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2022 NFL Draft Analysis and What I Would Have Done

Sy'56 : 5/3/2022 6:43 pm
The 2022 NFL Draft class, the first under new General Manager Joe Schoen, brought in 11 new players, included two slight trade backs, and did not take anything away from the future. Six defensive players, five on offense. Six skill position players, five linemen. This draft, overall, had a balanced and “safe” feel to it but most importantly, it appeared nobody in the media knew what was going to happen. Schoen and staff flew under the radar, but we did see a trend with all off the 11 picks that is worth remembering; NYG had well-documented time with all of them pre-draft. Whether it was a Top 30 visit, a Pro Day visit by the GM with a private meeting included, or a documented meeting at the Senior Bowl away from practice. A New General Manager is challenged with a unique set of obstacles and pressure in their inaugural draft. Starting off on the right foot in a league where jobs change fast was essential.

Here is my break down of the 2022 NYG Draft Class along with what I would have done differently, a tradition where I make my own picks in real time to store them for future comparison. I will include NFL Comparisons, the summary from my scouting report, and extra thoughts on the fit along with likely usage.

ROUND 1 (#5 Overall)

Kayvon Thibodeaux – EDGE/Oregon – 6’4/254


Summary: Junior entry from South Central Los Angeles. Three-year starter that came out of school as a topflight, 5-star recruit and delivered. Earned 1st Team All-Pac 12 honors all three years, won the 2020 Morris Trophy, and landed on both the 2020 and 2021 All American squads. Thibodeaux has a long, explosive frame that can bend in and out of small creases with tremendous power and strength. His lockout game combined with a strong initial burst consistently gives him initial positional advantages on blockers. Sometimes, that alone is good enough as he can work through the shoulder of a blocker with consistent ease whether he is rushing the passer or defending the run. He is equally productive against both. Where Thibodeaux struggles, however, is when he is matched up against pro-caliber size and power when it comes to secondary rush moves. He needs to show more technique refinement and continue to try and strengthen his base, which plays small and gets too narrow at times. His lack of body control will cause issues as well when it comes to reaction-based action. His tool set is top shelf, but he is far from a finished product and will need to fix a lot prior to being labeled a dependable player.

*Out of the 1,500+ players that get a grade on my master sheet, Thibodeaux was the third ranked edge defender (the top two went 1-2 overall) and the 12th overall player. You may hear me echo this several times, apologies in advance. I am not going to use the term “reach”, especially at such an important position to the game in general, and even more specifically on the current NYG roster. I, like everyone, am intrigued by what this kid can bring to the defense. It was an aggressive swing for the fence and if it connects, NYG has their best pure pass rusher since the glory days. There was a lot of pre-draft talk around this kid and here is what I think:

Thibodeaux has the kind of get off that can change a defense. His burst up the edge is, right now, a weapon for the new defense that can make several other players better. It can change a scheme; it can change the way the entire defense plays. We all know, however, it will take a lot more than that to reach the level of a high-end pass rusher in this league. Thibodeaux needs to get more consistent with rush moves and I would love to see him add more power to his lower half. That is a physical shortcoming of his that may not change much. That is the glaring difference I see between him and other guys with a similar height/weight/reach profile like Khalil Mack and DeMarcus Ware. Thibodeaux is not a very big guy. He also measures in like players such as Chase Winovich and Landry (my comparison for him). He does have a physical, powerful upper body though. He can set the edge with a quality lockout game. But when it comes to that lateral adjustment, twitchy left to right pass rush, there are holes that could prevent him from being a top shelf edge rusher. These are correctable issues, but they will require full blown devotion to his craft between the lines. I won’t speak of the off-field stuff here, I want to keep it to football. I am all about players wanting to enhance their brand (Strahan did it) but it will unequivocally need to come completely after putting everything he has into performing well, and then even better, on the field. This will be a fascinating story to follow.


Evan Neal – OT/Alabama – 6’7/337

NFL Comparison: Kareem McKenzie – NYG

Summary and analysis are below – as NYG picked him at #7.


ROUND 1 (#7 Overall)

Evan Neal – OT/Alabama – 6’7/337

NFL Comparison: Kareem McKenzie / NYG

Summary: Junior entry from Okeechobee, Florida. Three-year starter at three different positions (LG, RT, LT). A 2019 Freshman All American that ended his career as a 2nd Team All American and 1st Team All SEC honoree. Neal, a team captain, is lauded by both the on-field coaches and support staff inside the walls. His attention to detail, intelligence, and work ethic have helped him deliver on his 5-star recruit profile out of high school. The fact he started right away as a true freshman for Nick Saban along the offensive line, a rarity, and progressed each season of his 3-year career while playing 3 different positions speaks volumes about his mental game. The obvious with Neal is the elite physical tools. His size is second to none, his power comes easy and natural, and the explosion within his blocking can put him in a rare tier of offensive line prospects. He did struggle with consistency throughout his career, as he showed low body awareness in several situations. He often oversets, leading to balance and control issues. Defenders were able to shake him off too many times. Neal’s upside is as high as it gets but the constant new-position he dealt with every year may have thrown off some important development. That versatility may help his outlook to some teams but once he is drafted, his true value will come when he settles in to a position. Neal can eventually be one of the best linemen in the game.

*With all three of the tackles (Neal, Ekwonu, and Cross) available when NYG was on the clock at 5, NYG was an interesting situation. They were in the ideal position of choosing whichever tackle they wanted, their true OT1. It was the biggest hole on this team and there were multiple players at the position capable of coming in right away to start, likely providing the top right tackle-play since the aforementioned McKenzie. However, it was guaranteed that at least two of them would still be available at #7 overall, with only Carolina sandwiched between the two NYG selections. I talked to Paul Schwartz from the NY Post prior to the draft, and I brought this scenario up. All the hours and hours of scouting and debate, would NYG really say “we will take whatever is leftover”. This is called picking into the strength of the draft. Yes, just like I had Neal and Ekwonu, I believe NYG had the two graded the same and would have been equally happy with either at #7. Thus, they did not want to risk Carolina (or another team trading up) taking Thibodeaux at #6. In a process that is more art than science, that is how I think NYG saw the process at tackle.

Neal has been my top OT since summer. I was expecting him to end in the hard-to-reach 90+ tier reserved for projected All-Pros. He did not take that step up and this is where, in scouting, one must check the ego at the door and prevent preconceived notions from undermining the process. Neal’s tape in 2022 had mostly great, but too-often poor, stretches. The tools are all there and he is mature beyond his years. The fact he played three positions in three years is a testament to his coachability, team-first attitude, and versatile skill set. Nick Saban rarely puts true freshmen into the starting lineup along offensive line, Neal was the exception. However, I feel his progression may have been impeded by the constant change in position. The balance problems had more to do with slight issues within his footwork, not an athleticism shortcoming. That is why I feel plenty of optimism around his long-term potential. Neal will be the starting right tackle week 1 barring injury and may have some rookie growing pains (don’t expect a rookie Pro Bowler), but NYG has a realistic shot at having a top 5 OT pair league-wide very soon.


Garrett Wilson – WR/Ohio State – 6’0/183

NFL Comparison: Stefon Diggs / BUF

Summary: Junior entry from Austin, Texas. A former 5-star recruit that also had Division I offers out of high school for basketball. Two-year starter, two-time 1st Team All Big 10 honoree and a 2021 2nd Team All American. Wilson is the kind of dynamic and explosive playmaker that is a threat to score each time he steps on the field. The size and speed are, respectively, both good enough but neither are stand out traits. What makes him different is the elite body control and space-awareness. He can twist and turn late in ways that most others simply cannot. The game slows down for him when defenders are near and the second he makes his move, those defenders are often found wondering what just happened. Wilson can project to both the outside and the slot depending on the offense that brings him in. No matter what, expect him to make plays right away and ascend to one of the more dangerous threats in the league at the position.

