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Transcript: QB Daniel Jones (before scrimmage)

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/6/2022 7:43 am
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: Where would you say that you've made the most improvement from the offseason through the beginning of camp?

A: I think a lot of it is specific to this offense, to the scheme we are installing and plays we are running. I think every day you make progress with that kind of stuff as a group. Personally, you've got things you are working on, but I think collectively as a unit in the pass game and the run game, you're getting on the same page. I'd say from a chemistry standpoint, from an overall understanding of the offense, of seeing things the same way, I think that's where we've made the most progress and that's what we'll continue to focus on.

Q: How comfortable are you in your mind with this offense?

A: I'm getting more comfortable every day, I think. We're still early in the process. We've got a lot of work to do. That's certainly my mindset, I think that's (Head) Coach (Brian) Daboll's mindset and the whole group's mindset. We've got a lot of work to do and we're eager to do it. I'm comfortable and continuing to work to get more comfortable.

Q: How excited are you to take this offense out for a test drive in the preseason and how much work do you think you need in those games? You don't have a long history of playing in the preseason. What's about what you want to get out of the next couple of weeks here?

A: I'm excited for those opportunities. I think, like I've said, there's a lot we need to continue to work on and keep making progress on. The preseason's an opportunity to do that and a game situation gives you an opportunity to prepare for a game – obviously it's not the same level of game-planning, but we will prepare for that and go out and try to execute in a live situation. I think that's a good opportunity for us and I'm excited for it as well as our whole group.

Q: There's been a lot of talk from the receivers about a lot more options on the routes that they are doing. I think Dabs kind of put that a little bit to rest that it's not the just freelancing at the end of routes – there are things that you are looking for in the specific routes. For you, how much more do you have to develop that rapport with the guys to know what you are seeing and making sure that you are seeing what they are seeing in terms of body language or what the defense is doing on specific routes in this offense?

A: I think that's important. Like Dabs said, it's certainly not a freelance type of offense or mindset. There are certain options and certain things to look for from their standpoint and from mine as well. I think that gives receivers an opportunity to get open and use their creativity, use their understanding of route running to do that – to get open. It takes some time. It takes the reps on the field. It takes messing it up and correcting it in the meetings and then doing it right. It takes getting different looks from the defense, so you have those opportunities to talk about it, correct things and move on. That's something we are continuing to work on through camp and that's the passing game – it's about getting on the same page, it's about me understanding them, them understanding me and making sure we are seeing things the same way.

Q: Why do you think (Wide Receiver) David Sills is playing so well, and do you and him have a particularly strong chemistry? I know you spend a lot of time together in the offseason. Do you think that that pays off in times like this?

A: Yeah, certainly. I think he's a tremendously hard worker first and foremost. I think anyone in this building would tell you that and knows that very well. He works as hard as anyone, and he's put himself in a good position. He's put himself in a position to make a lot of plays, and he's done that. He's a smart player. He understands what the quarterback is looking for. He understands how to get open from a receiver standpoint. He's a technician when it comes to his routes, so he's at a high level at all of those things. and he's showed up on the field with how well he's played. I think the guys in the building – teammates, coaches, support staff – I don't think people are surprised by that watching him work day-in-and-day-out.

Q: You've obviously worked with a lot of different coaches already in your career. I'm curious if (Head Coach) Brian Daboll is already in the process of getting the best out of you. If so, how is he going about doing that?

A: Well, going into year four, I think I'm a more experienced player. I think I'm a better player than in years past. I feel more comfortable from that standpoint in what I'm seeing and diagnosing what I'm seeing and making decisions. As it relates to this offense and this scheme, it gives a quarterback a lot of options, and it allows for a quarterback to use what he knows and distribute the ball based on that. I've enjoyed working in this offense so far, and like I said, we've got a lot of work to do. It's been fun working with Coach Daboll and his staff and working in this offense.

Q: Your first start was the game that (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) got hurt. I don't know that you've played with him probably when he's been 100 percent. What have you seen this summer and how exciting is it to play with a fairly healthy, fairly viable, Saquon Barkley?

A: Yeah, it's been fun to watch him work. He's a guy a lot like Sills who comes in and works every day. Obviously, we've been training a lot together this offseason. How dedicated he is to making sure he's ready to roll come this time of year, I haven't been surprised by how he's looked to start camp. I'm excited to work with him. He brings a lot to our offense from obviously running the ball and using him in space to make plays. He's an explosive player, a smart player and a guy that works really hard. From a quarterback's perspective that's always fun to work with.

Q: What can you say about (Wide Receiver) Kadarius Toney's development, and what are some differences you've seen in him from last year to this year?

A: I think KT's done a great job coming in and picking up on the offense, learning the scheme, playing different positions, and bringing what he does well to the table. He's a dangerous guy with the ball in his hands, and we've got to find ways to get him the ball. He's an extremely talented player and brings a special dimension to our offense.
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