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Giants rookie KT is hosting a AMA on reddit

Joe Judge : 6/27/2022 6:28 pm
Thought this was cool, didn't see posted here
Kayvon - ( New Window )
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 6/27/2022 6:52 pm : link
Shaking head. He should be studying Wink's playbook/watching film 24-7 before camp. This is a very inauspicious start.
This is hilarious:  
Ben in Tampa : 6/27/2022 7:15 pm : link
What's been the best experience you've encountered since being drafted?

u/NFL (Thibodeaux)
Best experience is being rich!
oh this should be epic  
D HOS : 6/27/2022 7:36 pm : link
probably his agent is frantically trying to get him on the phone.
D HOS : 6/27/2022 7:39 pm : link
For some reason I thought this was about Kadarius Toney... reading it now, pretty cool!

Toney needs to do an AMA.
The guy who said he had previously photoshopped Daniel Jones  
BSIMatt : 6/28/2022 12:11 pm : link
head onto Saquon Barkley's body and asked KT if he could print it out and tape it to Jone's locker. LMAO
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