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Transcript: Safety Julian Love

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/8/2022 3:38 pm
Safety Julian Love

Q: If you play more linebacker, they're going to make you put one of those Guardian Caps on.

A: (Laughter) No, it was in my contract that I'm not allowed to wear one of those. I can't go out like that, I'm too skinny for that (laughs).

Q: What do you like about the way you are being used? I know you were excited in the offseason before you got out here but now that you've been doing it for a couple of weeks what do you like about it?

A: It's fun. I'm always at my best when I'm around the ball. I think that third down and sub packages, I've always kind of been in that role but deeper, so being the guy up front kind of like how (Former Giants Safety) Jabrill (Peppers) has been used in the past is fun. Third down thing but early down, I'm just happy to be back there at safety holding it down and then I get to move up and do some fun stuff on third down.

Q: What is your impression of (Defensive Coordinator Don Martindale) Wink's system and how it fits you in relation to what you were just talking about? Do you like it? Did you know much about it before he got here?

A: I didn't know much about him or the system. I just knew that it was aggressive, and you were going to have to pressure a lot, a lot of man coverage. He really just knows how to scheme up some pressures. A lot of stuff, really, isn't a pressure. It's simulated to, where we might be only sending four, but he finds ways to get free runners to the quarterback, which I think is fun. If you are a free runner to the quarterback, that's what you want on defense, so I've enjoyed it. I've enjoyed getting to know him and know the system.

Q: Some defensive coordinators, like (Bill) Belichick back in the day, I've talked to players, and they can't wait for that Wednesday to see what he's got for that Sunday's game. Does Wink seem like that kind of guy that you guys would be stoked to see what he's got?

A: Oh yeah. Wink and then the crew he brought over, (Outside Linebackers Coach) Drew Wilkins, those two, they've got some stuff schemed up. We got a little taste of it from the scrimmage, we wanted to do some things. We are going to have some things for the preseason, but they have a plan. They have a plan already for what they want for the season. They have a plan for how we want to attack each week. Yeah, we're going to come in excited to see what they've got written up.

Q: Is it dangerous for (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) to lower his shoulder when it's tempo? I guess secondary, how do you feel about that?

A: No, I mean I'm excited to see him run that hard. It's something we want. He's Saquon Barkley. He's a number two pick. He's a guy who's big, strong and they call him, 'Quads.' That's the type of running we want, really. It got a little hot out there, obviously, but when you cool off in the locker room, that's the energy we want to see from him. I know we won't get caught sleeping again, when that comes.

Q: How do you like that (Linebacker) Tae Crowder stood up for you guys?

A: Yeah, I think as a defense and Wink, he wants us all to back each other up. Things happen. The intensity was raising as you guys saw today. It was bound, something was bound to happen. As long as we have each other's back and Tae is a guy who is going to ride with his guys and we're going to ride for each other. That's (inaudible) going to make up some great defenses.

Q: Do you think that there is a part of Wink that likes seeing that?

A: Yeah, he wants to see it in a smart way, obviously. He wants to see how we respond, and I think that we responded well. Things got intense for a minute out there today, but we responded well. That's all he wants to see; we want to do the right things to keep our guys safe and not do anything dumb or get anybody hurt. We aren't going to go out sorry, that's one thing.

Q: Wink said to us earlier today that he feels like his meetings have been conducted a little bit differently than others. Can you describe, you've been around other coaches as well obviously. How are his meetings different would you say? How would you describe them?

A: They're pretty fun. (Defensive Backs Coach) Jerome Henderson has some music going as you walk in, so Wink is in there dancing and no matter how intense, how good or bad the practice is – the one thing that is so different about Wink is that he really tells us, he owes us his composure. He starts the meetings all the same – kind of with a joke where he is laughing about something because the practice was the practice, we are going to correct what we need to correct. He's not dwelling on it all day and feeling sorry for himself or sorry for us. He's responding in a positive way and as a coach, that's what you want.

Q: Did you say he was dancing?

A: Yeah, he has danced a couple of times. It's rough, it's bad dancing but it's not the best (laughs). He's not the best. We want that energy from our coordinator.

Q: Is he dancing before every meeting or is it just on occasion?

A: No, just on occasion. When the mood is right.

Q: One more question about the fight. Obviously, a lot of it is natural to football, pushing and shoving. When a guy like (Center Jon) Feliciano tries to knee somebody in the head or throw a haymaker, is that crossing the line to you guys?

A: I don't know. I don't think any of us have crossed a line. I don't think, we know Jon and he's not crossing the line at all. It gets intense and things happen and we're going to respond. They can expect that, we can expect that from them. We don't take it personally or at heart. Everybody is in there in the locker room right now just going on as normal. You defend your guys – that's what it comes down to.

Q: For a coach to get involved, though. (Offensive Line Coach) Bobby Johnson is right there in the middle and got into it with I think (Linebacker) Cam Brown a little bit.

A: Yeah, we've got some young guys and you want to see coaches, players – it's not just a guys on the field thing. You want to see people defending each other – the defensive side of the ball, offensive side of the ball. When it comes to this Thursday, when it comes to Sundays, it's our whole team but in practice it's tough not to be offense versus defense against each other. So, you get some physicality. We've got some younger coaches, some guys who played the game. That's just the testosterone is high at times, and so it is what it is.
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