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Transcript: LB Darrian Beavers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/14/2022 2:51 pm
LB Darrian Beavers

May 14, 2022

Q. Darrian, how much pride to you take in coverage? Feel like that's an integral part to your game.

DARRIAN BEAVERS: I take major pride in that. Obviously in the league now, it's a lot of pass, so that's something as a linebacker you have to be able to handle.

As I said, I take very -- very prideful in it.

Q. Did you get feedback what you were able do at Senior Bowl in that regard? I know the big clip was you and the tight end for Colorado State, just in general, how have you been able to handle match up in man versus tights?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: I feel like it's always something you can always improve on. You always get better at it. You pick up on a few things with different guys. Different guys like to break a certain way or like to run the route a certain way. So if you pick up on that, I feel like it can help you.

Q. What's this been like for you --

DARRIAN BEAVERS: It's been surreal.

Q. -- these few days?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: It's been surreal. It's been something I dreamed of since I was young, man. Coming out here and practicing on the field is something that I guess it's surreal. It's a dream come true and every day I come out here and give it all. You only got one shot at this and that's the plan. Just come out here and give it all.

Q. Does it feel similar to playing football in college or is it just -- does anything feel different to you?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: It's still football when it comes down to it. It's football. So if you know football, and you know how to play football, like I said, and you come out here and give it your all, you're going to make a name for yourself.

I feel like you can kind of compare it to coming out of high school and going into your first time in college, but obviously these are way better players. So you have to do more stuff, extra stuff, to get that edge that you need to have. I feel like, like I said, just give it your all and give it your best shot.

Q. Obviously you're spending a lot of time in individuals. What's the biggest thing that you're taking from this rookie mini-camp experience?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: You've got to be smart. You've got to pick up on stuff really quickly. We have short meetings. We've got to come straight on the field. Just knowing your stuff, taking the time, the preparation, the studying, that people don't see after hours, is really, really important

Q. Do you understand the tradition of the Giants linebackers? Pretty damn good one here for a long time. What does that mean to you?

DARRIAN BEAVERS: It means everything. Like I said, it's something that you have to keep it going. I hope I can come out here and keep it going, man. That's something that, like I said, we take seriously. We’ve got to keep it going.

Q. Got Jessie Armstead here in the building, too.

DARRIAN BEAVERS: I know, like I said, we have to come out here and like I said work and aspire to be those guys.
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