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NFT: Met pitching options

Hilary : 5/21/2022 6:58 am
Nice article on pitchers to replace DeGrom and Scherzer.
Link - ( New Window )
What about  
Spider43 : 5/21/2022 9:19 am : link
Big Sexy, Butt-olo Colon??
Butto is already on 40 man  
Mike in NY : 5/21/2022 9:33 am : link
For someone like Grey you would need to dump someone. That being said they can drop someone like Katoh pretty easily. Why he and Lin were getting AAA reps over Wyatt Young I don’t know.
Pretty dumb talking about Connor Grey  
ZGiants98 : 5/21/2022 4:08 pm : link
and Medina. Megill is already throwing. He should be back by next week.

The rotation is

1.) Bassitt
2.) Carrasco
3.) Megill
4.) Walker
5.) Peterson
6.) Williams (likely fills in for a start or two)

This isnt some big deal that we need to go fishing for Connor Grey starts or make some big trade. Rotation is still solid for regular season standards...
Szapucki time?  
spike : 5/22/2022 8:28 am : link
If he is not ready by now, when will he ever be?
RE: Szapucki time?  
DanMetroMan : 5/22/2022 10:24 am : link
In comment 15715470 spike said:
If he is not ready by now, when will he ever be?

Not really viewed as a SP. 2 pitch pitcher 88-92 on the FB. Most of his starts have gone 3-4 innings. He’s more of a multi-inning RP at this point
DanMetroMan : 5/22/2022 10:29 am : link
starts 22 innings pitched in 2022 for context
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