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Transcript: Head Coach Linebacker Micah McFadden

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/30/2022 3:13 pm
2022 Fifth Round Draft Pick Linebacker Micah McFadden

April 30, 2022

Q. I know you were in a blitz heavy defense, how excited are you to stick with that with Wink Martindale? Seems like you're a good fit for that scheme.

MICAH McFADDEN: I can't wait. Really excited to be part of the team. Honored that this organization drafted me. I just can't wait to get to work and perform.

Q. How would you describe your game?

MICAH McFADDEN: You know, my game is physical. I think I can get after the quarterback, but I think I'm great dropping back in pass coverage and just getting a hat on guys and being a dominant force in the middle.

Q. How much contact did you have with the Giants during the Draft process?

MICAH McFADDEN: A little bit of contact. I got to talk with the linebacker coach on a Zoom call a few weeks ago. I think I talked with a few scouts at the Combine but not a whole lot. So I thought they were pretty interested but wasn't really sure. So I was excited when they drafted.

Q. What have you seen from Blake Martinez over the years, I'm sure a guy you've studied. What's it going to be like to be his teammate now?

MICAH McFADDEN: Yeah, somebody I definitely look up to and admire his game and the way he plays and just what he's done over the past few years. Really excited to learn from him and just getting in the locker room and the linebacker room with him and I think we're tied up with the same agency. So that's pretty cool as well. I'm just really excited to learn from a player like him.

Q. How much did you play special teams at Indiana?

MICAH McFADDEN: Yeah, I played a good amount. Freshman year, I started on, I think, three and then played a lot of punt as well. Then sophomore and junior year, I started on punt and kickoffs, played those while I was starting at linebacker as well and then this past year, I think I started pretty much every defensive rep, so I was mainly just taking punt reps after that.

Q. I saw you had an injury and you didn't play in the Shrine game. What was the injury, and are you 100 percent now?

MICAH McFADDEN: Yeah, all good now. I was just coming off a turf toe injury that happened late in my season. Kind of lingered a little bit into that pre-Combine training process. I thought it would be best not playing in any of those games and keep recovering and get ready for the Combine.
Gary Reason perhaps?  
Arkbach : 4/30/2022 3:19 pm : link
just dreamin
Arkbach : 4/30/2022 3:20 pm : link
forgot to hit the s
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