*Wilson ended up going to the Jets at pick #10. For the record, if Carolina passed on Ekwonu I would have double dipped on the offensive line and picked him up. Wilson was the fall-back option with considerations given to EDGE Jermaine Johnson, OG Zion Johnson, and S Kyle Hamilton. I felt the need for wide receiver was just under the team’s needs for a pass rusher and offensive linemen. As I said prior to the draft, I’m not so sure that ANYONE from the current WR group will be here a year from now other than Toney (even he I’m not positive about).

Wilson, a mix of Stefon Diggs and Emmanuel Sanders (ironically both played for BUF in 2021), would give NYG a fresh pair of legs that fits like a glove into what Daboll wants from the position. He performs equally well when he lines up in the slot or the outside. His straight-line speed, body control, and ability to make big plays across multiple spectrums is what this offense is begging for. The receiver market is getting out of control right now and with the supply of talent that comes into the league at that spot year after year, it is wise to put draft resources into it. The one negative here, I will admit, is that there are VERY few receivers under 190 pounds that succeed in the league. My counterpoint in relation to Wilson, however, is his frame. He has a 76.5” wingspan which is abnormally wide for a player that is just under 6 feet tall. Jameson Williams? 6’1 / 75.8”. Chris Olave? 6’0 / 73.1”. Jahan Dotson? 5’11 / 74”. Skyy Moore? 5’10 / 73.5”. I will be curious to see if Wilson can add some bulk on that wide frame of his to get closer to Diggs 195 pound-mark.


ROUND 2 (#43 Overall)

Wan’Dale Robinson – WR/Kentucky – 5’8/178

NFL Comparison: Isaiah McKenzie / BUF

Junior entry from Frankfort, KY. Spent two seasons at Nebraska before transferring to Kentucky for the 2021 season. Honorable Mention All-Big 10 in both 2019 and 2020, second team All-SEC in 2021. Robinson has been a hybrid receiver/running back from the start of his career and will give an NFL offense the opportunity to create a big-time playmaker out of him. He has the well-balanced athletic ability and overall skill set to do multiple things, align from different spots, and create on his own. He is much more than an undersized, underneath threat that can occasionally take a jet sweep. He has had a lot of success in the deep passing game and plays with the kind of competitive fire that can at least somewhat make up for the lack of ideal size. Because he has lined up all over the offense, Robinson is a little rough around the edges when it comes release and route nuances, but all can be corrected in time. He is a big play threat every time he gets on the field no matter where he lines up.

*Schoen traded back two times prior to making this pick. He clearly wanted more day three draft capital to build up the depth on this roster. My first question? Did anyone get taken between their initial draft slot (#36) and where they ended up drafting (#43). Two corners I think they may have been high on, Andrew Booth and Kyler Gordon, were taken in that window. Safety Jalen Pitre was drafted in that window. I think that’s about it. I don’t know the answer, but it is something to reflect on. Schoen and Daboll agreed with my notion that there needed to be a wide receiver talent added to the team early on. Robinson truly is a fun and exciting player to watch. I was asked on the Scouts Honor Podcast to list 5 of my favorite players in this draft class (not the 5 best). Robinson was on the list. I had him as an early day three target. While I was surprised to see the name come across that early, I respect the value the NYG brass had on him. They clearly have a plan here.

Why did I go day three on Robinson? It had more to do with profile than anything else. Robinson is small. When I say small, I mean he could end up being one of the five smallest receivers in the NFL when the 53 man rosters are complete prior to week 1. His 27 5/8” arms and 67 5/8” wingspan on his 5’8” frame will give a reach radius is all-time small. Rondale Moore was the smallest receiver in last year’s group but was overall bigger than Robinson. I don’t want to obsess over it too much, but context is important. When it comes to his play on the field, Robinson is electric and tough. I watched a lot of Buffalo Bills offense after the Daboll hire and I thought he would want another Isaiah McKenzie; a gadget player that can carry the ball, go deep, be a weapon in the screen game, and impact special teams. He also could project to the slot where Cole Beasley, another similar body, thrived. They will engineer touches for him a variety of ways. My one question (beyond the size), doesn’t he fit into the role Kadarius Toney was supposed to fill? A different staff and regime drafted Toney, but he is more “athlete” than “receiver” in my eyes. Is there room for two of these guys on an offense? It is possible but my first reaction to this pick was, “Does this selection end up moving Toney away from NY?” We’ll see.


Nakobe Dean – LB/Georgia – 5’11/229

NFL Comparison: Jonathan Vilma – LB/Georgia

Summary: Junior entry from Horn Lake, Mississippi. Two-year starter (2020 and 2021) that was also a key contributor to the 2019 defense that was loaded with NFL talent, earning the team’s Defensive Newcomer of the Year Award. Capped his career off earning 1st Team All SEC and 1st Team All American honors. Dean, a third-year graduate with a mechanical engineering degree, has the make-up and production of a key difference maker in the middle of the defense. He was the leader of the pack at Georgia, a defense (a linebacker unit in particular) packed with pro talent on a National Champion squad. His speed and range, against both the run and pass, will be an immediate weapon at the next level. He brings instant energy and pop to the defense. The size is a credible concern and remember, the talent around him was unlike anything we have seen in recent years in college football. He fits into a space-friendly role, ideally on the weak side, where he can roam and allow his legs to make a difference. The size can be schemed around, and his speed/power combination will make an immediate difference.

*The fall of Nakobe Dean was one of the biggest stories of draft weekend. This will be another fascinating player to follow over the course of his career. Widely projected as a first rounder, and top 45 at worst, he ended up going at #83 overall (19th pick of the 3rd round). NYG passed on him not only in this slot, but two more times in round 3. The medicals scared off many teams, and understandably so. About six weeks prior to the draft, I made a note about how this size profile rarely gets chosen high in the draft at linebacker. The last two that have, Devin Bush and Patrick Queen, have given average-at-best returns so far. This came out of nowhere and I’ll tell you why. When there are huge issues with medicals that the league knows about, but the media does not, the player would expect a draft weekend fall like this. But Dean was one of the 17 players in attendance at the Draft in Las Vegas. If he had any clue this would happen, he would have not gone.

In my final report, I did not see Dean as the ideal fit for this Martindale scheme. That was regarding Round 1 talk. I felt much better about Dean going to NYG in round 2 when it came to value. Again, his profile is similar to the both previously mentioned Queen and Vilma. Both have played in this kind of scheme and Martindale himself says he can change things up based on personnel. Dean is a guy you tweak things for. The instincts, closing speed, and leadership he provides can change a defense. The soft tissue concerns are real, the pec strain is real, and knee tendonitis is real. I feel good about taking one risk in the draft every year as long as it is calculated and protected with a personnel hedge. This would have been the risk and from what I have heard, these medical concerns are not in the same tier as someone coming off a tendon/ligament injury. It may be hard watching this kid play on the Eagles in the future even if he has to miss some of 2022. This one may hurt, a lot.


ROUND 3 (#67 Overall)

Joshua Ezeudu – OG/North Carolina – 6’4/308


Summary: Fourth-year junior entry from Lawrenceville, GA. Three-year starter that earned Honorable Mention All-ACC honors in 2021, second team in 2020. Because of injuries and inconsistent play throughout the entire line, Ezeudu was moved around often. Throughout his career he played every spot along the line with some of his best tape coming from his snaps at left tackle. His top position will be inside at guard, but that kind of versatility can boost his stock a bit. Ezeudu excels with his hands and displays quick feet, always a good place to start. The natural top-end athletic ability is limited, however, and it shows up when he needs to adjust laterally. His knee bend is inconsistent and there is a recoil in his reaction-times because of it. If he can improve some lower body techniques, there are some quality traits to work with.

*We discussed the idea of NYG doubling up on the offensive line in this draft. The conversation started with the extreme of them using #5 and #7 but pretty much everyone agreed multiple guys needed to be brought in. The final decision makers agreed, using 2 of the first 4 picks on the line. I also brought up the concept of college tackles being converted to guard in Buffalo. Five of their interior players played tackle in college. Ezeudu played the majority of his snaps at left guard, but also over 600 combined snaps at both tackle spots.

