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Transcript: RB Saquon Barkley (before scrimmage)

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/6/2022 7:44 am
Q: (Quarterback) Daniel Jones used the word explosiveness when he was talking about you earlier. Your coaches used it in camp as well. I'd just like to ask you; what does explosiveness mean to you and do you feel that you have it going on?

A: Probably just a burst. Trusting yourself when you are making that cut and how athletic you can be in and out of your cuts. Something I probably lacked last year. I mean, most of last year. I kind of felt like I had it back especially after the (New Orleans) Saints game and had the weird step on someone's foot. But that's the way I train to be strong, to be explosive, and I feel like that I'm getting that confidence back. But it's one day at a time, and this is where you experiment, try new things and try to add to your game in camp.

Q: Assuming you feel as well as you have been, in probably about three years, maybe even longer. What's do you want to get out of the next couple of weeks in training camp here? How do you want to approach the pre-season games, things like tonight? Joint practice? How much work do you need? How do you balance getting to September 11 in top shape as opposed to the risks of a little bit of wear?

A: First, I do whatever (Head) coach (Brian Daboll) asks me to do. That's just how you be a leader and be a team player within practices, within preseason games, within joint practices. Just work on your craft. Get better every single day, get the conditioning down, get your body mentally and physically ready for a 17-game season.

Q: I know it's still early in camp, but did it feel good as an offense to move the ball pretty well so far this week? Some touchdown drives in these 11-on-11's with pads on?

A: Yeah, it felt good to get out there. For me personally I didn't really get to experience this last year with rehabbing. But it feels good to get out there. We are doing some great things, but I also think the defense is doing some great things. That's what you want to do. If you want to be a competitive team both sides got to compete. Some days it's going to be offense, some days it's going to be defense, some days it's like we really don't know. We kind of have the arguments and conversations. Whether it's me and (Safety Julian) J Love or (Safety Xavier McKinney) Zay and Daniel after practice. At the end of the day, we are just coming out here trying to compete and trying to get better every single day.

Q: This hasn't been a good red zone offense the last few years. Tell us why it should improve with what you are seeing with Daboll and (Offensive Coordinator Mike) Kafka. Do you expect more of an expanded role in the red zone this year?

A: There's not really much to expect right now. We obviously worked on it a little bit so far in camp, and we are going to continue to work on that. If you want to win games when you get to the red zone you've got to find a way to score points. That's something that coach is harping on, that's something that we are fully aware of. At the end of the day, myself, (Wide Receiver) KG (Kenny Golladay), all of those guys on offense, we've got to be the ones to make the plays. The way you get better at that is by being aware when you are down there and also practice trying to execute the best you can.

Q: If you don't mind, when you are saying "be aware when you get down there", what exactly do you mean by that?

A: Just more aware. Meaning, when you are there it's like, "alright guys we've got to find a way. We've got to find a way to punch it in, find a way to get in the endzone, find a way to walk away with some points." That's what I mean by that.

Q: I know it's only been a handful of plays when you've taken some tosses, some runs to the right-hand side and (Offensive Tackle) Evan Neal has been out in front of you. Just curious, I know what you said when you first saw him back in the spring, but what are you seeing from the rookie when he gets out and space and you are getting tossed the ball in space.

A: I'm excited to play not only behind him but the offensive line and continue to work with (Offensive line coach) Bobby (Johnson) and all of the offensive guys. Evan's been doing a great job coming to work every single day. He's a freak. He's athletic ability is insane and how big he is. When he walks in the room, you notice when he walks in the room. Like I said, for all of us, every single day we've just got to keep improving and keep getting better. I really think he can have a great future, but we just have to keep the main thing the main thing and keep building brick by brick and day by day.

Q: You have been a consistent supporter of Daniel Jones in your time together. Just curious what your impressions have been of him in this camp, and have you noticed anything different about his approach?

A: No, he comes to work every single day. He's out there making plays for us. It's his third offense in how many years, it's year four or something like that. I would say he's coming in every single day trying to get better. He's continuing to do a great job leading and rallying the guys up. Getting us ready to practice, and eventually when we're out there to go out and play a game, he'll do the same thing.

Q: Along those lines, you've never really been a fully healthy running back with Daniel Jones at quarterback since he came in as a starter a couple of years ago – that was the game you hurt your ankle. Do you feel a responsibility and urgency to help him rise to the next level of success? Maybe not as a quarterback but as a successful player and a successful team.

A: I don't just feel that for Daniel, I feel that for the whole offense in general. Not saying its pressure for me to do this and do that. I know what I can be. I know what I'm capable of doing. If I'm able to go out there and do the things that I'm capable of doing, it's going to make life a lot easier – not only on Daniel, but I feel like on everyone. If we all go out there, if we all go out there and do what we are capable of doing, it's going to make life easier for every single one of us. We just got to come in every single day, continue to get the playbook down and continue to work. All the work that we put in will pay off later on.

Q: On another topic, RB Matt Breida's touchdown the other day. What was the reaction in the room, what was the reaction on the field, and did you get to see his GPS numbers on that? That looked pretty fast.

A: I didn't see the GPS numbers on that, but Breida is definitely a fast guy. I'm excited to have him on the team. He's been doing a great job helping me learn the playbook. Obviously, this is his second year with the playbook. He does a great job. He's a great vet, a great running back, and I'm excited to play alongside him.

Q: Are you smiling more? Do you feel more joy being a part of this program, being healthy? How is that impacting your overall demeanor?

A: Definitely smiling more. Not just for me personally, just trying to do a better job of living in the moment, taking it day by day, being appreciative. I get to come in and play for the New York Giants and play the game that I loved as a little kid. Sometimes you can lose sight of that with the ups and downs, with the injuries or whatever is being said about you. At the end of the day, if you keep the main thing the main thing, you can go out there and perform at high level and be who you are and let your true talents show. On that note, I think the coaches, everyone in the facility is doing a great job of keeping the energy up and keeping the excitement up. We're just trying to build every single day.
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