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Transcript: WR Kenny Golladay

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/20/2022 7:06 pm

Q. Kenny, this stuff is all voluntary. Why are you here?


Q. A lot of guys are here. You didn't have to be here.

KENNY GOLLADAY: I guess you could just say that's how much it means to me, especially coming off last season. Just trying to start off on a good note. I feel like everyone should definitely be here.

As of right now, I mean, there's a lot of energy going around. People are actually excited. People are actually ready to be back. After last year, leaves a bad taste in your mouth that you want to get out. I know for me at least, I was ready to get started.

Q. Are you disappointed that Kadarius isn't here?

KENNY GOLLADAY: I'm pretty -- I haven't talked to him in a while. I'm pretty sure he has something going on. Everything will work out. I'm pretty sure he's talked to the coaches and everything. It's my job and the rest of the receivers, the receivers coach, to get him back on track.

Q. Brian says he doesn't know the new offense until he gets the playbook.

KENNY GOLLADAY: I don't know nothing about that, man.

Q. You said the guys should be here, he's coming off a tough rookie season. How do you reconcile all that?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Just being one of the older guys in the room. Like I said, I haven't talked to him. I'm trying to get everything, myself in order, as far as learning the playbook.

I'm pretty sure he talked to Shep (Sterling Shepard), we kind of holler at him a little bit, I feel like he would definitely listen to us.

Q. Do you feel this offense is going to be geared towards you a lot more this season? Obviously you're coming off a year, no touchdowns, all that. The whole playbook isn't in. Do you feel they're going to be gearing a lot towards you?

KENNY GOLLADAY: As of right now, putting in a bunch of plays. That's very exciting, a lot of plays that can trick a defense. A lot of guys moving around.

It's only one day. We got 3 (Sterling Shepard). We got 2-6 (Saquon Barkley). We got new guys that's coming in. The only thing I can do is come out here on the practice field, put good stuff on the tape, then translate it to the games.

Q. When you see how Stefon Diggs was utilized by Daboll in Buffalo, does that raise the excitement level for you?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Definitely. I would say we're two different players. Skillset is a little bit different.

For sure, (loss of audio), those are the two guys from high-powered offenses. I'm excited, man. A lot of stuff is coming in. They're putting a lot of stuff on my plate. Each and every day (loss of audio). They're going to do the same on me. We just got to make things happen.

Q. What was your reaction to the last coaching staff getting fired?

KENNY GOLLADAY: I mean, that really wasn't my first time going through that. I guess you could say it was pretty surprising. A lot of stuff going on in the media. I guess it is what it is.

I'm just focusing on this year.

Q. How would you describe the stamp Dabs and Joe Schoen have put on this program the short period of time they've been here?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Speaking as far as Dabs, he comes in with a lot of energy, coming in, pretty much showing us this is not going to be the same Giants as last year. He put his own twist on things, a lot of things.

Like I said, there's a lot energy going on in the building. People staying longer. I feel like we're more together in a little bit of time.

Q. Why?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Really coming in early, staying late after practice, doing stuff. This is the first time to actually get a legit off-season going on. When you come in free agency, I had a lot of moving parts going around, COVID and everything, didn't go through OTAs. Going through OTAs, it should be very good.

Q. Have you and Daniel come together in the off-season?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Still got a little bit to go in the off-season. We both came back around the same time. We've been linking up ever since.

Q. Is there a different vibe at all? The last coaching staff was very intense. Is this vibe different?

KENNY GOLLADAY: I would say so. I wouldn't say it's chill, but at the same time (loss of audio). It's a little bit more relaxed, which is good. At the same time, Coach Dabs expects you to get the work done.

I think that's what everybody likes. We can joke around all day long, but once we step on the football field, get in the meeting rooms, I think there's a time and place for everything. I think everyone got that memo. Once you get on the practice field, you kind of flip that switch.

Q. Off the field?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Off the field, what we do in the building, I'm going to keep that between us. Like I said, there's a lot of good energy going around.

Q. When you came in here last year, Saquon was coming off the knee injury, there were a lot of questions about when he was going to practice. Do you see a different Saquon this year?

KENNY GOLLADAY: To be honest, towards the end of last season, you start seeing that same 2-6. As of now, he's healthy, had a full off-season to get his body right. I'm excited. I was excited for him last year. I'm even more excited for him this year.

Q. The way the year ended, the numbers, did you have to sit down for yourself and kind of assess what went wrong and how you were going to attack this year any differently? Did you figure out why things didn't go the way you anticipated?

KENNY GOLLADAY: To be honest, I kind of had it a little bit towards -- like when you have those last few games, we weren't playing for the playoffs, there were a lot of days I thought about what's going wrong, what can I do better. A lot goes through your mind.

Once the season ended, I kind of flushed it. Once we got a whole new coaching staff and everything, I definitely kind of just flushed it and focused on let's start something new, turn the page now.

Q. You kind of alluded to getting more time with Daniel. There's the injury factor. Why do you think this year will be better and more productive for you than last year?

KENNY GOLLADAY: First off, it's early. I'm not going to say this year is definitely going to be better for me. That's my mindset.

Q. You don't think it will be better definitely?

KENNY GOLLADAY: I mean, like I said, I thought for sure I want the year to be better. Start off by saying that. Last year was last year. Like I said, I'm just going to focus on this year, build each day.

Q. What do you see in the offense, in the playbook, there's going to be more action, motion, more ability to get guys going instead of I'm lining up here?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Yeah, like I said, Kaf (Mike Kafka) and Dabs do a great job of just moving guys around. I could be at the number three spot, number two spot, even Saquon can be lined up as a receiver, they can be in the backfield. There's a lot of little nuances that can get our guys open.

Q. Daboll said at the owners meeting he watched some of your tape when you had your Pro Bowl year. Is that exciting?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Definitely. Definitely. Him trying to figure out what I'm good at, that's a great sign. Hopefully we get everything done.

Q. Have you had discussions with him? Has he invited you to sit down, what do you like to do, how can I help you be the best you can be?

KENNY GOLLADAY: A little bit. But more so just getting to know one another. Once the whole coaching staff got in here and settled down, getting to know one another, not talking too much ball. Talking about the family, talking about the transition.

Then once we started talking about ball and everything, we kind of throw stuff off each other. It really isn't even just about me. He could be talking to me, Shep, Saq and (DJ). I think that's what's good about everything, so everybody is on the same page.

Q. The bunch of you in a group?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Not behind closed doors. It could still be in front of everybody.

Q. What did you learn about him as a guy?

KENNY GOLLADAY: I'm still learning. As of right now, a cool, laid-back guy. Just wants to put his players in the best position.

Q. The Buffalo offense was so creative under Brian. Did you look at some of that or do you have optimism based on that that it can translate here as well?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Yeah, I did. Those guys in Buffalo had some pretty good pieces. So do we. I think that's the most exciting part.

Those guys over there, Diggs, had a whole bunch of balls caught, you know what I mean? You can definitely tell he puts his guys in great positions to succeed.

Q. You guys are trying to win this year, but you're in build mode for the future. As a player, how do you approach that? Do you think you guys can make noise this year while you still build for the long-term?

KENNY GOLLADAY: It's still early on. This is only, what, day two of being on the field. We've still got to find what our offense and what our defense can be. We haven't even gotten to training camp.

As of right now, like I said, people are out there flying around, just having fun with it. I think that's the most important thing. People are ready to get back to work.
0 TDs last season...  
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