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NFT: Orbi 850's with Verizon fios- AP Mode or Router mode?

GMAN4LIFE : 6/24/2022 8:58 am
Question for you all, I am currently using the Orbi 850s as a router and WiFi. But wondering if that is the best use for it. Before I used to use the Verizon Fios router for everything but the WiFi sucked in my house. But I read somewhere that the Verizon Fios router is a better router than the Orbi 850. FYI, i use TIVO for my tv cable boxes.

So my question is, should I go back to using the Verizon Fios router(the G3100) and using the Orbi’s in AP mode or just stick with how I am using it(the Orbi’s acting as the router)
the only advice i could give  
cactus : 6/24/2022 12:19 pm : link
would be to try both setups and check your wifi signal and speed (linked below) at locations where devices are used the most.
speed test - ( New Window )
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