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NFT: Home Network Question - complicated (to me)

Producer : 5/19/2022 3:59 am
I am a FIOS subscriber and moved into a new apartment. It is a pretty long apartment. Because of work, I have a need to serve media files to at least two locations. In my old apartment I had the 1gb service and I wired from the router setup to a second location. Worked great. This apartment, wiring from one location to another may be impractical. What's the best solution, then?

Can I have two separate wired networks that perform as a single network? Is that what mesh does for me? And if I want to stream files from a single server, will it push media files fast enough to be playable? Or do I add a second server to the second network?

How are Verizon's options in this regard? If I go for a mesh setup, if that will be fast enough, do I go with their products, or do I go with another product?

Thanks so much, in advance. The Verizon installation is happening today, noon to 2pm.

I presently have their digital gb router, which I purchased from them about 2 years ago. Will this work for a mesh solution? Will extenders work? Will I need a second server when all is said and done? Also want to balance cost with need, of course.
It should be fast enough  
antdog24 : 5/19/2022 5:38 am : link
wirelessly with the mesh system. With mesh you connect to the closest access point and the AP talks back to the router/controller. It should be plenty fast enough.
RE: It should be fast enough  
Producer : 5/19/2022 6:30 am : link
In comment 15713011 antdog24 said:
wirelessly with the mesh system. With mesh you connect to the closest access point and the AP talks back to the router/controller. It should be plenty fast enough.

So if I have a 5gb file I can stream to a device across a mesh network without experiencing lag and other problems?
I think if you make sure you get a "Wifi 6" mesh network  
Heisenberg : 5/19/2022 8:10 am : link
you'd get the performance you need.
Orbi Mesh Wifi 6 - ( New Window )
and specifically to this question  
Heisenberg : 5/19/2022 8:19 am : link
Can I have two separate wired networks that perform as a single network? Is that what mesh does for me?

Yes, this is what mesh does for you. You basically have multiple wifi endpoints that all appear as the same network to devices. They figure out which one is the one to serve a device and work as a team to share the network around the space they're used.

My house is 3500+ sq feet and three levels. I have an older Google Wifi mesh network. I have their little "pucks" all over the house and one is connected directly to my fiber modem. We have full bars in every room and fast streaming. I work from home in tech and I have one of the pucks on my desk that I have an ethernet cable connected directly to my PC so at my desk I have very fast and stable internet. Mine is AC1200 (an older wifi standard) so it's not as fast as Wifi 6. It's good enough for what I need to do but is basically limited in what it can give each connection. My actual speeds range from 75 MBps to 200, depending on location. That's why for you, I'd recommend Wifi 6. I've been thinking of upgrading but my internet is so stable and is fast enough - it's just my ego that wants to really get that GB.
Agree that mesh works for this situation.  
81_Great_Dane : 5/19/2022 8:57 am : link
Keep in mind that WiFi is inherently slower than wired Ethernet. So if you need the full speed of your service you are going to be any to plug in. My wife and I work from home. We recently moved and got 1 GB fiber at the new house, and new TP-Link Deco mesh with WiFi 6. Plugging in is still MUCH faster. My wife needs the speed so she can only do some of her work in the room where the fiber gateway is set up. At some point I will have Ethernet wiring put into most rooms for streaming and web. That way we can both work in other rooms and get the benefit of a wired network while still having the freedom to unplug and stay online.
When I lived in an apartment with Fios  
JonC : 5/19/2022 9:47 am : link
using their surfboard router was just fine on its own. I'm not sure what they offer in terms of pucks of their own, but worth a shot if cost effective before buying a mesh (eg, Google).

Now living in a two-level 2500 sq foot house, I stood up Google WiFi and it works super. But, may not be necessary for your home.
You must have a BIG apartment!  
JohnF : 5/19/2022 1:10 pm : link
Cat 6 cable running at 1 gig speed is rated for 100 meters, or about 320 feet. I think there are ways to extend that as well with an amplifier or switch.
I used ASUS ZenAX  
trueblueinpw : 5/19/2022 1:55 pm : link
I started with the out of the box wireless backhaul but it was for shit. I put the second wireless access point (WAP) on a wire and now it all meshes together pretty well.

These new home “mesh” network like the Google solution and Orbi and Amazons solution basically connects all the wireless access points wirelessly to the primary device which is connected to the internet by wire. So, as you walk from one part of your domicile to another your iPhone connects to the nearest WAP with the best signal strength and that WAP has a wireless backhaul to the primary wires Internet connection and router. In theory this handoff from WAP to WAP works seamlessly. In my experience, the problems occur in the wireless backhaul, which is the wireless connection from one WAP back to the other. Having a bunch of WAPs connecting back by wires is how most office and commercial networks work and that’s pretty solid tech most of the time. Wireless backhauls are never something you want if avoidable.

Having said that, the consumer mesh networks work pretty well in certain environments. If you live in a big house in a low pop density area you’ll probably do well with a wireless backhaul b/c there’s less interference to foul the backhaul. Big apartment in NYC and you’ll want to stick to wires as much as possible. Not to say a wireless mesh can’t work, they can and do, but maybe not the first thing to try.

Before you invest in a mesh system, maybe look at one of the new wireless routers and see if that helps?
if you have multiple coax jacks in the place  
santacruzom : 5/19/2022 3:00 pm : link
You might want to explore MoCA adapters.
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