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Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/27/2022 4:33 pm

Q: Daniel, how do you say the offense did today?

A: I thought we did okay. I think we'll watch the film, and there will be things to correct, but we got into the endzone a few times, and I thought we were clean operationally in and out of the huddle. Guys knew where to go, where to line up. I thought that part of it was clean, which is a big emphasis on the first day when you're out there and I thought it was good. Obviously, there will be things to clean up, but overall, I thought it was pretty good.

Q: What did you think about [Kadarius] Toney's touchdown catch?

A: Yeah, I thought it was a heck of a catch, to go up and get that ball. I think that's what he can do. As an athlete, he brings that element to our offense. We'll keep working and keep trying to utilize what he does well.

Q: What does it mean to have him healthy and at the top of his game?

A: Yeah, I think it'd be huge to have him healthy and out there practicing and playing. I think he's at a good spot. Mentally, he knows the offense and did a really good job this spring staying locked into what was going on. Excited to continue to grow in this offense with him and with the whole group.

Q: With the amount of motion and movement pre-snap in this offense, Joe Schoen was saying earlier that you could use some continuity, who's on the field, who's in the huddle. Do you see that taking a long time to develop with guys who haven't been on the field with you, given what the offense demands?

A: I don't think a long time necessarily as long as you're getting the most out of your reps and you're studying, you're communicating, you're getting on the same page. It does take those reps, it takes the time and practice, those conversations watching the film together, going through walk-throughs together. That is a process, and we've got to stick to that and build it one day at a time, so, yeah, I think it was a good start, but we've got a lot of work to do.

Q: How much does all that pre-snap motion add to like getting on the same page, you're doing a lot more, that guys moving, is that more you have time on task to get that down.

A: I think it takes everyone knowing what to do, where to line up. Like I said in and out of the huddle clean, knowing where to go, so you're able to snap the ball and still put pressure on the defense, you're not getting late on the clock every play. Today you know I thought we did that well. Obviously, it'll get more and more complicated as we go, and we add things with different personnel groups and different motions and shifts. But, as far as a start goes, I thought we did okay.

Q: Daniel from what you've seen so far and how you've been in the playbook, how does this new offense suit you?

A: I think it gives the quarterback a lot of freedom to take advantage of certain looks to make checks and get the ball to certain guys. I think it keeps the quarterback moving in the run game and the passing game. So, it kind of plays to that also. I think it's just a very versatile offense that puts guys in a lot of different spots, disguises things, reveals defense, and that's all helpful for the quarterback.

Q: Are you approaching this training camp any different in past years? Do you feel like there are heightened expectations because you would have been with this offense and with this team, and now it's year four?

A: As far as my approach, I think it's the same to come in and make sure I'm prepared as well as can be, trust that and go play. I think it's the same approach. Obviously, what I'm preparing for is learning this offense, learning new guys in different spots, you know that's different and that's what I'm focused on, and that's what this camp is so important for.

Q: How much do you feel that there is something to prove? You got a new coaching staff here, and a new front office and the contract is what it is right now.

A: Yeah, I mean I think my focus is to prepare as well as I can and to win games. I think that's all I can focus on and what's going to lead to the best results. So, that's my mindset and I think if I do those things the rest of it will take care of itself.

Q: All through spring, there were a lot of red jerseys out there. How much did it pump you up or excite you knowing that those red shirts are all blue shirts and it's pretty much full compliments out there?

A: I think that's great. It takes these practice reps and building chemistry with these guys. You know the guys that were down a little bit in the spring did a great job in meetings, preparing themselves. You can tell they've spent time in their playbooks over the summer and they're ready to go. So, it's exciting to have them on the field and in a spot where they can hop right in and get going. So, there will be a process to actually playing and getting the live reps, correcting things and improving, but it's good to have everybody out there.

Q: Did Kadarius look especially exciting to you?

A: Yeah, I thought he looked good today. He made that play in the endzone and it was an impressive catch. He knew where to go, knew where to line up. It's a process we have to correct the things we didn't do well and continue to build, but I thought it was a good start.

Q: Obviously, injuries have held you back personally in your first few years. Do you feel like you have to implement new techniques to avoid that or just need some better luck out there on the field?

A: I think making sure I am smart about when to try to get the extra yard and when to get down. I think those are situations I continue to look at and try to improve on. Other than that I think my body has held up well, besides some of those decisions I could be smarter with, and avoid some of those situations. So, I'll continue to look at that and try to prevent those situations from happening.

Q: On the first day of training there is typically a lot of optimism. Why should fans be optimistic about this team?

A I think we are in a spot where we've got a good group of guys coming back and we've got some new pieces coming in. It's a hungry team that wants to win and wants to work hard. I think we've learned a lot, and we're more experienced, and we are excited for the opportunity to get out there and to prove it to ourselves and to prove it to everyone else. I think it's a hungry team who wants to play at a high level and is confident we can do that.

Q: One of your strengths has always been the deep ball, something that you didn't really do a whole lot in the past. How much more confident are you getting with throwing the deep ball in the offense and is this offense going to make it easier to throw that deep ball?

A: I think that's all about repetition with certain guys. Knowing how they're going to run it, how they're going to get their release, what they are going to do with how the defender's playing it. So, yeah I think that's just about reps and this offense gives you an opportunity to do that. So, we are starting in the redzone, you know you don't do that, obviously. But as we get into this week and into camp, we will keep working on it.

Q: Daniel as the season approaches there are going to be a lot of people writing "make or break" for Daniel Jones. Did you get any advice in the offseason from somebody saying, "Well have some fun and do the best you can"?

A: That's been my approach. A lot of people will tell you that and you got to do it. That's been my approach, to enjoy playing football, to love to compete and you get an opportunity to do that every day in practice. So, making sure I'm doing that and I think that's got to be the approach every day.

Q: What's different about the feel entering training camp this year maybe than years past?

A: I don't think it's productive necessarily to compare it to years past. I can say like every year guys are excited. They're excited for the opportunity to compete. We are learning a new system where like we've said, guys are in different spots or doing different things that maybe they haven't done in the past. So, learning that, learning from each other, and getting on the same page is the challenge and we've got to work at it every day.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 7/27/2022 7:39 pm : link
He looks like Eli & his pressers are as boring as Eli's. The one Eli presser zinger that I can recall was him taking a shot at Tiki summer '07 after Tiki called Eli's leadership 'comical' on NBC. That was great.
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