If I had to grade the technique alone of every lineman in the class, Ezeudu is top 5 without question. That was enough to put him in a round 3-4 tier. The way he uses his hands and feet complete cohesion, the way his rolls his hips into the defender, and the way his swings his rear into the hole is going to make offensive line coaches happy in a hurry. I think he is going to earn the baseline trust of the staff in a hurry. The question will come down to his speed when sudden reactions are needed. Late stunts, twists, and blitzes will be a challenge for him. I do believe the ability is there but there are several instances in college where things moved a bit too fast for him. That will not fly against the speed of the league. I see Ezeudu battling out the backup OG spot against Shane Lemieux in the short term and either starting at LG in 2023 or being the valuable number six guy that backs up both guard and tackle. He certainly has most of the traits to be a quality starter.


Travis Jones – DT/Connecticut – 6’4/325


Fourth year junior entry from New Haven, CT. Three-year starter that opted out of the 2020 season because of Covid-19. Jones has the ideal body and build for teams looking to beef up their interior presence along the defensive line. He carries 325+ pounds with ease while also showing excellent first step quickness up the field. The most attractive trait in his game comes immediately post-snap where his cinderblock-hands strike the blocker and immediately gets the action moving into the backfield. He creates a new line of scrimmage on a consistent basis when he has his pad level low enough. Jones does not show a lot of variety as a pass rusher, nor does he adjust well if initially beat. He needs to gain a better feel for the game and match his skill set with his impressive set of tools when it comes to lateral movement and adjustments. If that does happen, he can be one of the top forces at the position in the league. His basement will still be a very solid run defender and bull rusher. Safe player with enormous upside.

*Jones went 9 picks later to Baltimore. The gray area surrounding Dexter Lawrence in this defense still exists for me. Is he a true 3-4 nose tackle? Do they keep him in more of a 3-4 defensive end role? The team picked up his option right before the draft, so they will have him through 2023. It easy to see how valuable the position is to this scheme that Martindale is implementing. The one-year rental of Justin Ellis did not factor into this decision. From my perspective, looking at what Baltimore did along the interior of their line, another true nose is needed. Jones was the top guy in the class at that position.

When you are trying to keep the linebackers clean (remember, I drafted Dean), you need multiple guys up front that can two-gap at a high level. Jones, along with Lawrence, can co-exist on the field at the same time. But consider the fact Lawrence is a guy that generally plays under 65% of the snaps to begin with, it makes even more sense to invest another asset to this kind of role. Beyond the run defense, I think Jones actually has a similar upside as a puss rusher to what we see out of Lawrence. So powerful enough that, when he is lined up against one blocker, he will shrink the pocket. I loved having Jones available at this point of the draft and it screamed value in more ways than one when looking at what this roster will look like at this time next year and in 2024.


ROUND 3 (#81 Overall)

Cordale Flott – CB/LSU – 6’0/175


Summary: Junior entry from Saraland, AL. Two-year starter that saw time outside and at nickel. Cousin to fellow draft prospect Velus Jones, a wide receiver from Tennessee. Flott is a smooth mover that gets in and out of his breaks with no wasted motion. He plays faster than he times because of it. He lacks a physical presence on contact and there is not much of a frame to build on. Because of that, Flott will need to be near-flawless when it comes to route anticipation and reaction. He will likely project as a backup nickel that can see the field in deeper sub packages. He has some safety type traits against the pass only as well. He may be a guy without a true position and I’m not sure I see a ton of special teams upside.

*There was a real chance NYG was looking at a cornerback with one of their two first round picks. Wirth Stingley (#3 to HOU) and Gardner (#4 to NYJ) gone, there was no value that matched up that high. Thus, they waited, and it allowed them to find perhaps a better situational fit. James Bradberry has been involved in trade discussions with multiple teams around the league. Schoen did not bite on any offers for two reasons. One, they were not happy with what anyone put on the table, plain and simple. Two, they wanted to see what the draft presented regarding the cornerback position. Teams have roles within this position group, the outside spot and nickel. One could easily argue they are two different positions now and it is possible NYG has them graded/stacked out that way. After seeing the outside corner value had not been there quite yet, they went for a nickel in round 3.

Personally, I had Flott graded as an early day three pick. He was drafted toward the back end of day two. Do I label this a reach? Nope, not at all. NYG has a plan for this kid, and I can tell you at least part of where that is come from. One of the most important players on the Buffalo defense, a top 10 unit every season since 2018, has been their nickel Taron Johnson. Prior to the draft, Johnson was the label I put next to Flott. The Buffalo front office and coaching staff both take advantage of every opportunity they get to praise this kid, a 2018 4th rounder from Weber State. Flott is likely viewed in the same light. A featherweight with elite quickness and short area burst, he will play sticky in coverage, and he shows nice ball skills. All the LSU corners always do. Johnson has put on 12 pounds since his draft day, and I think Flott will need to follow that same path. I see him being a dime back in year one and should be able to be a quality nickel as soon as 2023 if he can tighten up his techniques and enhance his physical strength.


Jeremy Ruckert – TE/Ohio State – 6’5/252

NFL COMPARISON: Dalton Schultz / DAL

Senior entry from Lindenhurst, NY. Two-plus year starter that earned honorable mention All-Big 10 honors in 2021. After being the number two overall tight end recruit from the 2018 class, Ruckert never quite matched the hype because of an overly crowded and talented wide receiver room at Ohio State. His looks in the passing game just weren’t frequent enough to showcase his talent. He saw just 71 targets over the three seasons he was a big part of the offense. He did, however, display his ability to block both in-line and up the field. Ruckert’s hands, physical nature, and high on-field IQ made him a weapon on plays he was not thrown to. His impact will be felt there right away, and he could end up showing more as a receiver at the next level than he did in college. This is a guy that dropped just one pass over his career and scored 12 touchdowns on those 71 targets. He can be a weapon and an asset, one that sneaks up on the league in a classic “Y” tight end role.

*If I took position value out of the discussion, the tight end group was the biggest hole on this roster entering day two. With the strength of this group in the 2022 draft class, I was adamant that NYG had to bring in one of the top seven guys. Trey McBride went #55 overall to Arizona (round 2). Jelani Woods went #73 to Indianapolis (round 3). Greg Dulcich went the pick before, #80 to Denver (round 3). I pondered whether or not to wait until round 4 to see what was left over, as it was likely one of the 7 guys would be there. I did not want to risk it because of how important I view this position, thus I scooped up the guy that was graded as second-best at the position. He went 20 picks later to the Jets.

Ruckert is pro-ready across every element of the postion. He is big, physical, and strong. He has soft hands that are big, and play big. He is a hungry blocker that will be effective right away. He made the most of his limited looks in the passing game that was a result of the star-studded receiver group (two 2022 first rounders AND a 2023 first rounder) and the top freshman running back in the nation (TreVeyon Henderson, just trust me). Ruckert had to pull out of the Senior Bowl because of plantar fasciitis which could have led to his slight fall although round 3 is where I projected him regardless. With where I expect this offense to be in 2023, getting Ruckert in here now would have been a brilliant move at this point. We will be watching this guy for years play in the same stadium for a different team.


ROUND 4 (#112 Overall)

Daniel Bellinger – TE/San Diego State – 6’5/253


Summary: Senior entry from Las Vegas, NV. Three-year starter than earned Honorable Mention All-Mountain West honors in 2020. Bellinger has the tool set and ability to play the traditional Y tight end spot. While his skill set is more receiver-friendly, he does show enough upside and ability to create impact as a blocker. He plays a twitchy, sudden game and understands his role well. Bellinger may not have the man-strength quite yet to have a big role, but he should fill the back end of a depth chart early on. He is a plus-athlete with some sneaky upside to him when it comes to getting open and making things happen after the catch.

*My thoughts on the tight end situation here is discussed above under my summary on Jeremy Ruckert, my round 3 target for NYG. There was no denying how important it was to get one of these tight ends into the room. The question is, did NYG wait too long? Could they have had Flott in round43 and taken Ruckert in round 3? No way of ever knowing, but that thought crossed my mind going into day 3.

