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Papa and Schoen on Giants' former stars onsite

D HOS : 5/12/2022 5:03 pm
At the risk of oversharing today, another item from Schoen's interview with Papa and Banks.

This goes to the core reason I am a Giants fan.

Papa: "I am not familiar with how it is a lot of other buildings but... The fact that Carl was in the building and had a chance to meet Thibodaux, the fact that Strahan is in NY and can come through the building...

How important is it that these guys who have all been part of those super bowl trophies everywhere in the building are around as resources, whether its for you guys in the front office, or the coaching staff, or just for the players to be around these guys...not every team has that luxury."

Shoen then adds:
- Eli
- LT
- OJ
- Landetta
(Papa) "Phil Simms will be there during the season"

[ I will also add: Armstead, Charles show me the Way, Feagles, Tiki, hell maybe TC is back working out at 6a every morning - We should make a list!! ]

In response, Schoen gushes a little over this, then talks about how the players are young, maybe not aware of all of the Giants history. It is important that the new players become aware of this and understand that this is where we want to go and contribute our own history. Also what it means to be "Once a Giant Always a Giant".

Schoen notes that these former players have been successful at football and at life. Current players can leverage being a Giants and being in NY.


I also do not know how it is in other franchises, but to me, this is why I am specifically a Giants fan. As I became a Giants fan, learning about the history and legacy of the franchise, all the former all star players, all the championships... having that history of greatness and watching the team add to that.

Bridging eras in the way they are discussing is very important to me. The fact that Kayvon would be mentored by Strahan who played with LT, that's important to me. The idea that young linebackers could be counseled by Armstead, that's important. Toomer might offer encouragement to young WR's. How much leadership and mental strength could rub off from being around Antrelle.

I don't remember if any previous era Giants had HOF or ring of honor players frequently coming through the building, but we all know this has been a thing over the last 5 or so years or longer.

I strongly hope and desire that some of these former stars are actively present in the lives of the current roster - not to undermine the teaching they get, nothing like that, but just act as mentors and friends. God knows these young players probably have bad and selfish influences, let's have them be more influenced by our success stories. Stopping by to play some video games, some hoops, doing some workouts, take a jog to talk a thing over, maybe help players with a deeper understanding of some playbook concepts, sharing meals, just being visible and available from time to time.

I think that can be a huge competitive advantage that the Giants maybe more than any other team can have.

The fact that this happens, that we have a long successful legacy with bridges between our periods of greatness, that is the reason I am a Giants fan. Plus blue is my favorite color and I love the uniforms.

Now you add in the impressive sounding Dr Lani and you have got to think that the Giants organization has some unique advantages going on and just wonder at how other factors have been holding them back.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/12/2022 5:19 pm : link
of to your point, here is Shaun O'Hara breaking down KT.

Will Kayvon Thibodeaux be Next Great Giants Pass Rusher? - ( New Window )
If I was Kayvon  
Professor Falken : 5/12/2022 5:31 pm : link
I'd definitely attach myself to a guy like Justin Tuck.
I agree that it is very important  
Chris684 : 5/12/2022 5:53 pm : link
especially for this franchise. To be fair though, Judge had all of these guys here even just last summer and it didn’t translate. I’d still have them all around then not though.
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