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Transcript: CB Adoree' Jackson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/1/2022 3:44 pm
Q. Does (Defensive Coordinator) Wink (Martindale) coming on do anything for a defensive back? Better for you guys too?

A: I mean it's just football. I don't know, it's just always different when the pads are on rather than when you are just going in jerseys. Especially for us as DB's (defensive backs), just more surface area for us to hit and play with. It's like you are playing a game and you finally get that first pop. Then it's like ok, you feel good, you get feet wet type of thing. So, it's always nice to pad the pads on and get a little thump.

Q. The defense seems ahead of the offense here. Do you take anything away from that?

A: We are all just taking it a day at a time. Just trying to gain our strides when we can. So, for us it's not about yesterday or tomorrow it's just about today to see what we did wrong. Although things make look well there are always corrections. Wink always says, nothing is as good as it seems, nothing is as bad but in the middle lies reality. So, for us, it's just trying to figure out where we can improve each day.

Q. What do you see from (Cornerback) Aaron Robinson?

A: I have been liking A-Rob since I met him. I know when I came and signed here, then we drafted him, I just looked up his highlight tapes. I liked what I had seen from him and been liking him ever since. He works hard, he's a guy that just goes out there and does what he has to do. I just appreciate A-Rob and his competitiveness.

Q. What do you think about a safety calling plays?

A: As long as I get the call, I don't really care too much who calls the plays.

Q: Is it unique now?

A: It's different from everything. Whether it was in college or in the (National Football) league.

Q: You're saying you've always had a linebacker calling plays?

A: I've always had a linebacker making calls. It's cool to have a DB representing us and being able to make the call. I like it, they get it out to us, and it's just good for us because we are always communicating anyway with each other, as are the linebackers. It's just nice having somebody in our room, knowing how (Safety) he (Xavier McKinney) talks or knows what he is saying. We can just give him eye contact or look to figure out what's going on and being able to give us different signals to help us out.

Q. How much does that affect you guys? Having a defensive back's perspective calling plays?

A: We all meet together. So, at the end of the day, we all come in and get those extra reps in to try and figure out how we see things. I think that's the beauty of us coming together and being a collective and a whole. Just trying to make sure we are all on the same page at the same time.

Q. What kind of opportunity does this create for you being the number one cornerback on the team and being able to shut down number one receivers every week? As far as raising your profile, Pro Bowls, and your next contract.

A: I feel like every year is always an opportunity of a lifetime. I feel like it's just the same thing for all of us out there. We always get an opportunity to present ourselves and play for one of the greatest organizations in the league. I think we just take it as a blessing and understand that we can be doing a lot of different things, but the Lord brought us here to be able play ball and we just want to go and do that for Him.

Q. What have you learned about (Cornerback) Darnay (Holmes)?

A: It's crazy, I've known Darnay since I was in high school. Even when we got to SC (University of Southern California) he was supposed to come there, but he went across town, which I don't blame him. I've learned that he is just a good dude. A good genuine dude and a good wholesome guy. Goes out there and sticks to the script, no matter what may happen his faith never waivers. He just goes out there and competes man. I can respect that. I just appreciate him a lot, the way he works and comes in every day.

Q. Can you talk about his physical skills as a corner?

A: I mean you all see it. He is out there doing his thing. Like I said, every day it's not like he is worried about the past or the present. He is just trying to focus on the day by day and getting better. That's what we preach. If you ever hear him talk or ever hear him speak, you know how he carries himself you can tell that's a smart intelligent man. He goes out there and carries it the right way on the field and off.

Q. Have you seen growth in his game?

A: I've seen growth in him as a person and that displays in his game. So, I get to see him coming into his own and just doing his thing. Doing what he loves to do, probably what he has been doing since he was in Calabasas High School. It's just cool seeing somebody from the whole journey perspective. I've known him since I was 17, 16, and I'm about to be 27. It's like 10 years of knowing him and getting to see him at the highest level being able to play and compete, it's just awesome to see.

Q. Do you guys have any competitions in the DB room? Like whom is going to make the most picks during camp because he is in the lead so far.

A: Yeah, he is kicking our butts. I think our competition is who is going to be the best DB out of the day. It's just like a me versus me mentality but at the same time we know we are competing with each other. I think that's the best thing about having that competition with these types of guys. It's going to hold each other accountable. If I'm not doing something right, they can tell me or vice versa. Then us competing like, "who can make the most plays by the end of the day?" it's not like we are jealous or envious. If you see somebody make a play, we are out there running and celebrating with him because we know that it's going to bring energy to everybody. It's just cool having that competition in the room.

Q: Does this year feel a little strange with (Cornerback) James (Bradberry) and with you being one of the older guys now, do other guys come up to you and try to pick your brain all the time?

A: Yeah, they do. The crazy thing is I remember when we were playing (Hip-Hop Artist) 50 Cent in the locker room and (Running Back Jashuan) Corbin, and I asked him, "do you know who this is?", he thought it was west coast song. I said, "nah this is 50 Cent" and I think the song was Many Men or In Da Club, it was one of the old 50 Cent songs. I asked him what year he was born, and he said, "2001". It was shocking because the song came out when I was three. I remember when it was 2001, I was in the first grade, and I remember wanting to be like 50 Cent. I had the video games, the tank top, and everything. So, it was crazy that he didn't know who that was. I think that's the strangest thing. I mean I came in and they thought I was super young and now that the roles reversed, I'm not old but in the middle, and they are super young like 20, 21. It's crazy just to see the difference in the age gap.

Q: How is it possible that you only have three picks in your career? You are a guy who I feel like you are always around the ball, in college you had the ball. What do you chalk that up to?

A: I don't know. I can't even explain that. I'm just glad I at least got three. I am fortunate enough to have that. I want to get more but, when opportunities come your way and they present themselves I just have to make the most of them. That's where it lies, just the opportunities. If I have my hands on the ball, I just make that thing come down with it. I have to do a better job at that, and we'll do a better job at that.

Q: Can you pitch any better than 50 Cent?

A: For sure. You've seen (Outside Linebacker Kayvon) Thibodeaux. He gave him a shout out when he threw, he said, "At least I threw better than 50". For sure I can throw a little bit better than that.
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