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NFT: Fantasy baseball discussion / advice thread

allstarjim : 5/23/2022 1:25 pm
I find myself in a good news/bad news situation and week.

The good news is Adley Rutschman has been promoted, and has gotten off to a good debut. So he's now a stalwart in my lineup.

The bad news is Taylor Ward is a little dinged, not sure if I play him this week with an MRI today. Hmmmm.

Also in the bad news category is Ke'Bryan Hayes and Javy Baez. Two players I liked coming in to the year. Hayes has hit pretty well. But is offering nothing in the way of power or RBI. He does have 4 steals. I'm wondering if I should jettison him off my team for Brendan Donovan, who is intriguing and has been playing just about every day for the Cardinals for the last two weeks.

Further, I have a stash question. Royce Lewis is available in my league. I have Oneil Cruz as a stash. I only have room for one of the two.

Who would you rather have as your stash? Lewis or Cruz? Thanks!
On Baez  
allstarjim : 5/23/2022 1:26 pm : link
What a disappointment. I figured I would live with the lower batting average if he gave me the power numbers and stolen bases. I've gotten only the low batting average, and lower than I've liked. Dude.
I would stash  
pjcas18 : 5/23/2022 1:58 pm : link
Cruz out of the two, but I think both will be good.

I just dropped  
pjcas18 : 5/23/2022 1:59 pm : link
Brennan Davis as one of my stash players.

I still have Riley Greene and Shane Baz.
I jettisoned Baez as well last week and picked up Lepez  
GiantBlue : 5/23/2022 2:00 pm : link
If Lepez is available in your league, he is a good pick-up.

Donovan looks like a nice player too, but I have Lindor and Pina as my SS and IF.

I started the season with Vlad JR, Baez, Lindor, Machado as my starting IF>

I have had Adames, but cut him when he was injured picking up Segura. So now I have Vlad, Segura, Lindor, Machado and Pena as IF. Yepez is my back-up 1B. I currently don't have any back-ups at 2b or 3b though Lindor or Pena can play SS and I can move a back-up 1B to IF.

I also have Taylor Ward and it says that he feels the MRI was only precautionary and may be able to play as early as tomorrow. Let's hope!
RE: I just dropped  
allstarjim : 5/23/2022 2:06 pm : link
In comment 15716419 pjcas18 said:
Brennan Davis as one of my stash players.

I still have Riley Greene and Shane Baz.

There's a player that has Baz in my league. I want him, Baz-ly.
I'd stick with Cruz  
bigblue5611 : 5/23/2022 3:06 pm : link
I had both him and Gorman stashed, now that Gorman is up I'm just waiting on Cruz's call.
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