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Transcript: Linebacker Darrian Beavers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/30/2022 5:47 pm
2022 Sixth Round Draft Pick Linebacker Darrian Beavers

April 30, 2022

Q. Hey, Darrian. How you doing?


Q. Good, congratulations.

DARRIAN BEAVERS: Thank you so much.

Q. What do you feel like is the strength of your game that can translate directly to the NFL in your rookie year?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: I would say my football intelligence. I'd say that I'm very intelligent when it comes to knowing what the offense is going to do, picking up on plays, picking up on anything, so I feel like I can bring that to the table right away.

Q. I'm sure you prepared coming in not really knowing exactly where you were going to go, and I don't know if you can prepare for it. How did you deal with the emotions as the rounds kept going on and you didn't hear your name called coming into today?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: You have to close your mind when it comes to that stuff. You have to just know that being drafted in general is a blessing, so I feel like me knowing that I'm in the draft is a blessing. I had to keep (positive) and wait for my phone to ring.

Q. How much pre-draft work did you do with the Giants?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: I did a couple calls and a couple Zoom calls with them. Went over some defense and stuff like that. I kind of got used to the defense and used to the coaches.

Q. What was your reaction when you got that phone call?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: I mean, like I said, it was a dream come true, something I've always pushed for and strived for to be in the NFL and that opportunity has come, so now I have to go and prove that I belong here.

Q. What led to the position change when you switched schools?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: That's the best fit. Like I said, I'm very versatile when it comes to stuff like that. I think it was the best fit for me.The coaches thought that was the best fit for me, so I switched positions and it worked out for me. So I feel like just me being versatile, me being able to switch positions and still succeed is something I bring to the table.

Q. With the NFL, different scheme, with your skillset, do you think you're better in a 3-4 or 4-3 or does it matter?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: I don't think it matters. I can be very successful in any defense and any position out there, you put me in a 3-4, outside or inside, I'll be very successful. If you put me in a 4-3 inside backer, I’d be fine with that, too.

Q. How much experience do you have on special teams?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: I have a lot of experience. I think every year, except this past year, I played special teams and I played every one. So I have a lot of experience on special teams.

Q. What did you think of Sauce's chain?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: I mean, that's Sauce, he has that flash to him, that style to him. So that's something that he will always has. I didn't expect nothing else from him.

Q. Are you excited to be coming to New York with him?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: Obviously, yes, I'm excited to come to New York. I've been there two or three times. New York City is a blessing.

Q. How about just coming here with Sauce, playing in the same stadium?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: No, it will be nice. I mean, it will be nice to compete against him and here in New York, we'll have something that we have got to catch up sometime.
Who cares if he is playing in the same city as Sauce.  
DonnieD89 : 4/30/2022 5:59 pm : link
They’re not on the same team. That’s an irrelevant question, and it sounded a little annoying with him.
HewlettGiant : 5/1/2022 12:51 am : link
Sauce is not on our team...not his teammate next question please...
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