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Transcript: OL Jon Feliciano

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/7/2022 4:32 pm
OL Jon Feliciano

June 7, 2022

Q. What do you think about how the line and your first team offense did today?

JON FELICIANO: You know, we came out with some weak stuff today. I think the defense won today. You know, we'll be able to grow from it.

Let me tell you, going against Wink's defense is going to be great for us in the long run, but I’m not going to lie to you if it doesn't get frustrating sometimes, you know what I'm saying? Which is great, but not right now.

Q. What about it makes it tough and difficult?

JON FELICIANO: I mean, you have J Love on the frickin' line of – sorry -- in the A gap as a safety playing linebacker.

There is so many people that are playing in positions that you don't expect them to play in. It gets a little hard when you have to identify and you're not actively scheming for it like leading up to the week, you know what I'm saying?

Q. What was it like going against it in Buffalo? You were in a big playoff game up there.

JON FELICIANO: Like I said, we had a good week of learning it, and I think Bobby (Johnson) did a great job and the guys over there to scheme some things. If I can remember correctly, I'm pretty sure we stayed away from some things because it would cause some problems in his defense.

Q. So Wink is cheating in minicamp?

JON FELICIANO: 100%. No, I talk to him before almost every practice. Just kind of what do you got for us today kind of thing. Today he wasn't lying today when he said he got something special. It's going to be great for us.

Q. What do you think of this offense? You played under it in Buffalo. You got a whole new cast of characters. Can they come together quickly?

JON FELICIANO: Yeah, I think it's similar to Wink's defense where if you're a defensive playe,r you want to be on that defense because you're always attacking, you always get a chance to get your number called.

In this offense, anyone can get the ball at any time. We're going to be fast and it's never going to be one guy's the guy. I think if you go back to Buffalo, we had Diggs, but Gabe Davis was great and Cole Beasley was great.

Here we have the same thing where we're going to be able to share the ball around.

Q. Are you seeing the same Brian Daboll here that you saw in Buffalo?

JON FELICIANO: Yeah, 100%, 100%. I was in Buffalo this weekend and with a couple guys and they were asking about Dabs. Coaches, when they get their first head coaching job, sometimes change and try to be someone else and someone they're not.

Dabs, that hasn't happened. I think he kind of doubled down on being Dabs. I was going to say a dirt bag from Buffalo, but...

Q. I was going to ask you, what is Dabs?

JON FELICIANO: A dirt bag from Buffalo.

Q. Why is that good for a head coach?

JON FELICIANO: I mean, I think he's just authentic. He's going to shoot it to you straight and he’s gonna be out here and have juice and have fun.

He's okay with people making mistakes as long as you're making them full speed and as long as they don't become a habit, you know what I'm saying?

So that freedom as a player and his juice, it just all combines to being a happy player.

Q. I thought Dirt Bag was your nickname.

JON FELICIANO: Yeah, I'm trying to throw it on someone else.

Q. How similar is the actual offense to what you did in Buffalo? Did Brian just bring in his offense or are you seeing...

JON FELICIANO: No, we definitely changed some things up. Changed names of certain things and changed some schemes. Up front is about the same but there is definitely little tweaks.

Q. Do you see stuff, oh, that must come from Kansas City because it's not something...

JON FELICIANO: I'm not that smart yet in terms of route running and stuff like that. I hear, yeah. Talking to Davis a lot. In the locker room it's me, 'Quon, and then Davis. Chopping it up with Davis, he tells me things.

Q. Saquon and really a bunch of the playmakers here dealt with injuries last year. What have you seen physically from those guys?

JON FELICIANO: Yeah, strictly talking about Saquon, he's my locker mate. He does a great job. He asks me a whole bunch of questions, smart questions that deal with protection or the run game and setting up his block and really picking my mind, and that's really been appreciated, because not all running backs are going to do that, especially a running back with his talent and his skillset.

So that's been great.

Q. What about physically?

JON FELICIANO: He's frickin huge. He's over here squatting what linemen are squatting, and one day he was yelling about Nick Chubb put his squat video up. He's like, I got to beat that.

It's good to see motivation, him having the motivation, him not staying stagnant and being a great player that he is.

Q. For this offense to be successful, does Daniel have to be Josh Allen or how does that...

JON FELICIANO: No, Daniel just has got to be Daniel, and he has to have time to be Daniel. I think that's our job up front is to give him his time. That dude can put the ball wherever he wants to put it. He just needs time.

