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Transcript: S Julian Love

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/8/2022 2:21 pm
S Julian Love

June 8, 2022

Q. Big stakes for that field goal at the end of practice?

JULIAN LOVE: That’s Graham (Gano). I knew he was going to make it. I don't know what even the stakes were to be honest with you. I just knew it was a make-or-miss. I always take the make on that one for him. But yeah, pretty smooth.

Q. What was up with that players' meeting on the side of the field there?

JULIAN LOVE: You know, that was just something that some of the leadership put together. Just to make sure everybody is holding each other down, especially as we go into this break, doing the right things, just off-the-field stuff. Making sure everybody is okay, has a resource to reach out to, stuff like that.

Q. Is that something you would have done last year?

JULIAN LOVE: You know, there's been so much going on across the league, I think, as of late, I think it's important to have those conversations. Everybody wants to just be back and be ready to go come training camp. That's the goal. So that's what that was about.

Q. The more you've gotten into this off-season, what do you think are the strengths of this defense and how much do you like it?

JULIAN LOVE: Yeah, I think the strength is that a lot of guys can do a lot of different things in a lot of positions. We have some guys who are talented in terms of things that they do, and I think Wink is doing a good job or we're getting to the point we're doing a good job of mixing it up to keep offenses guessing as opposed to kind of pigeonholing guys into one spot, into one role, into one thing they do on a certain defensive call. It's allowing guys to play free, play loose, and we've got some juice going, which is exciting. I think that's the biggest change. We're excited to make plays, and we're celebrating that.

Q. What's the reaction of the linemen when they see you in the A-gap?

JULIAN LOVE: I saw a few of them crying earlier today. It's gotten weird. Yeah, that's the big body package, and clearly that's why I'm in it. But yeah, mixing some stuff up. He feels comfortable with me doing different things, and I feel real comfortable. I have .5; sack I'm trying to find another half sack this year so I can get to whole numbers. That's what we're aiming for.

Q. What did you make of kind of dialing it down today, helmets off, walk-through, is that something that's good for you guys?

JULIAN LOVE: It could be seen as both ways, good and bad. Bad in the sense of there's a lot of competitive talk in the locker room each day about who won the day. Heated battles. I don't think we were given enough of a chance to compete today, so yeah, there's that conversation. I think defensively we wanted to get after it a little more today, but tone it down, health-wise, making sure everybody is good. I guess that's the good thing.

Q. You're still ahead from yesterday then?

JULIAN LOVE: Yeah, hey, there's a big discussion of who won the off-season. Of course, I'd say defense won the off-season.

Q. Do you feel a little bit more personal ownership of the defense, especially in your role as a veteran player?

JULIAN LOVE: Yeah, I definitely feel a sense of leadership, a sense of urgency more than anything. I saw some stat somebody sent to me about me and Dex playing the most games as a Giant on the defense, which is crazy to think about.

But I'm just really trying to be a resource for all the young guys to get them going. My position is guys like Dane Belton are really coming along, some other young guys who are on their way right now. I'm just trying to be that personable guy. I'm not super old. I'm pretty young. So I'm right there to fill in the gap and kind of be that leader for everybody.

Also just making plays. I feel like I've known Wink forever now and I've been here for a couple years, so I'm excited to take that next step forward.

Q. When you are out there, do you notice anything in Saquon that's different than a year ago?

JULIAN LOVE: Yeah, I mean, that dude, he's all over the place. They're doing a lot more with him. I know he's really excited for that, and you've got to. He's one of the best talents in the league.

To be able to do a lot in a lot of different roles -- I know Kafka, how can you not be excited to utilize that. I think he's back in his headspace of being super competitive.

When I mentioned competitive talks in the locker room, he's the main guy. He's one locker over from me and that's the main conversation every day about him competing. So I think that's what we've been seeing, and I'm excited for him.

Q. How different is that from where he was physically last year?

JULIAN LOVE: Yeah, I mean, it's tough. That's a guy who is like the most competitive person I've ever been around, and for him kind of be banged up here or there, it's tough. It's tough on him, it's tough on us.

As a friend, I’m just excited for him to see what he can do.

Q. Do you like the new words to the Notre Dame fight song?

JULIAN LOVE: What? New words to the Notre Dame fight song? They added new words to the Notre Dame fight song?

Q. They changed them.

JULIAN LOVE: I did not know that. First time hearing that.

Q. It's a good thing. It's "sons and daughters" now as opposed to --

JULIAN LOVE: Oh, okay. 2022. Yeah, we're moving forward. I like it then.
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