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NFT: Anyone deal with elderly parent’s constantly getting hacked?

bigblue1124 : 5/17/2022 12:35 pm
Both my parents are elderly and handicap from rheumatoid arthritis. And with all the pain medication they take and being computer illiterate, it’s becoming a common theme with them getting their money drained from their accounts. I tried until I am blue in the face to convince them to move closer to either myself or my sister in an assisted living community to make life easier for them.

I hired a nursing assistant that come 3 days a week that helps with doctor’s appointments and general errands they need during the week, A physical therapist 3 times a week to keep them moving and a housekeeper to help with daily choirs around the house twice a week and all have helped a great deal and my parents love it.

But just one click and their screwed. And I just can’t figure out a way to resolve it. It started 3 years ago when my mom was having issues with her computer, she called some helpdesk and signed up for a bogus computer monitoring plan for like 600. A year I was not aware of this at the time. Well that same monitoring service stole over 100.000 from two accounts in a 6-month time frame by the time they told me. We were able to get the money back after jumping through hoops with the bank and I went up and helped them set up new accounts at a new back to make sure it didn’t happen again.

Sure, enough round two they assured me they did not sign up for anything except for joining Instacart for weekly groceries. I have their accounts setup for alerts for any transactions and they receive them on all purchases whether it be amazon, food delivery etc. The problem from what I see is transfers they get no alerts nor do I on my accounts but that is how these POS are stealing the money.

I signed them up for LifeLock, but I am not sure that will help somehow these f—kers are able to transfer money. I also asked them to give me all their accounts information so I can check it frequently for odd transfers or purchases, but I see that getting old quick. Other than that, I am clueless on what to do.

Sorry for the long-winded post I’m just frustrated these are the years they shouldn’t have to worry about anything, and it’s been nothing but issues and heart ache.
Any advice or suggestions on how to help me protect them would be greatly appreciated.
My mother has found the solution  
Bill in UT : 5/17/2022 12:38 pm : link
She doesn't have a computer or cell phone.
Do they have antivirus on their computer?  
PetesHereNow : 5/17/2022 12:45 pm : link
It seems like scammers know their info despite your bank change. Are there passwords tremendously easy to guess?

I tell my 70 year old mother to change her passwords every 2-3 months. Use punctuation in the password to screw up any password guessing software. Of course, don’t click on anything if on social media as far as links.
I would make sure they use a credit card  
BigBlue in Keys : 5/17/2022 1:02 pm : link
And not a debit card for all their purchases. Get one with a relatively low credit line. Much easier getting your money back from a credit card company than a bank. Never have any account linked to their bank directly, no debit card issued at all. I'd imagine you could have the bank turn off any wire transfers? Goodluck, it's hard watching them get older.
GF's mom is 91  
Chris in San Diego : 5/17/2022 1:20 pm : link
We disabled internet on her iPad and took her cell phone away so she just has a land line phone.....and she still gets in trouble! BTW...she lives in assisted living facility and the land line number is new....I think someone at the facility sells that info. Not cool...
TommyWiseau : 5/17/2022 1:42 pm : link
the notion on switching to a credit card for their transactions. They are much much easier to deal with and also are quicker to deny suspicious transactions.
Sign up for credit karma  
GIANTS128 : 5/17/2022 1:44 pm : link
I had lifelock and credit karma at the same time. Credit Karma alerted me the day a credit card was opened in my wifes name. Lifelock took a week. Just my experience.
Sorry to hear that  
Les in TO : 5/17/2022 1:59 pm : link
My parents like yours have serious health problems but my dad has his wits about him when it comes to scams. That said he’s planning on retiring soon and I’m worried he will start to lose his mental sharpness. Anyways, people who prey on the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable populations have a special place in hell.
RE: Do they have antivirus on their computer?  
nochance : 5/17/2022 2:00 pm : link
In comment 15711262 PetesHereNow said:
It seems like scammers know their info despite your bank change. Are there passwords tremendously easy to guess?

