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You have to think Flores is in Judge's ear

FranknWeezer : 1/27/2022 2:19 pm
asking him every question known to man about what to expect with this organization and what he may be getting himself into. From all accounts, the two are very close. Judge mentioned "Flo" several times over the last couple years. Obviously, JJ couldn't speak to working in the Schoen regime, but there are still a litany of areas he could give insight upon. For better or worse, Flores' early impressions of the NYG are, ironic as it may be, going to come straight from the mouth of the guy they just shit-canned after two years at the helm. What do you think about this dynamic and how it may affect Flores' line of thinking, etc? Is this a good thing, something to be wary of or a nonstarter?
I think it's got to be awkward  
Chris684 : 1/27/2022 2:22 pm : link
for them.

There's connections all the way through.

Judge wanted Daboll.
Graham was with Flores.
Graham was with Judge.
Graham, Flores and Daboll are interviewing.

Very intertwined scenario unfolding.
I'd hope Flores would.  
robbieballs2003 : 1/27/2022 2:24 pm : link
If you're worrying about him being a different person on his interview than who he really is then that needs to be followed up through his background check. Flores doesn't come off as a Mike McCarthy type. Flores doesn't seem like a guy that is going to try to get the job just to get it. He's gonna be himself. If it is a match then great. If not, why go through the charade?
If Flores is picking Judge's brain  
81_Great_Dane : 1/27/2022 2:26 pm : link
the first thing he's going to hear is: "I worked with Gettleman and Schoen is going to work very differently and is probably going to make a ton of changes. Here's what I can tell you about the owners, though..."
Maybe Flores doesn't care  
jvm52106 : 1/27/2022 2:36 pm : link
what judge says or thinks.
"Joe, if I get this job,  
Mike from Ohio : 1/27/2022 2:55 pm : link
the first offensive snap of the season is going to be a QB sneak just for you!"
Maybe we have just kept Judge  
kelly : 1/27/2022 2:56 pm : link
This group of HC candidates is not very inspiring.
How could Judge get Daboll when he was Bill's OC?  
ZogZerg : 1/27/2022 2:57 pm : link
I'd be quite surprised  
Bob from Massachusetts : 1/27/2022 3:48 pm : link
if Flores didn't talk to Judge long before he even agreed to interview.
RE: How could Judge get Daboll when he was Bill's OC?  
Ten Ton Hammer : 1/27/2022 5:56 pm : link
In comment 15578669 ZogZerg said:

He requested an interview and was blocked by Buffalo at the time.
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