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Emphasis of fixing the offensive line

TrueBlue56 : 5/6/2022 11:22 am
After the draft and seeing that Joe schoen has replaced at least 3 starters and most likely a 4th, I wanted to see what Joe schoen did in his 1st year (with limited cap space) in comparison to gettleman.

Joe schoen and daboll really made an emphasis to fix the offensive line. They have acquired 9 players through free agency and the draft. They did add another after the draft.

Free agents
Mark Glowinski
Matt Gono
Roy Mbaeteka
Max Garcia
Jon Feliciano
Jamil Douglas

NFL draft
Evan Neal
Josh Ezeudu
Marcus Mckethan

Undrafted free agent
Josh Rivas

Will Hernandez (drafted)
Nate Solder (free agent)
Patrick omameh (free agent)
Jamon brown (waiver claim)
Spencer pulley (waiver claim)

2019 -
Mike remmers (free agent)
Kevin Zietler (trade)
Nick gates (undrafted free agent)
Evan brown (undrafted free agent)
Eric Smith (waiver claim)

Andrew thomas (drafted)
Matt Peart (drafted)
Shane lemieux (drafted)
Cam Fleming (free agent)

Zach Fulton (free agent/ retired)
Jonathan Harrison (free agent)
Matt Skura (waiver claim)
Korey Cunningham (waiver claim)
Ben Bredeson (trade)
Billy price (trade)

In 1 off season, Joe schoen has acquired half the amount of offensive linemen that Gettleman acquired in 4 years. A lot of Gettlemans moves were made in season (waiver claims and trades). The only season he put an emphasis on the offensive line was 2020 (3 drafted and 1 free agent)

I love the emphasis Joe schoen and daboll have put in addressing the offensive line. There will be competition and battles for roster spots. There is versatility to try players at different positions. Positions will be earned more than given. I'm not saying the offensive line is fixed, but I'm excited to see the new additions as I finally feel like there is a real emphasis (and not just talk) to get it right.

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TTH, don't sleep on Feliciano.  
Klaatu : 5/6/2022 8:13 pm : link
Sorry...couldn't resist.
RE: TTH, don't sleep on Feliciano.  
Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/6/2022 8:16 pm : link
In comment 15700957 Klaatu said:
Sorry...couldn't resist.

I think Giants fans are going to love this guy.

So yes, don't sleep on him. (Famous last words).
Johnny5 : 5/6/2022 8:55 pm : link
I think Feliciano is better than what people are giving credit for.
I am so sick of seeing Barkley get the ball and 3 DL players  
PatersonPlank : 5/6/2022 11:30 pm : link
standing there waiting for him. Then people yell for him not to "dance", but what is he supposed to do 3 yds behind the line of scrimmage? This was less pronounced after he got hurt because defenses didn't key on Booker like they did Barkley, and played things more straight up, but the OL was still crap
You look at that and realize that Peart  
montanagiant : 5/7/2022 12:41 am : link
Was a complete embarrassment for where he was drafted
RE: RE: TTH, don't sleep on Feliciano.  
Klaatu : 5/7/2022 6:13 am : link
In comment 15700960 Eric from BBI said:
In comment 15700957 Klaatu said:


Sorry...couldn't resist.

I think Giants fans are going to love this guy.

So yes, don't sleep on him. (Famous last words).

I was encouraged after reading the BBV article about him, and the influence Rodney Hudson had on him. I'm hoping he turns into another O'Hara, a Guard who signed with us so he could play Center.

Anyway, it's not like we made a long-term commitment to him. Best case, he does a good job and sticks around for a couple of years. Worst case, we sign a UFA OC next year or look to upgrade in the draft.
RE: RE: RE:  
TrueBlue56 : 5/7/2022 8:32 am : link
In comment 15700804 OntheRoad said:


They basically lost 3/5ths of the line and the primary backup after the statement.

We don't know how last year's free agents like Looney would have panned out. But I doubt any NFL team could have survived the number of losses on the offensive line due to injury and retirement.

Injuries and retirements surely played a factor, but the giants weren't left with any options at all. That's why I pointed out how many players Joe schoen has brought in this year compared to previous years.

Fulton and Looney retired prior to the 1st preseason game. Looney signed late july and retired early August.

The giants went in to training camp content with their penciled in starters and banked on that every year, which is why they scrambled to acquire players.

If the prior regime was here, they would have made a free agent signing like Glowinski and drafted Neal and said they were done. They would have put all their eggs in the basket of gates returning and Lemieux coming back with very little to no options for any problems.

Joe schoen brought in 10 players. More offensive line players in one off season than Gettleman brought in any one of his 4 years here. The most players gettleman brought in 1 year was 6 (2021) and 2 of those players were late trades due to injury / retirement. The 10 players schoen brought in are half of the total players gettleman brought in 4 combined seasons. They brought in players that can play multiple positions and they will be moving them around to see where they best fit.

There will be competition for roster spots and they will have options if someone should struggle, get injured or retire.

They are not done addressing the offensive line by any means, but the emphasis they have made to not only put resources in via the draft but also free agency is encouraging considering how it was viewed in the past.

Don't sleep on pio

“It’s really apparent that we have a little more confidence in our offensive linemen than you guys do. So I’m just going to say we’re happy with the group that we have."

Another huge difference in their approach  
Jolly Blue Giant : 5/7/2022 8:45 am : link
Is the timing of the pick ups. It’s EARLY MAY and we have acquired all of these new players. Not in the middle of camp. Not after game 1. Not mid season. These guys will legitimately compete for basically one starting position and be coached and physically trained from day one. I’m much more confident that we can round out that IOL this year than when we would claim someone and just throw them on the field in the middle of practice hoping for a miracle. I love what Schoen has done here.
Yeah, it was injuries on the OL that sunk the 2022 season.  
Jimmy Googs : 5/7/2022 8:50 am : link
As opposed to playing the below average linemen we had on the roster, we were stuck having to start the simply bad ones.

If there is one thing I hope from this regime..  
Sean : 5/7/2022 8:58 am : link
Nothing is ever “set”. As the season goes on and injuries mount for every team, there needs to be depth at every position. NYG should be bringing in reinforcements for the lines every offseason. Corners should be brought in every offseason. You can never have enough of those positions.

The team building approach under Gettleman never made any sense. Last year, everyone got a taste of what the playoffs could be like after finishing 6-10, and dipped into 2022 to build a flawed roster which went 4-13.

I like the approach thus far.
Thomas & Neal ....  
Manny in CA : 5/7/2022 5:14 pm : link

Outstanding starts at OT, Bredeson solid pro; Nick Gates - the heartbreak.

All the rest- mostly Bills throw-aways, gotta start somewhere. We're one draft away.
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