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Post-Game Transcript: Head Coach Brian Daboll

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/12/2022 7:25 am


August 11, 2022

BD: It was competitive. The guys played competitive. I thought the organization on the sideline was good. Didn't have any wasted timeouts on substitution errors or getting calls in late. Lost a timeout there on the challenge, so that was my first one, and I lost that one. But some good, some bad. A big week for us this week coming up. I liked how they competed. I liked how physical they played. Certainly there's a lot of areas to clean up, and that's what we'll try to do after we watch the tape. As far as injuries, only two that I got in Lemieux right now and Jamil. Then I'll get updated here on the train ride home.

Q: Lemieux was in a walking boot afterwards. Is that long-term concerning?

BD: I'm going to meet with Ronnie (Barnes) and those guys on the way back. Hope not.

Q: Brian, what did you think of how Daniel and the first team – you had him in for two series. How do you think they did?

BD: Yeah, there was some good and some things we could have back. What was he? 6 of 10. We threw a couple of vertical plays there. They had a couple of free runners relative to the protection, but I thought he operated the offense well. He let them down on the first drive. We stalled there in the Red Zone. Good first start, but certainly things to clean up.

Q: He went back in for the second series. What made you decide to give him that rather than just pulling after the one?

BD: I was going to play him the first quarter. That was the plan. I kind of stay true to plan, and then we played with Tyrod the second quarter, and Davis the last two. So, in terms of the play time, most of it stuck true to what we talked about before the game. There were things we had to adjust here or there based on a guy coming out, but I thought the coaches did a really good job. They were organized with that and just keep on grinding away.

Q: Brian, Aaron Robinson had a pretty eventful night. Made some good plays, and even on the one where he made the good play, he had the taunting penalty. What did you make of the kind of uneven night that he had for a young guy?

BD: I thought he competed well. You are playing corner. You are playing a lot of man-to-man. In the preseason gets a good evaluation, and I thought he competed. We'll learn from that penalty that we had down there, but I thought he competed.

Q: Do you expect teams to attack him a little bit more than maybe Adoree' on the other side? He is probably a little more of a proven commodity.

BD: I don't know. Every team has their own philosophy offensively. I don't want to speak for other teams. I think we to have to be ready to defend all areas of the field on defense, perimeter, inside, and the running game. That's why we play defense. I mean, I don't want to speak for any other teams.

Q: You mentioned that you thought the operation was good. How about your operation as far as just knowing where to go and what to do and covering your responsibilities?

BD: Yeah. I lost the challenge. I was upset about that. That was my first one. I just thought the coaches did a good job in their respect. I think Wink had his staff really organized. Kafka did a really good job. I think he communicated well throughout the game. Again, we're not making a ton of adjustments here. I was pleased with that. Again, pleased with the substitutions. It's our first step. I'm pleased with the way they competed, but we'll go back and watch the tape and learn from it and try to get better.

Q: We talk a lot about Mike Kafka calling the plays. Was it strange for you to not call the plays after so many years of doing it?

BD: Yeah. Yeah. I tell you when it was strange was before the game and the night before. You're going through so many things in your head and thinking about situations. Whether it's the preseason, regular season, or the playoff game, whatever it may be. You know, it's a tough job to call plays, and you have to really put a lot of time and effort and energy into it, and Mike has done a good job with it. Again, it's his first game. Certainly there's no game-planning going on, but, again, the operation of calling it, getting it in quick to the quarterback, giving little reminders. I thought he did a good job.

Q: Was he upstairs?

BD: He was.

Q: Was that a change from what you were going to do?

BD: No. No. I thought about it. I thought that was the best spot. I called the plays upstairs. We'll see what we do this week against Cincinnati. I'll talk about it with Mike before I get to you guys, but it was a good operation.

Q: What do you think of your depth at offensive line and corner, especially with some guys going down?

BD: I always think you can use as much depth as you can get, but those guys that came in relatively new too up front really did a good job. I thought Bobby Johnson had them prepared just learning calls and communicating with one another. Then the same thing, you can never have too many corners, as one old coach said. The guys that competed and were out there playing, I thought they did a good job.

Q: It looked like Bredeson had a pretty good night just overall.