For the record, NFL Comparisons are more about physical profile and play style, not always level of play. Bellinger has the body of a traditional Y tight end, one that lines up with his hand in the ground the majority of the time. I do not always see the receiver-type ball skills that landed Ertz on 3 Pro Bowl teams, but that was developed over his first couple of years. Bellinger is nowhere near topped out in terms of ceiling, not even close. There is a lot to his game that, if refined, could morph into quality pro traits. With the way this roster looks, I see Bellinger as the starter in 2023 and it is possible we see him for some snaps in the second half of the year. He will need to prove he can handle the rigors of blocking pro linemen.


Jalyn Armour-Davis – CB/Alabama – 6’1/197

NFL COMPARISON: Dontae Johnson / SF

Fourth year junior entry from Mobile, AL. One-year starter that earned second team All-SEC honors in that lone season. A former special teamer, Armour-Davis’ career got off to a rough start, tearing his ACL in pregame warmups as a true freshman. He did not see a lot of time at cornerback until 2021 but did make some noise as a gunner on special teams. Once he earned that starting spot on defense, however, Armour-Davis shined. His speed and size can make a difference if he develops a more consistent skill set. The tools are there but he simply does not have the experience under his belt. He is very much a projection on the next level, but one with a high enough ceiling to warrant a potential starter label.

*My ideal plan at the top of the draft would have been one of the tackles and one of the corners. Unfortunately, Stingley and Gardner came off the board in the two slots leading up to #5 overall. I went into day 2 thinking if Logan Hall was not there (he wasn’t, went #33 overall to TB) that Andrew Booth or Kyler Gordon could fill the hole. They both came off the board before they made their pick. Thus, I waited until day three to bring in the outside corner. Not ideal but once again, you can’t plan for ideal in the draft. How you react and respond to that is one of the differences between teams that do the draft well, and teams that do not.

Round 4 was an appropriate slot for Armour-Davis. After all, he was just a one-year starter at a position where progression feeds off repetition even more so than every other position than quarterback. We can view that as a negative or we can view it as this kid is still very early on his own progression scale. In addition, not playing early on at corner on the Alabama defense should never be looked down upon harshly. Lastly, I think this kid is going to be a stud special teamer. His impact can be strong there in year one and it provides NYG more options with the Bradberry situation whether it be right now or in-season when a team needs a corner in the trade market. Armour-Davis was light years ahead late in the year compared to where he started. He ended up going 7 picks later to Baltimore.


ROUND 4 (#114 Overall)

Dane Belton – S/Iowa – 6’1/205

NFL COMPARISON: Andrew Sendejo / IND

Summary: Junior entry from Tampa, FL. Two-year starter that earned All Big-10 honors in both 2020 and 2021, first team in 2021. Belton played a hybrid safety/linebacker role that saw him involved in the box often. He has a sturdy, strong frame with plus power and straight line speed. He factors well in pursuit sideline to sideline and had a high success rate as a tackler. Belton started to turn a corner as a junior in coverage. He showed quality ball skills and plus-body control out of his breaks. He shows minimal wasted motion once he made up his mind. He can get into trouble when trying to forecast routes and throws, as he seems a step behind mentally and shows tightness in his hips laterally. He projects as a nickel or dime safety that can creep up toward the line and he will be a weapon on special teams.

While the starting safety pair (McKinney and Love) does not look bad on paper, the position group could also make a case for being the worst on the team. We are not sure how Julian Love will respond to a starting role and even though I think he will be just fine, it is a roll of the dice. If NYG makes another low-key free agent signing this offseason, I could see it being here or James Bradberry could end up playing Logan Ryan’s role from last year (different scheme, though).

Belton is a box defender. He played the hybrid safety/outside linebacker role at Iowa where his physical nature and ability to quickly pounce once his mind was made up looked impactful. After zero interceptions over his first 16 games, Belton finished with 5 over his last 14 games. While you want to see that kind of ball production spread out over multiple years, it was a strong bullet point on his grading sheet under the ball skills portion. I struggle to see how he will fare against pro receivers, however. I think the team will need to do everything they can to keep him away from being on an island against pro receivers. Is he big enough to make a difference against tight ends? I’m not sure I see that either. Belton, like Sendejo who I mentioned as his comparison, can be a monster on special teams and should thrive as a run defender. He will be situationally specific early on while he hammers away at his coverage skill set.


Isaiah Spiller – RB/Texas A&M – 6’0/217

NFL COMPARISON: Alexander Mattison / MIN

Summary: Junior entry from Spring, TX. Three-year starter that earned All-SEC honors in both 2021 and 2020, first team in 2020. Spiller is a jack of all trades, master of none type back. He can be a fit in any role out of the backfield with his blend of size and athleticism. He proved over his three-year career in the SEC that his blend of tools and knack for coming up with the big play in big moments will create a skill set that a team can work with. While there is a limit to his upside, Spiller feels safe and secure when projecting his floor. He would be an ideal number two back.

First off, it would be criminal of me to not mention that fact I was one of the guys pounding the table FOR Saquon Barkley in 2018. Besides his rookie season, it has not panned out the way I envisioned. I can see why many are anti-running back early in drafts and with each year that passes, the notion is strengthened. I do not like clear, objective “rules” when drafting, however. Running backs DO have value but I can see that many are found later in the draft and/or their success is completely dependent on the line and rest of the offense. I felt it was time to prepare for life after Barkley. The running backs were slow to come off the board over the course of draft weekend (just 2 taken in top 62). This had a spillover into day three that presented opportunity for NYG.

Spiller is slightly overlooked. He ended up going 9 picks later to the Chargers. He does not stand out with speed or size, but he is fast and big enough. He did not have standout production, but he did rush for 1,000+ yards in the SEC two straight years (and caught 20+ passes all three years). Spiller went under the radar because he is good at everything, but not great at anything. I understand the thought but if I were creating a backfield with a committee approach, this is the kind of guy I start with. I then find the specialists (pass catcher, thumper…etc) afterward. Having a guy like Spiller at the top of the depth chart makes you less predictable. Lastly, Spiller is one of the youngest kids in the draft. He turns 21 during training camp.


ROUND 5 (#146 Overall)

Micah McFadden – LB/Indiana – 6’1/240


Summary: Senior entry from Tampa, FL. Three-year starter that earned honorable mention All-Big 10 honors in 2019, first team in 2020, second team in 2021. Also a third team All-American in 2019. McFadden is a well-put together, quick and sudden linebacker that flies all over the field and brings a high success rate as a tackler. He can defend the inside run with stout power and will get to the sideline against the outside running game. He excels in pursuit. McFadden does have the occasional lapse in concentration and will over-pursue his intentions, leaving him vulnerable and top heavy. He does not factor well in man coverage, as his hip tightness and eager mentality can be easy to toy with. He projects as a solid special teamer that could develop into a rotational inside linebacker in a 3-4 front.

*Yet another hole on this roster both when it comes to depth on the current roster and starters for next year. We will see how Blake Martinez bounces back. If it does not go well, the team is likely looking at two holes to fill. Remember that NYG had the likes of street free agents Jaylon Smith and Bernardrick McKinney playing along with Reggie Ragland. All three are currently unsigned. Tae Crowder will get another shot at it and while there have been highlights, especially for where he was drafted, the odds are not in his favor. This could very well end up being a significant position of weaknesses.

Does McFadden come in and solve that issue? My gut instinct says no. He is fast enough, and he can be a menace between the tackles. When it comes to the outside-zone running schemes, a popular one, I’m not sure I see the sudden, easy change of direction when adjustments are needed. I also do not trust him in coverage. This was the one pick in the draft where I thought, “Man that’s early”. Again, I will not call it a reach. NYG sees a role for him in this scheme and they are drawn to the triangle numbers (which are impressive) and production. I think his impact will be felt mostly on special teams.


