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Transcript: Cornerback Aaron Robinson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/26/2022 2:53 pm
Cornerback Aaron Robinson

May 26, 2022

Q. What kind of opportunity do you feel like you have in front of you this year?

AARON ROBINSON: Definitely a great opportunity. Pretty much just come to work and seize my opportunity to get better every day, and be around some great guys.

Q. What are the particular adjustments for you technique-wise, mindset-wise, going from the slot to the outside?

AARON ROBINSON: I try not to think (that it’s) too much of a difference. Except now I've got more sideline to work with. Other than that, it's pretty much -- pretty much feels like it's coming along.

Q. How does that play in your advantage having more sideline to work with? Why do you like that? AARON ROBINSON: Just being in the slot, there's more green to work with. Us being DBs, the sideline is our friend. So that pretty much sums it up.

Q. How much as a cornerback are you going to be asked to do different things in the scheme?

AARON ROBINSON: Not too much. Just to do my job and get my job done.

Q. There's a feeling though that you guys are going to be left on an island a lot more. Do you sense that or is that -- do you think it could be kind of similar in that regard?

AARON ROBINSON: I'm not thinking about it too much. Cornerback is a cornerback. You're trying to defend your turf. I'm going to try my best to do that the best way I can and get better every day.

Q. What's it like going through the last couple of weeks, months, really, with James's (Bradberry) situation playing out and how that may or may not have affected you, depending on where he landed and what happened with the team?

AARON ROBINSON: I wasn't thinking about that, not at all, this off-season. You know, just working on my craft trying to get better for myself and my opportunity whenever it presented itself.

Q. How do you describe your rookie year? Was it frustrating you missed all that time? Did you feel like you got a lot out of it towards the end when you were playing? How do you look back at your first year?

AARON ROBINSON: Definitely a learning experience. A lot of it was mental for me at first. I had some great guys around me helping me and bringing me up until I was able to get back out there and help them anyway I could. Just from a mental standpoint – everything was pretty good, though.

Q. How much outside corner did you play at central Florida or Alabama before that? How much outside corner have you played in your life?

AARON ROBINSON: I’d definitely say I played a lot of outside corner. I’d definitely say I played a lot.

Q. Following up on that, I know you actually snap-wise played more outside corner than in the slot last year but overall you didn't play a lot. When is the last time -- when is the last season when you played a lot of outside corner?

AARON ROBINSON: Last season, I mean, whenever they needed me. I played in the slot, outside, whenever they needed me.

Q. So your final year at Central Florida, were you mainly a slot corner? When is the last season, the most recent season, when you played a lot of outside corner?

AARON ROBINSON: A lot of outside? Last year for sure was a lot for me.

Q: (inaudible)

AARON ROBINSON: I’d definitely say the opportunities are going to present themselves. It’s a great scheme. Still learning. Still getting better every day, learning.

Q. How important do you think it was, the whole new regime comes in, you missed so much time last year, that (Defensive Backs Coach) Jerome (Henderson) stayed here and sort of vouched for you and knew what you were capable of, even though it may not have shown on the field because of your injury. How important was that for you to be where you are right now, playing with the ones?

AARON ROBINSON: My main focus was to just get better every day, show up to work and whatever I needed to do to get better and get back on the field, I tried my best doing that and everything else pretty much played out for itself.
US1 Giants : 5/26/2022 3:27 pm : link
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Our beat reports suck!  
HopePhil and Optimistic : 5/26/2022 4:18 pm : link
Wordy, redundant and shit stirring bastards.

Who was the clown who pressed Aaron about not playing much outside corner despite his responses that he’s played it plenty? 3 times before the “inaudible” questions, they probably muted his Mike!
They should make the reporters write their questions on stickies  
HopePhil and Optimistic : 5/26/2022 4:19 pm : link
And pass them to the front of the class. Weed out the nonsense.
Pat Leonard  
George from PA : 5/26/2022 4:40 pm : link
He probably already had an article written how he doesn't have experience on the outside.
Robinson, if he lifts his game, could be a key player for the Giants.  
Ira : 5/26/2022 5:37 pm : link
He's got very good speed (4.39 40 on his pro day) and average size (5'11½ at the combine). He is very lacking in experience missing about half of his rookie season. IMO, he's definitely a young player to watch in pre-season.
I liked what I saw of him last  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 5/26/2022 7:10 pm : link
Toth029 : 5/27/2022 9:28 am : link
Did have elite grades for speed.

He does have room for improvement, sure, but I like the potential he has. - ( New Window )
Just a reminder. Sy'56's Draft Preview.  
Klaatu : 5/27/2022 9:53 am : link
6. Aaron Robinson / Central Florida / 6’0-190

Grade: 79

Summary: Fifth year senior from Deerfield Beach, Florida. Began his career at Alabama in 2016 where he played in 13 games. Transferred to Central Florida in 2017 and redshirted. Two-year starter that earned 2nd Team All AAC honors in both 2019 and 2020. Robinson has the pro-caliber foot speed and burst that enables him to stay sticky to his man on all levels of the route tree. He can play the game with his feet rather than getting too grabby with his hands. Robinson has a lot of dog in him. He is always one of the toughest players on the field and he knows it. Even though he needs to control where he gets aggressive and where to gamble, he is the kind of player that elevates the energy of a defense. That doesn’t occur much from cornerbacks. His size may keep him at nickel but he can play both.

*There are some corners that elevate their game with swagger. They are constantly getting in fights, constantly running their mouth. I understand that isn’t an approach for everyone to get behind, but I personally love it. Much prefer that than guys on opposing teams laughing with each other all game and trading jerseys afterward. Robinson hates his opponent every week, and he plays like it. He also has really well developed technique and footwork. Little gamble here, but I think he is starting in the league within a year or two.

Sounds like Wink's kind of guy.
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