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NFT: Cooking: Pork Country Style Ribs

rasbutant : 6/27/2022 8:52 am
Suggestions on how to cook?

Googled and see suggestions for oven-baked, instant pot, and crockpot. (I have all those things.)

I don't have a smoker. Do have charcoal and propane grill, but haven't come across any recipes yet that call for that type of cooking.

How do you guys like to cook them? Best method??

Any seasoning suggestions welcome as well, however wife doesn't like BBQ sauce, so I'm looking at other alternatives. There seem to be plenty online to choose from, but if you have one you love, love to hear about it.

Do a marinade...  
rnargi : 6/27/2022 9:02 am : link
I like to brine them, then use a vinegar based marinade. I do low and slow on a charcoal grill. Do an offset fire.
Did it this way a couple of weeks ago  
Southern Man : 6/27/2022 9:06 am : link
for baby backs on a gas grill. Turned out delicious. Very easy to do, but the key is to keep the grill at a constant 300 degrees.
Grilled Ribs - ( New Window )
if you use your oven  
Giantsfan79 : 6/27/2022 9:08 am : link
and the recipe calls for the oven to be 220 degrees or higher, lower your oven temp to 180 and cook them a few hours longer.

also if you use the oven, lay the ribs over a bed of chopped onions and those pork drippings will mix with those onions and give you a heck of a side dish.
Yeah do them offset on a weber kettle  
mattlawson : 6/27/2022 9:23 am : link
And I’ve made them with a mango bbq caramel - really amazing
Personally, I find that country ribs, like baby backs,  
Bill in UT : 6/27/2022 9:28 am : link
can have too much loin meat and tend to be drier than I like. So I don't grill them, I braise them. I've got 2 recipes I really like, one for a braise in mire poix served over creamy polenta, and a Mexican one for carnitas with a salsa de arbol. If you'd like either, I'll post.
I link to use country ribs  
Gatorade Dunk : 6/27/2022 9:57 am : link
in my sauce. They provide a fair amount of drippings for the sauce itself, and they break down while braising in the long, slow simmer that the sauce gets anyway so that you can have some chunks in the sauce if that's your thing (otherwise, you can pull them before they break down and serve them on the side).
I use a rub, then throw them in the Instant Pot  
sb from NYT Forum : 6/27/2022 10:18 am : link
...with either chicken stock, beer or if making a Mexican dish, I'll add a couple tablespoons of tequila.

Grilling country ribs won't work...  
sb from NYT Forum : 6/27/2022 10:20 am : link
...they are way too tough, IMO. And if you try smoking them in a smoker or on a charcoal grill with indirect heat they will dry out really quickly.

If you are dead set on smoking them, then you should brine them for at least a day, IMO.
I always use the instant pot on them  
Greg from LI : 6/27/2022 10:25 am : link
About 45 mins or so. I use a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes and some water, mixed with garlic, oregano, and chile powder, as the liquid. They fall right apart. Then, you can do all sorts of Mexican or Tex-Mex dishes with them - tacos, burritos, enchiladas, whatever.
I tried smoking them  
giantsfaninphilly : 6/27/2022 10:36 am : link
and they ended up way too tough. I settled on slow cooker and make pulled pork out of them. I add a bottle of beer and a bottle of BBQ sauce for liquid.
I like to slow roast them  
gidiefor : Mod : 6/27/2022 10:36 am : link
just leave em in the oven in a roasting pan for the day (6-8 hours at 225-250 degrees - throw in some chopped up fennel bulb, some chopped onions, potaotes and carrots, some cumin and a little chili spice, a bay leaf and a tbspn of tomato paste

Thanks for all the great suggestions  
rasbutant : 6/27/2022 11:01 am : link
thank you.
Yeah, pretty much the same as everyone else....  
Ryan : 6/27/2022 3:54 pm : link
I'll use them as a substitute for shoulder if I use a crock pot as I like having a little less fat given the non-drained cooking method.
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