Dominique Robinson – EDGE/Miami (OH) – 6’5/253


Summary: Fifth year senior from Canton, OH. A former oversized wide receiver that started for one year at outside linebacker. Earned third team All-MAC honors in 2021. Robinson’s journey is one of the most unique paths in the class overall. He was a wide receiver from 2017-2019, finishing as the team’s downfield threat with his 230+ pound frame. He then moved to the defensive side of the ball, put on twenty pounds and counting, and showed an incredibly high ceiling. His frame and newness to the position promotes the concept he should be able to host more bulk within the first year or two in a pro strength program. Robinson has such an easy and natural way of moving at a high rate of speed in a short amount of time. That and his elite coordination and burst will create issues once he can refine and strengthen his rush moves. He may be a bit of a project but there is no denying the upside that rivals some of the best edge defenders in this class. He can fit into a 3-4 scheme as a Buck or Joker in hybrid fronts whereas in the 4-3, a very specific edge role would need to be created for him.

*In my scenario (I know it does not matter much), I rolled the dice by not attacking the pass rush early on. I was hoping for Logan Hall at the top of round 2, he went three slots before NYG’s original second rounder. Arnold Ebiketie and Boye Mafe came off the board before the just a handful of slots before where NYG ended up pocking in the second round. The final dagger came when Drake Jackson was picked at #61 overall to San Francisco, 6 spots before NYG came on the clock in round 3. Because of value and other holes, I waited until this slot to upgrade pass rush.

That said, Robinson is one of my favorite day three values in the entire draft. He ended up going at the end of the round (#174 overall) to Chicago. To think just two years ago he was a 235-pound wide receiver and went on to record at least a TFL in 8 of his 12 games in 2021 where he clearly did not fully understand what he was doing amazes me. He is a two-to-three-year project that has the ceiling of the guys that went in round 2. It will require patience but in the meantime you get to use him on special teams and see if you have anything in Elerson Smith and Quincy Roche.


ROUND 5 (#147 Overall)

DJ Davidson – DT/Arizona State – 6’3/327


Summary: Fifth year senior from Mesa, AZ. Took an additional year off between high school and college. Three-year starter that earned second team All-Pac 12 honors in 2021. Davidson will best project to a zero-tech in a 3-4 front. There, his natural power and ability to two-gap will be used most effectively. In an even front, he will not offer much as a pass rusher, but he could fit into a situational role as well. Davidson can play with quick feet in addition to a hard-to-move presence against the run. He has a natural sense to feel blocks and flow to the ball. He needs to work on lower body bend and techniques so his pad level can be better. The lack of leverage wins will eat him up at the next level. Davidson needs to fully buy in to fixing his body and skill set for a couple years before he can be trusted.

*As I said earlier, the nose tackle spot had room for a rookie unless someone high up is a believer in David Moa. I doubt that is the case. The Martindale scheme, and anything that resembles a 3-4 front, needs to have a reliable nose tackle. And then, you need to have a backup ready to go. No matter what this front office decides to do with the starting situation in 2023 (free agent / Lawrence), there needs to be a solid depth piece behind.

My comparison of Tim Settle is interesting. Settle was not highly regarded in 2018, he ended up being drafted in the back half of the 5th round. I saw an upside though. I had him graded as a borderline 1st/2nd rounder. He had a breakout year in 2020 with 5 sacks but the crowded DL room in Washington prevented him from getting enough snaps in 2021. He just signed a 2-year deal with Buffalo in free agency. Davidson has a similar body and has similar weaknesses that Settle did, just on a more extreme level. I think if Davidson really applies himself and catches up to where Settle was when it came to pad level and hand usage, we could see him really rise. There are some hard to find, natural traits there.


Darian Beavers – LB/Cincinnati – 6’4/237

*Look for write up below where NYG actually picked him in round 6


ROUND 5 (#173 Overall)

Markus McKethan – OG/North Carolina – 6’6/340


Summary: Fifth year senior from Barnwell, SC. Three-year starter that has the body of a tackle but played right guard all three seasons. Two-time Honorable Mention All-ACC. McKethan looks like a tackle prototype with elite girth and length from head to toe. His power and lockout game are enough to stop professional defenders in their tracks right away. The issue with him revolves around reaction time and bend. He does not keep the feet active post-engagement and he will always struggle to win the leverage battle. McKethan is a project that a team will want to develop in undrafted free agency most likely, as the holes in his game are both hard to fix and far away from being pro-ready.

*Offensive lineman number three. When you look at the Giants group, one needs to think that a third rookie will likely be one that is sent to the practice squad. I count 10 guys (tackles, guards, centers) that appear to be heading toward a secure spot on the 53-man roster. I’m not sure McKethan, who I had an undrafted grade on, will take anything away from one of those guys.
I did see that the decision makers saw some guard-tackle versatility here. I did note in my write up that he has that body of a tackle, no question about that. Guys like Tent Brown, Orlando Brown, and David Sharpe come to mind. However, I saw a guy that had a hard time sticking to quickness and speed inside and I only see that getting further exposed in space. I know some will look at the size and think, “yeah but he is so hard to get around”. It is true, but that thought has ended up roasting evaluations of mine in the past. I cannot see him moving well enough to use that size but once again, the new regime deserves benefit of the doubt at this point.


Chris Paul – OG/Tulsa – 6’4/323


Summary: Fifth year senior from Houston, TX. Four-year starter that saw two years at guard and two at tackle. Second team all-AAC in 2020, honorable mention in 2021. Paul can project to both tackle and guard at the next level, but the lack of natural speed and fluidity may keep him inside predominantly. He can play a heavy game with his ability to anchor against power and get movement off the ball. Paul plays with disciplined and repeatable techniques with both his hands and feet, promoting a constant sense of control and balance. As he continues to develop his power and confidence with the initial hand strike, Paul can eventually be a starting caliber player. At the very least, he should be able to provide inside-out versatility as a backup. He is mechanically sound and big enough respectively to create a high-floor outlook.

Similar to what the Giants got out of McKethan, Paul is a guy that would come in and struggle to beat out some of the veterans in front of him. Thus, he would likely land on the practice squad although I would be fearful a team would try to scoop him up. Perhaps that is why NYG leaned toward McKethan? It is hard to believe anyone would sign him off a practice squad since the rule is you would have to add him to the 53-man roster. Or perhaps I am overthinking that.

Anyway, Paul went in the 7th round (#230 overall) to Washington. What drew me in about him as a day three prospect was three-fold. One, there were several game tapes where I thought he was at least on the same level as teammate Tyler Smith, a first rounder. Two, I love the fact he actually played both guard and tackle in college. Three, the issues within his techniques are correctable and I’ve seen that to be the case several times in the league. Physically, I think Paul has the goods. He has the pro-tools. He is a brilliant, mature kid that has a lot going for him beyond football when it comes to leadership and work ethic. I think the Tulsa program does a few weird things with how they coach the OL and his likelihood of responding to pro-caliber coaching will go far.


ROUND 6 (#182 Overall)

Darrian Beavers – LB/Cincinnati - 6’4/237

NFL COMPARISON: Kyler Fackrell / LV

Summary: Fifth year senior from Cincinnati, OH. Spent 2017 and 2018 at Connecticut before transferring to Cincinnati. Four-year starter between the two programs. Second team All-AAC in 2020, first team in 2021. Was also a Butkus Award Finalist in his final season. Beavers brings a unique tool set to the table and it was used all over the front seven in college. He primarily lined up off the ball, but he saw over 250 snaps along the edge on-line over his three years at Cincinnati. The heaviness in his hands and overall ability to play both stout and fast should get the attention of versatile defensive schemes. He does not play very sudden and there are too many inconsistencies with his tackling and aggression in space. There won’t be a fit for him in every scheme but at the same time, he can bring versatility to a multiple-front defense that others cannot.

I did pretty extensive research on the personnel that Martindale used on his defense. One area that did not have a ton of consistency was inside linebacker. The size profiles were all over the place. Two traits he did value, however, were contact power presence and speed. He always had a group of guys that inflicted harm on ball carriers, guys that played the game angry. Borderline too much that went past the whistle. A room full of alphas. And then yes, they could really move. He liked guys that could blitz well from multiple angles. He gave a little in coverage if it meant the guy could do the above really well. Enter, Beavers.

