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Thursday Transcript: LB Azeez Ojulari

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/19/2022 2:20 pm
LB Azeez Ojulari

May 19, 2022

Q. How much weight did you put on?

AZEEZ OJULARI: I'm at like 255.

Q. What were you at before?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Around like 245, 246.

Q. Why did you do that? Why did you add 10 pounds?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Man, I just felt like trying to improve my game, my weight to just hold up. I just feel good. Just wanted to get bigger.

Q. Was that the team told you or you did it on your own?

AZEEZ OJULARI: I did it on my own.

Q. How would you assess your rookie season? Are you happy with it or was there more to do?

AZEEZ OJULARI: No, there's definitely more to do for sure. The season didn't go how we wanted it to go for sure. You know, it's a team game, so you've got to come out there, try to get better every day, try to do what we can to win, whatever we can to win at the end of the day.

Q. Did you set any goals for yourself this season?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Not yet. The season is coming. We've still got a long way to go. Just taking it day by day. OTA day 3 just finished today, so just taking it day by day and going from there.

Q. Nothing like double digit sacks or anything like that?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Obviously I want to hit double digits for sure, but you've just got to work every day, try to improve every single day matter what it is.

Q. What was your reaction on draft night when they drafted Kayvon?

AZEEZ OJULARI: I was excited. I was like, man, bring him on, let's work, because I know how elite he is and how good of a player he is, so why not. Just ready to go.

Q. Did you think about how it'll help you?

AZEEZ OJULARI: You know, players help each other every day. He's a great dude, so I was just happy to have him.

Q. Do you notice anything specifically about him so far?

AZEEZ OJULARI: He's explosive for sure, a great athlete, too. Just can't wait to keep playing with him and getting better every day with him.

Q. Early thoughts on this defense that Wink is installing?

AZEEZ OJULARI: You know, I mean, it's a great defense. We're just trying to get better every day. Trying to still learn it as we progress throughout the season and just improve day by day. OTA 3 just ended today, so as we progress and try to get better.

Q. Do you like the aggressive nature of it?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Oh, I mean, for sure, definitely. Either way, it's defense, all 11 hats to the ball, it's aggressive. So hey, got to play D.

Q. Around the league a lot of premier edge rushers, they do come in pairs. A lot of times they play off each other. Do you see that possibility here with Kayvon?

AZEEZ OJULARI: You know, wherever Coach puts us in, we're going to play our role, do our job, and as the season goes, we'll see.

Q. I don't know what side you lined up on in college, but did you ever have to rush against Evan Neal in those?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Yeah, we did. I actually played Evan Neal. He's a good player for sure. We definitely went against him.

Q. Do you remember anything about how hard he was to get around?

AZEEZ OJULARI: No, he was a great athlete, good big guy, could move. Happy to have him here with us for sure.

Q. He said that your brother got a sack against him. Did you know that?

AZEEZ OJULARI: No, I don't remember. I know he probably did. I don't know. I don't know.

Q. What, 12, 14 sacks, what do you think?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Hey, man, leave it up to God, you know. We're just trying to win. We're just trying to win out here for sure.

Q. What makes you a pass rush threat do you think? What traits do you have?

AZEEZ OJULARI: I mean, speed, power, got a little wiggle, you know, could bend, so just trying to improve my game every year, every day.

When I come out here, take it day by day, focus on one thing and just keep going like that.

Q. Are you explosive? Do you consider yourself explosive?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Yes, sir, for sure.

Q. Was a power aspect something you wanted to gain? How much did that factor into the gaining of the weight?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Yeah, I feel like as a rusher you've got to have some type of power with you when you rush. You can't just always go speed.

These tackles today nowadays are so athletic and good, everyone is very professional. So you've got to add -- you've got to switch it up a little bit.

Q. How much did you notice last year that these guys are bigger and stronger that you're facing?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Yeah, we're in the NFL so everyone is going to be big and strong, so it's just that little niche, what you can do to get yourself a little ahead.

Q. Gaining weight you also want to have your body fat down and your quickness; when you have all your measurables there, are they all right there?

AZEEZ OJULARI: Yes, sir, they have to be, because you can't be off balance. You know it's not going to work out.

Q. So your speed hasn't been affected at all by your weight?

AZEEZ OJULARI: No, sir, not at all.
Azeez was my 2nd favorite player in the draft last year  
Rjanyg : 5/19/2022 3:36 pm : link
Glad to hear he has put on a little muscle and hasn't lost speed. He and KT will make a very nice duo.
RE: Azeez was my 2nd favorite player in the draft last year  
cjac : 5/19/2022 3:42 pm : link
In comment 15713694 Rjanyg said:
Glad to hear he has put on a little muscle and hasn't lost speed. He and KT will make a very nice duo.

who was your favorite?
For sure  
Woodstock : 5/19/2022 3:44 pm : link
Is the new at the end of the day!
The key to the Giants pass rush in the past often has been having  
Ivan15 : 5/21/2022 11:39 pm : link
2 effective edge rushers. Strahan, of course, had some good sack years but in most of his great sack years, he had a good Edge rusher on the other side. I remember when Stahan and Bratzke teamed up, someone said if you don’t have 2 good very good pass rushers, you can’t have one great one.

Almost every year from the time Strahan and Bratzke teamed up until Osi and Tuck retired, leaving only JPP, that has been the Giants formula for success.
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