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Mike Munchak

blugiant85 : 1/29/2022 12:31 am
Please go throw the bag at him and hire him ASAP
NYRiese : 1/29/2022 12:36 am : link
He, he  
NYRiese : 1/29/2022 12:37 am : link
I knew Mike Munchak  
Des51 : 1/29/2022 12:39 am : link
When he was a young boy growing up in Scranton. Occasionally hung out with his dad Mooney and mom Paula, great people.
It’s not just money  
dancing blue bear : 1/29/2022 12:42 am : link
His daughter and grandkids live in Denver. That’s why he went there I. The first place. The only hope is the latest shanahan sprout doesn’t want him. Slim chance tho.
That would be amazing  
Jay on the Island : 1/29/2022 7:45 am : link
But I won’t get my hopes up. Eric on LI said that Tom Cable is rumored to be a target which is another great option.
I think the whole Giants organization  
Simms11 : 1/29/2022 9:01 am : link
realizes the importance of a good Oline Coach now! If you can find a Scarnecchia out there, you have to pay them. It’s probably the most important position coach on O and perhaps the whole team!
He moved to Denver to be closer to  
Racer : 1/29/2022 10:49 am : link
his family, correct?
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