This was my top value pick of the draft for NYG. Beavers was a 4th-5th rounder for me and to get him in round 6 was a major win. I would have taken him in round 5 to ensure he would end up in blue. He will be a fun player to watch, one that lines up all over the field and plays the physical brand. The tool set is an interesting one. At 6’4/240 with good length, Beavers can bring a credible level of play as a pure edge defender. He uses his hands well and shows easy bend. His workout times were better than expected, thus I think there is some potential athletically to shore up some of the stiffness I see on tape. Down the road I can see Beavers as a starting ILB, the one that comes off the field (or moved to EDGE) on passing downs.


Juanyeh Thomas – S/Georgia Tech – 6’1/212

NFL COMPARISON: Rayshawn Jenkins / JAC

Summary: Senior entry from Niceville, FL. Three-year starter that earned Honorable Mention All ACC honors in 2021. Thomas lined up all over the Georgia Tech back seven, seeing time in multiple safety roles. His biggest impact was felt on plays where the action was in front of him while pursuing. He was fast to diagnose and react. He shoots downhill like a missile and will let it be known who made the hit. This kind of presence will be key on special teams and if he develops his footwork in coverage, it will be felt on defense as well. He already has the pro body and speed to power conversion; he just shows a lack of fluidity and instincts in coverage. His skill set is worth trying to develop with the fall back being a quality special teams presence.

When I looked at the lack of depth at safety, I felt there was a need for two spots. They need someone that can creep up to the box and impact the running game. Ideally both guys are capable of doing it, but one should “specialize” there. The other needs to be able to handle deep coverage responsibilities. I always think in a way of, “if the starter goes down, what next?” It is safe to assume injuries will occur at any and all spots throughout a season. That is a key component to building personnel on your roster, practice squad included. The box-safety role is much easier to find and that is a role I feel confident in when it comes to late draft picks. In addition, they add value to special teams. Two birds, one stone. One must do that several times when creating the vision of a complete roster (again, Practice Squad included).

Thomas played in an interesting scheme at Georgia Tech with some interesting talent around him. He and Tariq Carpenter both looked like oversized safeties at times. Thomas went undrafted, Carpenter was picked in the seventh round by GB and I have a feeling he will be moved to linebacker. Thomas signed with Dallas in free agency for the record. I think he is an ideal fit for the position I discussed above. A run defending backup that can at least hold his own in coverage. A quality athlete with the tools to try and develop. At worst, a good special teamer.


1 - Kayvon Thibodeaux – EDGE/Oregon – 6’4/254
1 - Evan Neal – OT/Alabama – 6’7/337
2 - Wan’Dale Robinson – WR/Kentucky – 5’8/178
3 - Joshua Ezeudu – OG/North Carolina – 6’4/308
3 – Cordale Flott – CB/LSU – 6’0/175
4 - Daniel Bellinger – TE/San Diego State – 6’5/253
4 - Dane Belton – S/Iowa – 6’1/205
5 - Micah McFadden – LB/Indiana – 6’1/240
5 - DJ Davidson – DT/Arizona State – 6’3/327
5 - Markus McKethan – OG/North Carolina – 6’6/340
6 - Darrian Beavers – LB/Cincinnati - 6’4/237

Sy’56 Draft

1 - Evan Neal – OT/Alabama – 6’7/337
1 - Garrett Wilson – WR/Ohio State
2 - Nakobe Dean – LB/Georgia - 5’11/229
3 - Travis Jones – DT/Connecticut – 6’4/325
3 - Jeremy Ruckert – TE/Ohio State – 6’5/252
4 - Jalyn Armour-Davis – CB/Alabama – 6’1/197
4 - Isaiah Spiller – RB/Texas A&M – 6’0/217
5 - Dominique Robinson – EDGE/Miami (OH) – 6’5/253
5 - Darian Beavers – LB/Cincinnati – 6’4/237
5 - Chris Paul – OG/Tulsa – 6’4/323
6 - Juanyeh Thomas – S/Georgia Tech – 6’1/212


The first pick of the draft was used on a defender before the next three picks were spent on offense, two of which on the line. The ratio ended at 6 defensive players, 5 on offense. This draft had the feel of a new culture, a new way of doing things. And to be blunt, I like it. At the time of this writing, I am seeing the names of the guys that are being let go by the organization. There are two names on the list that I interviewed with in the spring of 2009. Amazing that they are still there. I do not like to see anyone lose their job unless they did something illegal. But it was time. Everyone, including both you and myself, will have a time where we need to be replaced. This is the first real full regime change we have seen in…ever? Anything short of an ownership change would not be this much of an overhaul.

This draft cannot be evaluated for years. I challenge some of you to think of it that way. I know it is hard because everyone and their mom has a “draft grade” that is, all due respect, complete nonsense. Instead, I would rather look at the approach they had from bird’s eye perspective and then analyze what each player can respectively bring to the team and overall vision. They attacked the two biggest needs on the team (offensive line and pass rush) with their premium picks. They added depth pieces to position groups that lack long term stability. They improved the speed and athleticism on both sides of the ball. They brought in a lot of players in an effort to get the ship moving in the direction they wanted. Now, we wait, watch, and observe.

Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of the BBI community. I will be getting to work on the 2023 draft class a month from today.
Wow... I'm only a quarter way through  
M.S. : 5/3/2022 6:52 pm : link

but I gotta say this is fantastic!

Thanks so much Sy'56!

ps not to jump too far ahead, but I can't wait to see your write-up of Will Anderson. Several months ago I said he was the closest thing I've ever seen to Lawrence Taylor. Did I take a beating on BBI! (:-)
Thank You  
Thegratefulhead : 5/3/2022 6:52 pm : link
Remember us when big things come your way. Rising star.
Thanks so much, Sy!  
Sean : 5/3/2022 6:57 pm : link
Thank you sir  
Big Blue '56 : 5/3/2022 6:59 pm : link
M.S. : 5/3/2022 6:59 pm : link

Sure seems like there are a few openings with the Giants. I would feel mighty good about you landing a gig with them!
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 5/3/2022 7:01 pm : link
On behalf of everyone, thank you! You're doing God's work my friend.
Biteymax22 : 5/3/2022 7:04 pm : link
Who do we have to bribe to get you the Director of College Scouting position thats now open???

BBI can take up a fund.
Thank you Sy!  
Rave7 : 5/3/2022 7:05 pm : link
It's always a joy to read your eval here.
Your thread  
YANKEE28 : 5/3/2022 7:05 pm : link
Reads like a resume !!!

I hear the Giants have openings.

BBI can provide references

Great work again!!

Sy, one hell of a good job.  
Red Dog : 5/3/2022 7:07 pm : link
And as usual, I like your draft a hell of a lot better than what they actually did.
RE: Sy, one hell of a good job.  
Mark from Jersey : 5/3/2022 7:33 pm : link
In comment 15697564 Red Dog said:
And as usual, I like your draft a hell of a lot better than what they actually did.
same. Kudos brother.
With the exception of Wilson, I  
Festina Lente : 5/3/2022 7:39 pm : link
Think I prefer your draft. Got to hope the coaches do a good job impeoving these guys. We heard the last regime go on about "teaching" but wasn't seeing a lot of difference in game day.
Excellent job as always.  
robbieballs2003 : 5/3/2022 7:42 pm : link
I really like the Jones and Ruckert picks (told you the Jets wanted him, lol). I don't know the lesser players. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. As much as I like Wilson and I had questions about Thibodeaux, I think I like the Giants first 2 picks more just because we need an impact player on D and edges are very hard to come by. In real time I don't think I would have taken him but now that I keep seeing more about him I think the Giants made the right choice.

I was talking about this with my friend who is an Eagles fan. I think the Ravens got better value than the Eagles regarding their beasts. The Eagles traded up in front of Baltimore to take Jordan Davis so, in typical Ravens fashion, they sit back and let Jones drop to them in the third. Unreal.
this running series you do is a true original to draft coverage  
Eric on Li : 5/3/2022 7:50 pm : link
I really like the nyg draft but i think i'd come really close to taking yours, though I guess that's with the benefit of knowing the whole thing because i dont think i'd take wilson over thibodeaux without knowing dean was also in the cards. my real time day 2 was very similar to yours.

