams will still be the Assistant GM?
Here's the exchange I imagine:  
81_Great_Dane : 1/19/2022 2:56 pm : link
"Carte blanche? Really?"

"Yes, absolutely."

"So I can reassign all family members."

"Well, ummm, uhhh... I guess? But why would you want to do that?"

"I didn't say I want to. I asked if I can."

"We're open to having that conversation."

"How about the medical and training staff. This team has been plagued by injuries for more than a decade. Something's wrong."

"We do need to improve in that area."

"So I can replace everybody?"

"What exactly do you mean by 'replace'"?

"So I don't really have carte blanche, then."

"Okay, okay, you can choose the training staff."

"Let's talk about special teams coaches."

"Get out. GET OUT!!! NOW!!!"
Abrams or Tom Quinn?  
TC : 1/19/2022 2:59 pm : link
Clip - ( New Window )
John Mara: "When I said carte blanche  
Mike from Ohio : 1/19/2022 3:17 pm : link
I meant on the office decor. Do anything you like, but keep it under $2,500. All other decisions should run through me."
My dad used to have that credit card  
HewlettGiant : 1/19/2022 3:18 pm : link
RE: My dad used to have that credit card  
nyfootballfan : 1/20/2022 1:18 pm : link
In comment 15561238 HewlettGiant said:

was thinking the same. maybe jmara thought it was an expense account question.
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