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Transcript: LB Tae Crowder

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/2/2022 2:57 pm
LB Tae Crowder

Q. It seems like you guys are having fun out there in those 11 on 11 drills. How's the competition level?

A: The competition level is actually at a high level. Everybody is coming to work every day. It feels like everybody wants to get better every day. So, I think that's the biggest difference of this group, just coming each day and wanting to actually be better than yesterday.

Q. How much do you feel like you've grown from a football IQ perspective in this defense as opposed to last week?

A: I'm not sure if it's just the difference in the defense. I feel like as you watch film and just keep coming to practice every day, each year is different. You learn more each year you're in business.

Q. How different is it getting the play call from a safety instead of a linebacker?

A: It's a little different just because last year, obviously, I was calling it. Just having to get the communication from somebody else that's the only difference. We still are communicating as a defense, and everyone is still talking so, it's cool.

Q. You've played with (Linebacker) Blake (Martinez) before the injury and after the injury. How does he look?

A: He looks good. The whole linebacker core is looking good. We are pushing each other. Everybody is coming to work each day, so I feel like that's the important thing.

Q: I mean, he is coming off of a major injury. Does he look like he is moving around the same way you remember?

A: Oh yeah. Oh yeah, for sure. He looks good.

Q: You led the team in tackles last year and yet you come into a new situation with new coaches and all that. Is there anything that in your head you go, "I have to prove myself again?"

A: I feel like each year as a player you should want to be better than you were last year. I know I did lead the team, but it's in the past. I'm worried about right now, and what we are doing today, so I'm just trying to be a better player.

Q. Do you take it as a challenge when they draft two, three linebackers? Do you take that as a challenge that you've got to win your spot back?

A: I just come to work and try to set the standard as it is. Try to show them how it is to come to work each day and just compete.

Q. Tae you guys have a lot of former players come through and address the team. What's it like having (Quarterback) Eli Manning out there, do that? Is that a different level?

A: That was pretty cool I can't lie, that was cool. Just growing up watching Eli and just seeing all the great things he did. To come back and talk to the team, I feel like that means a lot to the team and everyone in the building.

Q. He hasn't been around because of COVID and been able to do these types of things. Is this your first-time kind of meeting him?

A: Yeah, I was excited. It's a blessing to be in the position that we're in and just to have someone come and talk like him, it's amazing.

Q. Did you notice him on the sideline during practice?

A: Yeah, I did.

Q: Hard to miss.

A: Yeah, definitely.

Q. What was his message to you guys?

A: Just come out every day and don't take it for granted. Just come and be ready to work. Just have fun with it.

Q. Baltimore, it's a place where (Defensive Coordinator) Wink (Martindale) comes from. It's a place that is known for linebackers. When they hired Wink, did that resonate with you that (the) Baltimore (Ravens) have had a lot of great linebackers?

A: I just feel like he was an aggressive kind of play-caller. I knew it was going to be fun just having him as a coordinator.
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