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DVR Alert for 3AM on NFLN

I Love Clams Casino : 6/27/2022 11:16 am
SuperBowl 42....tonight...well really tomorrow.....
For some reason  
Joe Beckwith : 6/27/2022 1:33 pm : link
NFLN has a hard on for putting NYFG programs on at 3am, or at least after prime time. They ran 42 at 3am about 2 weeks ago, and have run other things like 46 , Americas Game, game rebroadcasts, at that time slot like they hate them.
scheduling change  
I Love Clams Casino : 6/27/2022 4:10 pm : link
It's on NOW!!
I want new Super Bowl's to watch  
Jints in Carolina : 6/27/2022 4:12 pm : link
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