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NFT: Cooperstown - BB Hall of Fame trip

BocaGene : 6/21/2022 5:07 pm
Any tips, restaurants, ideas, where to stay?

One night, two nights?

Something happened to my earlier post today. Sorry to have to repost, but there was good info on the previous post.
The Farmers Museum  
KeoweeFan : 6/21/2022 5:54 pm : link
is an interesting option.
RE: The Farmers Museum  
TJ : 6/21/2022 8:49 pm : link
In comment 15737480 KeoweeFan said:
is an interesting option.

Fenimore Art Museum is across the street from farmer museum. It's worth a visit after you've been to the HOF. Howes Cavern is not far. Unique experience especially if you have kids.

There must be good places to eat around Cooperstown but it seems like every time I've been there I've ended up eating overpriced tourist food.
Can't believe I forgot  
TJ : 6/21/2022 8:55 pm : link
Ommegang Brewery produces Belgian style beer. IMO might be the best brewery in NYS. They have a restaurant too and I liked the food.
RE: Can't believe I forgot  
Shecky : 6/21/2022 10:25 pm : link
In comment 15737628 TJ said:
Ommegang Brewery produces Belgian style beer. IMO might be the best brewery in NYS. They have a restaurant too and I liked the food.

There’s a couple good ones around town, but Ommegang is by far my favorite.
Cooperstown bay factory is worth the short drive if you’re a baseball nut.
Fly creek is a neat little place also worth a short drive.

Mike from SI : 6/21/2022 11:00 pm : link
I did not realize Ommegang is in Cooperstown. That's a good beer.
ilikethenygiants : 6/21/2022 11:51 pm : link
Ready for a super snotty beer nerd comment?

There are 15-20 better breweries in NYS than Ommegang. Easily. NY is currently the craft beer capital of the world.
I found Cooperstown to be a one night stay  
Essex : 6/22/2022 2:11 am : link
The HOF is great, that is 3/4 hours. Walking through town is another few hours. I was with my kids and they had no interest in the other museums such as the farmer’s museum and fenimore.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn about a 2-3 miles from town and it was clean and totally adequate for our purposes.

It’s a great town and the HOF is awesome. Have fun
Ommegang Brewery  
Steve L : 6/22/2022 6:58 am : link
Is possibly the best brewery in NYS. They make great beer and have a fantastic restaurant. They also have some great concerts if you time it right. Highly recommend.

Also a beautiful state park. Glimmerglass Park has a great beach and some nice trails to walk.
Cooperstown is definitely...  
Chris in Philly : 6/22/2022 10:39 am : link
a one night stay. HOF is great, and it's a cute downtown with some nice shops and restaurants. When we went, we stayed at the Inn at Cooperstown which is right down the street. When we stayed there, they gave us a meal voucher for Hawkeyes at their sister property Otesaga Resort Hotel. That was a nice place too.
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