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NFT: Prey: it's actually good?

santacruzom : 8/8/2022 12:22 pm
When I first read of an upcoming new entry into the Predator "franchise" that would go straight to streaming, I... well I must have immediately forgotten it, because I don't remember reading of the movie until just recently. And everything I've read has been glowing!

Sounds like a pretty interesting premise -- predators attacking Native Americans in the 18th century. Anyone see it yet?
Heard good things  
UConn4523 : 8/8/2022 12:26 pm : link
probably going to watch this weekend
I watched it last night.  
theking : 8/8/2022 12:38 pm : link
Good little movie. The premise with the warrior female has been done to death. Though this one actually does it the right way. Better than all of them except the first. Definitely a good watch. Some of the special effects are a bit cheap though. The predator himself looks great, kind of human/predator.
I'm going to check it out  
widmerseyebrow : 8/8/2022 12:40 pm : link
The original is one of my favorite action/sci-fi movies of all time. The sequel was OK, but my god have they just squandered the franchise.
It's pretty good  
Mike in Marin : 8/8/2022 12:59 pm : link
Beautifully shot, scenery-wise. Pretty cool premise. The action and plot deliver. The Predator is done well and is captivatingly fierce and mysterious (considering how familiar we are with it by now).

Definitely worth watching if you dig the genre. Native American aspects and the fact that they supposedly used all true NAs, added to the appeal. The female star is solid.
It was a  
tyrik13 : 8/8/2022 1:09 pm : link
Really good movie, we watched it twice. Pretty cool how they have a version you can watch in Comanche as well. They’re already planning for a sequel as well
I enjoyed it  
KevinBBWC : 8/8/2022 1:20 pm : link
Could and should have been in theater's. Very well done Pred movie. Looking forward to a sequel.
They replaced Arnold with  
ATL_Giants : 8/8/2022 1:21 pm : link
a hot chick. So suspend disbelief for a bit, she's no Sigourney Weaver. But it was beautifully filmed and very well done I thought. They stepped out the plot pretty well, without getting too gnarly with the historical details of the time & circumstances.
Get your popcorn and enjoy a good monster movie.
The director, Trachtenberg  
UConn4523 : 8/8/2022 1:40 pm : link
directed and produced on The Boyz and Black Mirror. He has a good resume. And definitely watch in its native language.
Well done movie  
whispa : 8/8/2022 1:41 pm : link
As others mentioned, great scenery and the Predator looked great. The Native American theme was a nice touch. I’d rank it right behind the original!
Decent movie  
fkap : 8/8/2022 1:58 pm : link
Gotta say, though, sans all that technology, the predator is absolutely nothing.

I think they play loose with some historical details regarding the French
Really good!  
Mike in Long Beach : 8/8/2022 2:21 pm : link
B+ movie with A+ action sequences. And the Predator looks legitimately terrifying. Way more so than in previous installments.
Loved it  
Andrew in Austin : 8/8/2022 5:50 pm : link
A great take on the predator franchise. Watched it with my daughter and she genuinely enjoyed it as well.

Fun watching how they set it up show off the main actress's intelligence and how she used that to fight the predator.

Beautiful cinematography and grade A action sequences as well.
I liked Amber Midthunder in Legion, glad she got a lead role  
j_rud : 8/8/2022 5:55 pm : link
I'll check it out at some point, looks like an interesting take on a fairly tired franchise.
RE: I liked Amber Midthunder in Legion, glad she got a lead role  
ATL_Giants : 8/8/2022 6:53 pm : link
In comment 15775124 j_rud said:
I'll check it out at some point, looks like an interesting take on a fairly tired franchise.

Ditto. She stands out among a talent rich cast in Legion.
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