I tell my 70 year old mother to change her passwords every 2-3 months. Use punctuation in the password to screw up any password guessing software. Of course, don’t click on anything if on social media as far as links.

Set their security level on maximum.Also for passwords use defunct phone numbers from 50 years ago that is embedded in their memory along maybe with initials
My mom (a recent widow)  
FranknWeezer : 5/17/2022 2:19 pm : link
fell for a scam the other day where she got a message that her AMZN account had been hacked and unapproved purchases made. Before I knew it, she'd gotten on a call with "AMZN support" and paid for $2k worth of AMZN gift cards to somehow overcome the issue. We talk about this kind of stuff all the time and my brother and I were shocked she went for it without checking with either of us first.

To the OP, that's to say I hear what you're saying, and I emphathize for certain. I'll be checking back to see if anyone has insight on how to work through this kind of situation.
bigblue1124 : 5/17/2022 2:45 pm : link
I wish I could remove all their internet and cell phone use but that’s not an option between ordering groceries for delivery, Facebook & facetime with the grandkids it would destroy my mom.

I like the idea of a separate credit card for all purchases had not thought of that.

And the mention of passwords I had them update all of them and provide me with a list so if needed I have them saved with me if needed with banking, pension, SS an etc. But I didn’t even give a thought to Wi-Fi an updating it so I’m kicking myself right now. And will make sure that’s done. They live on Kindles drowsing Facebook, Amazon and playing solitaire.

Virus scan came with LifeLock I believe it was Norton if memory serves correct, so I think they are covered at least I hope so. A good friend who still lives in NJ installed the system for me who works for an IT company assured me they were solid in that regard.

I really appreciate the feedback and just reading some of the post’s it has given me ideas I had not thought of. I just wish they were not necessary.
Thank you!
its unlikely that any software is going to help you here  
Ron from Ninerland : 5/17/2022 4:59 pm : link
My wife and I are both 65 and older and my mother is 86. At this age we are targeted by every scammer out there. These are in the form of phishing emails, fraudulent web sites or even phone calls. This isn't the result of hacking or viruses. Some of the common scams are "Amazon has proccessed <some huge charge> for order number <whatever> Call this number if this is incorrect". There is also "The IRS is placing a lien on your bank account". And then there is "Your Doctor has ordered <some assistive device> call to verify"

About the only thing you can do is get access to your parents online bank accounts and credit card accounts if they'll let you. Watch it like a hawk. If you see any suspicious charges you can question and nip it in the bud if necessary.
The credit card suggestion is on point  
Boatie Warrant : 5/17/2022 5:29 pm : link
I would also consider a separate computer just for banking purposes.
RE: My mother has found the solution  
upnyg : 5/17/2022 5:56 pm : link
In comment 15711253 Bill in UT said:
She doesn't have a computer or cell phone.
before my dad passed, he was being targeted all the time. Was buying stuff on late night shopping networks. I had to change his bank passwords to save him from the predators. I ended paying his bills and keeping off the internet the best I could.
Maybe have them watch a few YouTube videos  
beechbouy : 5/17/2022 6:11 pm : link
to clue them in? Perogie (aka Scammer Payback) is one of my favorites...
Scammer Payback - ( New Window )
RE: My mother has found the solution  
short lease : 5/20/2022 1:56 am : link
In comment 15711253 Bill in UT said:
She doesn't have a computer or cell phone.

Smart woman and sound advice for us all. Especially the cell phone part.

I went back to a flip phone about 6 -7 years ago. I pay $30.00 a month and use it for just about emergencies only.

I will check my emails when I get home. Maybe I am old but, I don't get the texting thing either. Send me an email if you can't talk. Or, call me when you can.
It is not just virus'  
short lease : 5/20/2022 2:04 am : link
My internet cable service went down. I had a friend google "Comcast Tech support". I called the number and it was a scam call center in India.

When they told me it was $50.00 to upgrade "my software" I hung up on them. How the heck does a SCAM call center # comes up for a tech support search through Google?

BigBlue - there is a special place in hell for predators who prey on the weaker (no offense) among us. But, they are getting VERY creative with their scams.

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