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Duggan - Meet DL Jabari Ellis and the defensive players

US1 Giants : 5/14/2022 6:27 pm
It was yet another obstacle to overcome in Ellis’ path.

“Anytime you face adversity, I feel like you’ve always got a decision. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You’ve got a decision, like, is it going to work out?” Ellis said. “Are you going to keep pressing forward? That’s really in anything. I had many of those thoughts.”

Write-ups for several players - ( New Window )
Meet RB Jashaun Corbin and the offensive players  
US1 Giants : 5/14/2022 6:31 pm : link
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Intersting info on Christopher Hinton  
US1 Giants : 5/14/2022 6:36 pm : link
Christopher Hinton was born five years after his father, Chris Hinton, retired from the NFL. Christopher grew up knowing his father was a professional football player, but the elder Hinton didn’t brag about his accomplishments. So Christopher didn’t realize how good his father was until he was in middle school.

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