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Adrian Peterson v. Le'Veon Bell boxing match

Giantsfan79 : 6/28/2022 11:02 am
ESPN Ringside
Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell have signed contracts for a heavyweight boxing exhibition on July 30 at Arena in Los Angeles, sources tell @MikeCoppinger.

who do you like BBI?

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jc in c-ville : 6/28/2022 11:09 am : link
Is Peterson allowed to bring the switch he used to whop up on his kid?
What are the odds?  
Mad Mike : 6/28/2022 11:19 am : link
And by odds, I mean the odds that can't make its payments and the arena has a new name by fight night.
I remember when boxing was actually really good  
Heisenberg : 6/28/2022 11:23 am : link
Celebrity Internet Boxing  
Ben in Tampa : 6/28/2022 11:33 am : link
Is the goofiest fad
If anybody pays to see this  
Gman11 : 6/28/2022 12:28 pm : link
they have more money than brains
can't imagine voluntarily putting a dime  
UConn4523 : 6/28/2022 12:32 pm : link
in Adrian Peterson's pocket. Rooting for Bell.
Not interested.  
Klaatu : 6/28/2022 12:45 pm : link
Unless they fight to the death...with a ring surrounded by barbed wire...laced with explosives.
Ray Rice  
I Love Clams Casino : 6/28/2022 1:55 pm : link
should be the ref
I remember Danny Partridge  
I Love Clams Casino : 6/28/2022 1:56 pm : link
kicked Greg Brady's ass

I Love Clams Casino : 6/28/2022 2:02 pm : link
Greg Brady versus Danny Partridge - ( New Window )
RE: If anybody pays to see this  
BigBlueinDE : 6/28/2022 10:28 pm : link
In comment 15742724 Gman11 said:
they have more money than brains

Peterson stepping up from the toddler weight class  
j_rud : 6/29/2022 8:52 am : link
Usually youd fight a woman as a bridge, get a little tune up, but he's going straight to the deep waters. Good for him. Keep growing, keep challenging yourself.
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