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Transcript: CB Cor’Dale Flott

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/13/2022 3:41 pm
CB Cor’Dale Flott

May 13, 2022

Q. Covered Wan'Dale out there again today?

COR'DALE FLOTT: It was nice. Like we said on the 30 visits, iron sharpens iron. It’s a thing I’ve got to get used to. He's an elite receiver. Throughout practice, he is going to be one of the guys that will help me get better.

Q. How often do you find yourself surprising guys out there with how physical you are despite being slenderly built?

COR'DALE FLOTT: I've been doing it all my life. Being built like this, growing up, playing this game of football, everybody telling me I'm too small to do it. So far, I just focus on making an impact to the team. Right now, working on gaining weight, being able to take my body and being able to fit it wherever it is needed for the defense.

Q. What have the Giants told you about that, about the gaining weight part, what do they want from you? What do you feel comfortable getting to?

COR'DALE FLOTT: What I feel comfortable. What weight I can hold to be able to perform at a high level, be able to stay on the field, be able to get around and be healthy.

Q. What are you looking at, think you can add five, 10, 20?

COR'DALE FLOTT: I can add probably 5-10, whatever is comfortable for me to be able to perform.

Q. Do you find that -- it's so early here, but the fact that the program you came from, that kind of big program, a lot of success, do you find that helps translate, just helps you in your acclimation to the NFL a little?

COR'DALE FLOTT: It does. I feel the coaches at LSU definitely prepared me for a level like this, from the off the field to on the field at this level. Thank those coaches for that.

Q. Do you think you'll be starting in the slot as a rookie, how ready do you feel?

COR'DALE FLOTT: I'm ready. Hopefully I get the job. Right now I'm just focusing on improving, as a rookie, being able to fit wherever I was needed.

Q. They talked about starting you in the slot. What do you think when you hear that? Would you like to go outside at times? What's your preference?

COR'DALE FLOTT: It doesn’t matter. Versatility is a big thing I take pride on. Like I said, wherever I can fit it this defense and make an impact on this team, that’s what I’m going to do.

Q. You're coming into a situation where James Bradberry has been released. Aaron Robinson is working outside. You have a chance to compete with Darnay Holmes to start. Some places you may not have opportunity. What does that mean?

COR'DALE FLOTT: It's definitely a blessing to have an opportunity to have a shot at it. Definitely going to take it one day at a time and focus on practices and getting better.

Q. What kind of mindset does it take to play press coverage? I've read your defense is smothering. And secondarily, not using too many hands, because you don't want to be the guy getting flagged.

COR'DALE FLOTT: More of a physical mindset, like you said, without using my hands. Press technique, watching receivers’ tendencies, understanding what he is going to do before the play, and concepts, so that is what I am going to work on.

Q. Do you like that idea? They always say, like, you press a guy, you could make a play, but also gives a guy a chance to run past you. Do you like the all-or-nothing aspect of that?

COR'DALE FLOTT: In the league, it’s different within the five-yard range, so being able to just adapt and being able to play through it, I am going to have to work on that.

Q. How much of an adjustment is that? Because in college you can be a ton more physical. How much of an adjustment?

COR'DALE FLOTT: It’s a big adjustment. The numbers are different, the hashes are different. So it’s a different ballgame as far as concepts with the boundaries and not being so close to the sidelines. It’s a big adjustment.

Q. You come from a school where a lot of corners have come into the league and started immediately. They say corner is a really tough spot to start immediately. Do you plan to reach out to any of those guys, or have you?

COR'DALE FLOTT: I’ve talked to a lot of guys, like Tre’Davious White. Those veteran guys have been able to call me and talk to me personally, give me advice, and some guys I’m going to talk to here. I look forward to that.

Q. What was your relationship like with Derek Stingley? Obviously you guys were teammates. Anything you took from him? Are you guys still in touch these couple weeks?

COR'DALE FLOTT: We always stay in touch, he was a guy who came in my freshman year, we were roommates my freshman year. We had our ups and downs through the three years we were there. We had a plan for three and out. I'm glad for him over at Houston. I know he'll do a good job there.
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