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NFT: Are any of the domestic Airport Lounges-JFK worth going to?

Jim in Forest Hills : 5/23/2022 12:16 pm
Been researching a new CC, was thinking of Capitol One X. One perk is access to priority pass lounges at JFK. Has anyone ever been? SInce its my main airport and I fly domestic, is it worth the time to go into one? I've heard the international ones are nice. My company expenses all food I buy so the free food aspect is not an issue for me unless on vacation with family. Any frequent fliers here?
Not at JFK  
pjcas18 : 5/23/2022 12:25 pm : link
but at Logan and my destination airports.

Absolutely they are worth it.

drinks, snacks, clean(er) bathrooms, comfortable chairs/waiting areas away from the riff raff.

I don't know I'd buy a membership or a day pass, but I used to get Priority Pass and Centurion Lounge membership "free" with my Amex card.
The problem with JFK  
Ron from Ninerland : 5/23/2022 12:58 pm : link
If the lounge isn't in the terminal you're flying out of they're not of much use.

I have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card and although I find most of the benefits useful, I'm finding that the lounge access is more trouble than its worth. The lounges of often crowded, they've really cut back on their amenities and hours since COVID and they're usually far away from the gates. The only real use for them is if you get stuck for a long time in a connecting airport like ORD or DEN.

Cards like the CSP, Amex Platinum and its ilk are useful for the insurances they offer, the attention you get when there's a problem, the point multipliers and redemption options and access to luxury items and hotels, but I wouldn't bother with them if just for the sake of lounge access
If you travel a lot (once a month or more),  
Section331 : 5/23/2022 1:03 pm : link
they are absolutely worth it. I get some United club access with my Chase/United CC's, and Centurion Club with my Amex Plat. The food and drinks are fine, but nothing can beat being able to relax in the club rather than fighting the crowds at the gate.

Wifi, recharging your devices, comfortable seats, and then food and drink definitely make it worthwhile.
In JFK Terminal 1  
Spider43 : 5/23/2022 3:27 pm : link
The Air France and Primeclass lounges are decent. I'm headed there again later tonight, so I'm eager to try the Lufthansa lounge this time. But you're right, the international lounges are WAY better than the domestic lounges here (even international flights). The lounges in Asia in particular - Tokyo, Seoul, HK, Taipei, Manila, and Singapore kick ass.
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