1 question for you - since you are a wandale fan do you see some santana moss/steve smith there? the way he goes up for the ball and the body control he has to win despite his size stands out. when the pick was made my first thought was also McKenzie based on the little i'd seen him, but even after a few years in the NFL I don't think Mckenzie today could do what Wan'Dale did in the SEC. He just doesn't have that kind of receiving ability. Devin Hester was an even more explosive athlete than both and he too is another guy who just didn't have the ability to play receiver. Robinson posting the kind of catch rate he did in the SEC his first year as a full time WR is a stat that pops out to me.

great coverage as always Sy.
RE: Excellent job as always.  
Eric on Li : 5/3/2022 7:51 pm : link
In comment 15697598 robbieballs2003 said:
I really like the Jones and Ruckert picks (told you the Jets wanted him, lol). I don't know the lesser players. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. As much as I like Wilson and I had questions about Thibodeaux, I think I like the Giants first 2 picks more just because we need an impact player on D and edges are very hard to come by. In real time I don't think I would have taken him but now that I keep seeing more about him I think the Giants made the right choice.

I was talking about this with my friend who is an Eagles fan. I think the Ravens got better value than the Eagles regarding their beasts. The Eagles traded up in front of Baltimore to take Jordan Davis so, in typical Ravens fashion, they sit back and let Jones drop to them in the third. Unreal.

and got Hamilton. Reading McGinn's piece it sounds like Jones is lazy but Baltimore has the kind of culture that has a chance to fix that.
hope u get that interview with Gmen!!  
Payasdaddy : 5/3/2022 7:52 pm : link
thanks as always
wish you couldve calmed some nerves here on draft day for the ones who were losing their shit
Thanks Sy  
Rick in Dallas : 5/3/2022 7:59 pm : link
Your hard work is so appreciated by all of BBI.
Archer : 5/3/2022 8:01 pm : link
Thanks for the analysis

We will see in time how your draft fares with the actual draft

I like Thibodeaux more than you do. I thought that he was the best player in the draft and was ecstatic when the Giants were able to draft him.
I think that he will be a game changer. I believe that he is a perfect fit for Winks defense.

I believe that he played hurt for a significant portion of the year which diminished his production.
In listening to him talk about his ankle he said that it impeded his ability to anchor and to turn the corner.
As a result it limited things that he could do.

I love the first two picks of Thibs and Neal.

Thanks Sy!  
Gfan in PA : 5/3/2022 8:04 pm : link
More than a small part, the BEST PART!
Thanks Sy. Appreciate snd enjoy all your  
Blue21 : 5/3/2022 8:10 pm : link
Thanks Sy’56.  
Joe Beckwith : 5/3/2022 8:11 pm : link
I truly feel if you make application, with a well constructed résumé, that you’ll be a Giants hire for the scouting department.
Rooting for you, of course with some mixed feelings, but it’s about unearthing and evaluating talent, and that’s where your talent is.
Thank you again.
Chris684 : 5/3/2022 8:15 pm : link
I would take NYG’s round 1 over yours, but I have to say that on paper I love the way the rest of your draft looks.

And....of course the Eagles would take Dean. Sucks.

Anyway, thanks for all your work. If any of the NYG openings are a real interest/possibility for you, good luck! They would be lucky to have you.
Great work Sy. You deserve nothing but the best  
RDJR : 5/3/2022 8:16 pm : link
in this line of work. Keep plugging and thank you.
As others have said  
Keaton028 : 5/3/2022 8:22 pm : link
Thank you so much for what you do Sy! You’re insights are always well thought out and well written. 2023 will be another big draft year for this team. Looking forward to more of your excellent work!
Excellent job I was really looking forward to this  
GiantsFan84 : 5/3/2022 8:42 pm : link
Thank you for all your efforts it’s much appreciated
Grouped by position  
Reale01 : 5/3/2022 8:45 pm : link
1 - Kayvon Thibodeaux – EDGE/Oregon – 6’4/254
*5 - Dominique Robinson – EDGE/Miami (OH) – 6’5/253

1 - Evan Neal – OT/Alabama – 6’7/337
*1 - Evan Neal – OT/Alabama – 6’7/337

*1 - Garrett Wilson – WR/Ohio State
2 - Wan’Dale Robinson – WR/Kentucky – 5’8/178

3 - Joshua Ezeudu – OG/North Carolina – 6’4/308
5 - Markus McKethan – OG/North Carolina – 6’6/340
*5 - Chris Paul – OG/Tulsa – 6’4/323

3 – Cordale Flott – CB/LSU – 6’0/175
*4 - Jalyn Armour-Davis – CB/Alabama – 6’1/197

*3 - Jeremy Ruckert – TE/Ohio State – 6’5/252
4 - Daniel Bellinger – TE/San Diego State – 6’5/253

4 - Dane Belton – S/Iowa – 6’1/205
*6 - Juanyeh Thomas – S/Georgia Tech – 6’1/212

*2 - Nakobe Dean – LB/Georgia - 5’11/229
5 - Micah McFadden – LB/Indiana – 6’1/240
*6 - Darrian Beavers – LB/Cincinnati - 6’4/237
5 - Darian Beavers – LB/Cincinnati – 6’4/237

*3 - Travis Jones – DT/Connecticut – 6’4/325
5 - DJ Davidson – DT/Arizona State – 6’3/327

*4 - Isaiah Spiller – RB/Texas A&M – 6’0/217

Sy did better on RB, LB, DT, WR, TE
Giants better on OG, Edge, S, CB

A lot of them are or might be close.
Great work Sy.  
The Mike : 5/3/2022 8:46 pm : link
Was not feeling great about this draft class to begin with, and probably feel worse after reading this on many levels. But I feel great about what you do for BBI. Truly the best of this site.

Much respect.
I agree with you, Sy  
Producer : 5/3/2022 8:48 pm : link
For the first time in a long time, I like what I'm seeing.

I do the same thing  
Amtoft : 5/3/2022 8:51 pm : link
Was loving my draft as I took Dean and Travis Jones as well along with Thib and Neal. Actually went with Coby Bryant with my second 3rd as I was a fan of his as well in studying Sauce. Saying that I like what the Giants did better day 3. Bellinger is great and I was planning to take later then I reacted took Isaiah Likely at TE even though he isn't the type of TE I wanted. Then two RBs, a punter, and no WRs at all. Only had two OL also with Neal and Alec Lindstrom. So I like the Giants Day 3 better than mine.
Sy, thank you for all your efforts this year.  
Giant John : 5/3/2022 8:53 pm : link
You’re personally responsible for helping me get to know the players better than I would have. I know you had to put a lot of time into your work which I appreciate.
Now to the draft. I give what you would the edge up. I like Dean, your tight end and running back. Who would have complained with that wide receiver? I do like Tibbs though too.
Time will tell. Thanks again and hope to tee it all up again next year.
Thank you Sy!  
ChathamMark : 5/3/2022 8:54 pm : link
Always look forward to this post every year.
very interesting read -  
Del Shofner : 5/3/2022 8:56 pm : link
thanks Sy!
Thanks again!  
solarmike : 5/3/2022 9:06 pm : link
You are terrific.
Thank you, Sy...  
Stev7 : 5/3/2022 9:54 pm : link
For all of your great work!
I always have to open two  
section125 : 5/3/2022 9:54 pm : link
BBI windows on draft days. One for the threads and one for your evals. I find I go back and read your evals days after the draft to see what pundits are talking about.

As all above had said, Thank You for your work. It is greatly appreciated as are the personal responses to our questions.

Also, was looking forward to this thread.