BD: Yeah.

Q. He is a guy you watch in practice. Doesn't always look like it's going well, but then the lights go on tonight and looked like he really performed well with what you were asking of him.

BD: Yeah, I think he has had a good camp. He has been flexible for us inside and snapping and also playing guard. He is smart, tough, dependable. Again, I have to go back and watch all the tape, but boy, is he competitive on the sideline too. Tells you what he sees. Good communicator. He is a good player for us.

Q: Was Andrew (Thomas) on just a slightly lower pitch count than the other guys or --

BD: Yeah, Andrew was going to get one series. So Andrew got one series, and (Saquon Barkley) Bark on offense got one series, and then they were out.

Q: Kadarius did not make the trip, correct?

BD: No. Everybody that was injured or working rehabbing, whatever it may be, that weren't able to play, they were going to stay home and rehab with the trainers and try to get those guys up to speed the best we can so we can be ready to go in our next game.

Q: Do you expect him on the field this week, Kadarius?

BD: I hope so. I think he is working hard. Again, everything we do, we talk about and try to do what's best for the players, so we'll see. They've had a couple of days here, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and recover and see where we're at.

Q: Did he tweak something new in that practice? We saw him limping. Is this more than just the recovery from his knee?

BD: With all due respect, I'm just not going to get into the specifics of it really with anybody. He is working back. We'll see where he is at when we get back.

Q: Leonard (Williams) is an injury thing, not like a personal reason?

BD: All those guys we left back were for reasons that we thought rehabbing, being in the training room, would serve them better than being here. If they were here, they would have played.

Q: Do you think the team got a charge out of Sandro Platzgummer getting in and factoring in there?

BD: Absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. We were down there towards the end of the game, and there were some guys that hadn't played yet, so I wanted to make sure that everybody that came on the trip had an opportunity to play. That's not the easiest situation either when they're trying to rip at the ball, and you're not loose, and you warmed up. He is such a good young man. I was happy for him. I think his teammates were too.

Q: What about Roy Mbaeteka? He is obviously in the same boat.

BD: He did the same thing.

Q: For a guy to be where he is at, Bobby talked about it the other day, what is your impression?

BD: Just impressed. I can't imagine coming to a different place and playing a sport you haven't really played all your life. The communication, I mean, where to put your knee pads, how to turn them. There are so many things that you just take for granted. He is such a good young person. He is physically talented, and we're working with him every day to help him learn this game the best we can.

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/12/2022 7:31 am : link
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There's just something about Brian Daboll  
M.S. : 8/12/2022 8:43 am : link

can't quite put my finger on it... but he seems pretty comfortable in his own skin, and my guess is he rarely gets himself entangled in his own complexities. His answers always seem pretty straightforward. If that makes any sense.
They talked for years about getting  
Dave on the UWS : 8/12/2022 10:06 am : link
an adult in the room. They finally have one.
christian : 8/12/2022 10:18 am : link
Comfortable in his own skin is a great description.
I will be pissed if The inexperienced Kafka  
Big Blue '56 : 8/12/2022 11:26 am : link
calls the plays this year. DJ NEEDS Daboll as Allen did in the beginnint. He was NOT brought here to be the next Lombardi/Belichick..He was brought here to get this O moving in the right direction as he did in Buffalo..Reid does it, Walsh, Holmgren, Shanahan and so many others. It’s his strength.
RE: They talked for years about getting  
Milton : 8/12/2022 1:18 pm : link
In comment 15778846 Dave on the UWS said:
an adult in the room. They finally have one.
Shurmur was the original "adult in the room" and that wasn't too many years ago. Being an adult can be a good start, but there's more to leadership than being an adult, and sometimes being an adult isn't even required. There have been some Super Bowl winning coaches who weren't exactly adult.
RE: They talked for years about getting  
Milton : 8/12/2022 1:19 pm : link
In comment 15778846 Dave on the UWS said:
an adult in the room. They finally have one.
Shurmur was the original "adult in the room" and that wasn't too many years ago. Being an adult can be a good start, but there's more to leadership than being an adult, and sometimes being an adult isn't even required. There have been some Super Bowl winning coaches who weren't exactly adult.
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