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Transcript: OL Mark Glowinski

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/2/2022 2:15 pm
OL Mark Glowinski

June 2, 2022

Q. What do you like about this group that you're working with?

MARK GLOWINSKI: The offensive line, I love that we were able to bring in guys from previous schemes and to show us the way of how the offense is supposed to be ran, but we brought in guys that are feisty, hungry guys that want to win and want to play hard.

We're doing our best to learn one another, compete with one another, gel as much as we can, spend as much time as we can, in the lunch, breakfast room and everything. We just want to understand one another, but we have young talent, and we also have older guys that we've come across one another in the past, so we understand those guys.

Q. When you came in here, obviously, you were a guy they signed pretty quickly. What was your sense of what this offensive line was like before and kind of like your sense of how this group, this new coaching staff and front office, is so interested in getting it right after so many years of not having it right?

MARK GLOWINSKI: The media makes sure that everything is put out in the open, so just league-wide if something is not working right, there's always an excuse or whatever is going on, but they're doing a really good job of just bringing in guys that want to make the team better, do whatever we can

At the end of the day, it's winning, so whatever we have to do to win. If that's bringing in -- if you have to pay a little bit more money or if you have to bring in guys that are hungry and want to win, you have to do whatever you have to do for the organization.

Q. Seems like there's a certain personality type that they were after, especially on the interior with you and Jon and even Shane has that a little bit, that sort of nastiness, right?

MARK GLOWINSKI: Yeah. I'm saying that's part of the game. That's the way you want it. You want an O-line, you want smart guys, and you also want guys that want to dominate and be aggressive and finish and do all the things that it takes to score points, win games.

You want to get even motivation for other -- what we do might trickle to the other positions on the other side of the ball as well. We're just here to compete at the moment.

Q. When you came here, how much of an influence was it that Bobby Johnson was hired to be the O-line coach?

MARK GLOWINSKI: It was really a big part of it. Familiarity. Especially this will be my eighth year, so knowing somebody that -- I'm going somewhere that I have never been before, and having somebody that I can ask a question, understand things, feel as comfortable as possible.

At the end of the day, I think it was a great opportunity for me to be able to keep playing football, give me another chance to just prove what I can do. I think that's what it comes down to.

Q. What's your nickname from Bobby?

MARK GLOWINSKI: I'm saying it's been a revolution. Wherever I've been, it's changed over time. Consistently, it's been Glow.

Q. What's been your impression of Evan Neal since you are playing next to him?

MARK GLOWINSKI: Just dominant. As long as he gets his hands on guys, that's the end of the story. So just making sure that we put him in the right place; make sure that he is doing the right things. He has come along drastically every day, learning more and more.

Like the first day, just making sure that he was making sure on all the plays and stuff he is going in the right direction and stuff like that and keep picking up as we go. There's so much that is going on.

We just have to make sure that we keep everybody going. Fortunately, we had a few more weeks with the whole group to understand everything so we can just relay the message to him, and every day he is just learning more, so it's less for me to tell him.

I'm just going to continuously do that even through camp to make sure that we're all on the same page, offensive line plays, making sure we're communicating with one another. Be one; whatever it takes to do that.

Q. Brian Daboll has become a big Rangers fan during this run. Just curious, has he shared anything about that team with you guys?

MARK GLOWINSKI: I know yesterday there were some guys that were here, and I know that the trophy was here yesterday. Just for media and stuff that he is at the games, you can see that he is fired up at the games.

I know we've done little things where you know the competition of how they play and stuff like that, but we're so focused on playing football right now that things like that are not as important.

Q. I know you have blocked for a pretty good running back in Indy in Jonathan Taylor. What do you see when you watch Saquon and you know that that's going to be your job of blocking for him?

MARK GLOWINSKI: Similar physicality. They're both big, strong guys. Very explosive. You can tell they kind of have similar build, but you know Saquon still has the bigger quads and stuff like that.

They're both very smart. They want to be the best that they can be. They would have the similar tendencies to want to know exactly what we're doing so that they can pick up stuff in the pass. Especially the way that this offense is going to be ran, that would be very important.
nice -  
Del Shofner : 6/2/2022 2:24 pm : link
Q. What's been your impression of Evan Neal since you are playing next to him?

MARK GLOWINSKI: Just dominant. As long as he gets his hands on guys, that's the end of the story.
Probably the single biggest area I would point to if the team  
Jimmy Googs : 6/2/2022 3:33 pm : link
improves, even somewhat, in 2022.

Looks like Schoen took a few positive steps here in year 1 with the resources available to him.

A year to develop some cohesiveness with each other and under new system, and another few investments in 2023 and this OL might not be a problem any longer...

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