No one is ever going to be Josh Allen. No one is going to be Daniel. It's hard in this league. Coaches sometimes put on film and tell you, be this person.

Everyone in this league are different people, body moves different. You're never going to be the same person as someone else.

I think Daniel just needs to be himself.

Q. You obviously had a history with Brian Daboll before he came here. For a lot of other guys here, he's completely new. Doesn't seem like he's had a big transition period that some coaches have. You sense your teammates are taking to him?

JON FELICIANO: Yeah, people – they always ask me, especially like the first week or two -- is this him? Yeah, same guy. This is him every dang day. You're going to get the same thing.

People were a little hesitant to believe that's how he is all day all the time. I think he shown them over the course of six weeks or however long we have been here that he's the same guy every day.

Q. I would imagine some of them probably told you that's a change from what they experienced in the past.

JON FELICIANO: Yeah, big change.

Q. IPA or Pilsner or what for him?

JON FELICIANO: I don't know. You got to ask him. I'm not sure. I'm not a big drinker.

Q. How has the snapping been coming?

JON FELICIANO: Yeah, I mean, honestly, I snapped every day in Buffalo. I played center in Oakland; was the backup center in Oaklan. The backup center in Buffalo. Snapping is kind of is easy. I mean, comes easy.

Q. What do the offensive linemen make of Daniel Bellinger as a blocker, tight end?

JON FELICIANO: I mean, I think this is a passing camp, you know what I'm saying? (Smiling.)

Q. Just throw this at you because I haven't been here all of spring or anything, but a couple times guys have now said about it's okay to make mistakes on the practice field. I know you're new here, but do you get the impression that maybe in a previous year or years that wasn't okay and it became an issue and it got guys off their game?

JON FELICIANO: Yeah, 100%. Yeah.

Q. Okay. Can you elaborate?

JON FELICIANO: I mean, you can just kind of tell people get a little scared when they mess up. And no one likes messing up, but like it's okay.

Especially like Dabs wants you to take chances; Bobby wants to you try a new technique. He wants you to go get somebody. If something happens, it's all right. It's not all right, but this is the time for it to happen.

Q. So coming from Buffalo you were used to the idea, if I screw up on the practice field, I need to correct it, but it's not the end of the world. You come here...

JON FELICIANO: Yeah, practice I don't really care. If I get beat -- like I get mad obviously, but if I'm out there trying to perfect a new technique, and I have conversations with Bobby beforehand, like, hey, we're going against this guy, I need to work on my jump set or do X, Y, Z. If you get beat doing that in practice, it's okay. You're learning a new technique. You're working on your skills.

So as a competitor, you don't want that to happen, but when it does happen, you have coaches say it's okay. That's what practice is for. It softens the blow a little.

Q. And it was like that in Buffalo also?


Q. Same thing in the regular season?

JON FELICIANO: Yeah, I mean, even in the regular season, I feel like it's even more because you have to game plan for the player you have to play against. Sometimes that game plan you want to try something that you haven't worked on, so during that week of practice you're doing that consistently throughout the week of practice.
I love this guy  
Ben in Tampa : 6/7/2022 5:50 pm : link
Hope he talks every week
RE: I love this guy  
Del Shofner : 6/7/2022 6:43 pm : link
In comment 15727168 Ben in Tampa said:
Hope he talks every week


Although we'll have to see if he plays as well as he talks.
we may finally have a decent O line  
kelly : 6/7/2022 8:54 pm : link
it only took 10 years....
the interior OL have been the best interviews of the offseason  
Eric on Li : 6/7/2022 10:53 pm : link
really interesting comments, especially about daboll being himself as head coach.
Funny that the starting center has such a rapport with the third QB.  
Big Blue Blogger : 6/8/2022 6:13 am : link
Davis Webb might never throw a pass in an NFL game, but he seems destined to follow his dad’s path into coaching. He reminds me of Josh McCown, without the gray hair and game experience. As long as the NFL retains the expanded practice squad, Webb could hang around as a player for quite a while. You don’t really worry about another team poaching him, but he’s a nice insurance policy and a positive presence in the QB room and on the practice field.
100% agree  
5BowlsSoon : 6/8/2022 10:43 am : link
An interview with JF is definitely worth while and enlightening to read.
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