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Steelers hire scout the Giants fired last offseason

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/4/2022 4:03 pm
Neil Stratton @InsideTheLeague

Congratulations to former #Giants scout Chris Watts (@Cdub_79), who has left his post w/the @USFLMaulers to join the #Steelers as a college scout. Here he is talking to aspiring #NFL scouts in the CGSU program as a speaker at the @CGSAllStar in January.
Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/4/2022 4:03 pm : link
Watts was with the Giants from 2005-2021, and last covered the Southwest region for the team.
For some reason I initially thought they hired Pettit  
The_Boss : 7/4/2022 5:53 pm : link
I’m curious if that dude ever works again in the NFL…
Was Watts let go by Gettleman or Schoen?  
Ivan15 : 7/6/2022 6:44 pm : link
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