I am with the others hoping Joe Schoen gives you a call, even if it means we lose your threads.
Great and informative info Sy  
Ike#88 : 5/3/2022 10:17 pm : link
passing on Travis Jones made me really doubt the new front office. I hope Robinson works out otherwise they really blew their chance to reset the Giants in year one.
interesting that  
bluefin : 5/3/2022 10:45 pm : link
there’s no QB in a combined 22 picks
BleedBlue : 5/3/2022 10:52 pm : link
Outside of round 1 i like Sys draft better.
I like SY's picks better  
giantstock : 5/3/2022 11:20 pm : link
But it doesn't mean Giants picks can't be terrific.
Definitely like the Giants better  
ElitoCanton : 5/3/2022 11:53 pm : link
Not a fan of Dean in Sy's round 2. Major injury red flags, small and not a great athlete. And the Giants round 1 is far superior. I like the TE the Giants got a lot more too. I'll bet on that upside and his blocking prowess. Overall, much prefer the Giants draft.
I'd have gone with  
Spider43 : 5/4/2022 12:07 am : link
Ickey then either Hamilton or Johnson.
It seems that the linemen  
Will Shine : 5/4/2022 12:14 am : link
On both sides of the ball hasve upsides that are somewhat affected by coaching.

Sy, could you please speak to the quality of the Giant's position coaches in light of this?
Great stuff!  
TC : 5/4/2022 12:33 am : link
This is what I've been waiting for. Was getting impatient, began to worry!

You help make my year, Sy!

Awesome thread  
STLGiant : 5/4/2022 12:37 am : link
TY Sy for all you do!
Sy you are the best  
TDMaker85 : 5/4/2022 12:38 am : link
Thanks again! I always love how you posit which players you would have picked. Great analysis, as always. BBI is such a richer read thanks to you.
Ekwonu happened to go before Neal...  
Milton : 5/4/2022 2:11 am : link
And London happened to go before Wilson, but I don't think there was a consensus on this among the draftniks or the teams. More a case of what you value and how you project them on your roster. My own personal preference was Ekwonu and London. With Ekwonu it was his intelligence, passion, and the state wrestling title that eventually won me over and London's height and basketball background had me at hello. It'll be interesting to see how Atlanta uses London and Pitts and how teams defend them.
Great job  
jeff57 : 5/4/2022 5:35 am : link
I think they’re really going to regret passing on Travis Jones.
Thanks, Sy  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 5/4/2022 6:18 am : link
Your comparison draft is something I look forward to as soon as the draft is completed.
Hell yeah.  
Klaatu : 5/4/2022 6:36 am : link
This draft had the feel of a new culture, a new way of doing things. And to be blunt, I like it.

I like it, too.

Thanks for everything you do for us, Dave.
This is awesome.  
Gap92 : 5/4/2022 8:09 am : link
Thank you Sy.
Great work Sy, you are such an asset to the site  
Rudy5757 : 5/4/2022 9:01 am : link
The biggest thing you can say about this draft is that the Giants took their guys. They picked players that they wanted and had a role for these guys. I do believe that the offensive scheme alone will net us some wins. This team showed no life on O or D for the last 2 years. Im not saying the players quit but the team was playing not to lose plodding on O and read and react on D. I think the O and D will be attacking and exciting to watch.

The most important area on this team besides QB has been improved in the OL. The OL will help in all facets of the game. It was worked on in FA and finished off in the draft. Longer drives will help keep the D fresh. Hopefully DJ can feel comfortable back there having a little extra time. The new passing scheme will help KG, Toney and now RonDale do what they do best.

Still lots of holes but moving in the right direction.
ryanmkeane : 5/4/2022 9:05 am : link
good stuff Sy! Combined with the injury issue, could the reason they passed on Dean be more related to the fact that he might not be an ideal fit for Wink's scheme? Don't they prefer bigger LBs?
love this recap Sy thanks.  
Victor in CT : 5/4/2022 9:14 am : link
and your honesty is refreshing
AcidTest : 5/4/2022 9:18 am : link
review. I like your draft, although I would not have taken Dean in the second round. Too small and his injury history is too extensive.
M.S. : 5/4/2022 9:32 am : link

Have read through this twice now, and I just want to say that it is so well reasoned and informed. Such an interesting, nuanced view of this Draft! So much appreciated.

I guess this is wishful thinking, but if Joe Schoen ever reads this, he's gonna think long and hard about a role for you with the Giants. And if that happy event ever came to pass, there would be an audible cheer from us all.
RE: Great work Sy.  
Bones : 5/4/2022 9:53 am : link
In comment 15697687 The Mike said:
Was not feeling great about this draft class to begin with, and probably feel worse after reading this on many levels. But I feel great about what you do for BBI. Truly the best of this site.

Much respect.

Same, though this is the first year I didn’t like sy’s draft either.
I like the way you broke down the 1st round logic  
SGMen : 5/4/2022 10:01 am : link
I think we were hoping Gardner would be there at #5 and #7 would bring an OT as there would be value there. I thought we reached a bit in round 2 through 4, literally everywhere but not as much as originally thought.

Bottom line is lets review this all in 3 years and laugh (I pray).
RE: interesting that  
Mike in NY : 5/4/2022 10:10 am : link
In comment 15697837 bluefin said:
there’s no QB in a combined 22 picks

I am not. If you look at where the ideal spot would have been to land a QB it was one of our 3rd Round picks, but there were comparably graded players at other positions that can play this year. While Sy is intrigued by the upside of someone like Willis, he has made it clear that no way do you want him on the field in 2022. In Jones and Ruckert both had the same grade as Willis (80) and would contribute this year for the Giants.
Sy you are the best  
Stu11 : 5/4/2022 10:13 am : link
you really are one of the if not the most valuable people we have on the site. Your analysis is always without emotion and really helpful in seeing what is going on with the franchise.
Thanks, Sy  
JohnG in Albany : 5/4/2022 10:18 am : link
Fantastic work as always.

ryanmkeane : 5/4/2022 12:16 pm : link
i do like Sy's draft, but I gotta say, not getting an elite or good edge prospect is tough to swallow considering the roster now. I'm very happy with Thibodeaux, and absolutely thrilled to get him over a cornerback in round 1 or even round 2.
RE: It seems that the linemen  
Sy'56 : 5/4/2022 1:32 pm : link
In comment 15697900 Will Shine said:
On both sides of the ball hasve upsides that are somewhat affected by coaching.

Sy, could you please speak to the quality of the Giant's position coaches in light of this?

I'll be honest here - No I don't know. I can take a look at some of the players he worked with in BUF. I think he was a key part in their OL meshing together and becoming greater than the sum of its parts. Dion Dawkins is a good example. He was a sloppy player coming out of Temple that most projected to guard. He has now become a solid left tackle for one of the best offenses in football. Have to think Johnson played a big part in that.
YANKEE28 : 5/4/2022 1:39 pm : link
I posted an article (can't find it right now) back in January about Mark Glowinski.

Glowinski had been a 4th round pick of the Seahawks. He was a disappoint in Seattle and was cut a few years later.

Glowinski ended up with the Colts on waivers, and in the article, he praised Bobby Johnson as a great coach, and credits Johnson with turning around his NFL career.
Amazing work  
HMunster : 5/4/2022 2:43 pm : link
Thank you, Sir.
Good stuff,  
Mad Mike : 5/4/2022 2:50 pm : link
thanks for posting.
Very interesting, Sy  
JonC : 5/4/2022 2:51 pm : link
and thanks for the extra workflow to wrap up draft season!

I kept a few notes during the first four rounds, but had too much to do the rest of the time, here's my picks and rows for 2-3:

5 - Thibs
7 - Neal
36 - Kyler Gordon alt: Booth Jr, Pickens
67 - Christian Harris alt: Dulcich, Ruckert
80 - Cade Otton alt: Ruckert, Rhyan, Dean
112 - Brandon Smith
112 alt: Sam Howell  
JonC : 5/4/2022 2:54 pm : link
Thanks Sy  
xtian : 5/5/2022 7:01 am : link
My only issue is that when you picked differently than the giants it would change other teams picks and possibly your choices would not have been there. The Giants choosing Neal would not have changed anything, but picking Wilson would have had a huge effect. Anyway, it's fun.

For the record, if I wanted to double dip, I would have picked Icky for G, and then Carolina probably would have still taken a T, taken either Neal or [most likely] Cross for T.
Thank you Sy!  
SCGiantsFan : 5/5/2022 7:44 am : link
The side by side comparisons are not too far off. The difference being the quality of the players selected.

Imagine if Sy had even more information to add to his write ups. I and we,would hate to lose you from BBI. I think we would all support you in advancing your career.
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