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Post-Game Transcript: Linebacker Alex Calitro

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/28/2022 8:25 pm
Inside Linebacker Alex Calitro

Q: Tell me about the pick six?

A: It was kind of a broken play, (Jets Quarterback) Joe (Flacco) was rolling out to his right, our left, and he got close to that sideline, so I was actually (inaudible). I saw (OLB Oshane Ximines) Ox number 53 come, and as soon as I saw him, I felt the receiver behind me, so I just fell back a little bit, he threw it, and I don't think he saw me right away. And you saw the result, it ended up being a pick six.

Q: What were you thinking on the way to the endzone?

A: Get there. Leave no doubt kind of thing (Laughs).

Q: As a guy whose been in the league for I guess six years now, with seven or eight different teams, bouncing around being at a lot of different camps, just wondering what fuels you to keep going and persevering with all these teams and everything you have shown this summer?

A: It was really my rookie year, I was bouncing around a lot, and then after that I was pretty much on one team once I got there. If you would have asked me my rookie year if I would've made it to stick around this long, I would've said no. I just want to keep going, when you're undrafted you're not supposed to make it this far. One day when I have kids, I told (inaudible) I want to leave some kind of legacy behind for them, and for me I'm still not done yet.

Q: What have you been trying to focus on this summer, what do you think you're showing the coaching staff?

A: I think first and foremost, the faster you can pick up the defense and show you're a smart football player they trust you more. (Inaudible) When I left the facility, I'd study the playbook for an extra three hours and just show them they can trust me. My rookie year I came in like 245 (Ibs) now I'm 227 (lbs) so I feel faster and lighter.
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