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Bobby Johnson, Mike Groh, Shea Tierney Media Sessions

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/19/2022 2:27 pm
Video from

Offensive Assistants speak from OTAs - ( New Window )
I really like how relaxed this staff is with the media  
Ben in Tampa : 5/19/2022 3:49 pm : link
The last staff was pretty terse
I'm 46 years old and played tight end in high school . . . .  
ThorSavage87 : 5/19/2022 5:02 pm : link
After watching that I told my wife, I want to quit the day job and play for Bobby Johnson. :)
Hopefully Dirtbag  
SCGiantsFan : 5/20/2022 8:09 am : link
rubs off on Peart
It pisses  
Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/20/2022 9:22 am : link
me off that the Giants have begun editing these interviews. I noticed it last year too.

They left off a bunch of stuff from Johnson's interview.
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