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Transcript: Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/1/2022 5:44 pm
Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

Q: How do you view this group?

A: I'm excited to get going, to be honest. I feel like everybody is pretty much back, healthy. We've got a lot of guys and some sparks that can help this offense.

Q: What are your expectations for yourself?

A: First off, I just want to remain healthy. I'm very blessed that I was able to go through this whole training camp healthy. I'm able to be a part of each practice just to get that chemistry down. The rest, I'm going to keep those expectations to myself.

Q: I know last year, you kind of went through the same thing except the injury happened in training camp. It seemed like it took you a few weeks of kind of starting to get healthy when you got injured again. How much different does this year feel to you? At least that injury or this procedure was done earlier, and you did get that time in this year.

A: I feel a lot better coming into this. As far as just the training staff, medical, coaches, (inaudible), they did it the right way to try to make sure everybody was on the field at all times, just so we can get all of that chemistry and everything. Of course, some injuries you have no control over. I feel like (Head Coach Brian Daboll) Dabs and the rest of his staff have done a pretty good job.

Q: What did you think of playing in the final preseason game? It was weird because they said players who needed reps. You actually had a lot of reps, you were the only veteran in that spot.

A: I really didn't see it (any) way. To be honest, if you think about it – how many receivers did we have go down? With this offense, with how complex it is, you really can't have nobody going in and asking what you have to do each time. What, we had like, four receivers go down? That was no big deal to me going out there.

Q: If you and (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney) can stay healthy, can stay on the field as the two main outside receivers, how good do you think this offense can be?

A: I feel like the offense is going to be good in general. I'm not going to say I'm just a big part of the offense as far as, 'if I'm not on the field, the offense won't be that good.' Of course, with us on the field, it's definitely going to help the offense – I'll say that. It's two more people the defense has to be worried about.

Q: There was a play in the preseason game that caught some attention on Twitter where it was the first play that you guys had on offense on a block. It looked like you peeled off and shied away from a block. Do you know what play I'm referring to and can you explain what happened there?

A: Yeah, I saw that. Initially, I have to tempo off the line a little bit because I can't be an illegal man blocking down the field because there was a screen early on. So, (Wide Receiver) Wan'Dale (Robinson) is going to do a screen behind the ball, the ball bounced out to the left, and it was either that or I was going to potentially block in the back or hold. I was already kind of out of position.

Q: So, it was more being a little out of position?

A: It was more so I tempoed off the ball just because you have to wait until the ball got there in case there was an RPO.

Q: Are you excited for the season? Because you don't always show you're excited. Are you?

A: Yeah.

Q: Are you excited for what you can do and what this offense can do?

A: Yeah.

Q: It's a perception that you're not into it, is it more you're in your own head or what is all that stuff? Is that a misconception?

A: Who said I'm not into it?

Q: It seems to be a perception. You don't show, you know what I mean?

A: What do you want me to do?

Q: I want you to be yourself, that's what I'm asking.

A: That's what I'm doing.

Q: Is this yourself?

A: Yeah, I'm being myself.

Q: Do you think if you have more success and the team has more success, some of that will come out naturally?

A: I'm pretty sure if I was out there catching touchdowns or just grabs (inaudible). I don't know if you guys would be saying I'm out there showing no emotion.

Q: How much do you hear the noise?

A: I don't pay attention to it.
5BowlsSoon : 9/1/2022 6:02 pm : link
That I térciese went south pretty fast.
How exciting a player we have that makes a ton of money!  
Jimmy Googs : 9/1/2022 6:03 pm : link
I would trade him tomorrow and eat some of his salary for a draft pick.

Just a questionable acquisition, and at that price, just awful...
Ya can't knock him 'cause...  
KeoweeFan : 9/1/2022 6:06 pm : link
"..he comes to work every day!"
liked the detail he gave  
bluefin : 9/1/2022 6:14 pm : link
on the RPO block question
FranknWeezer : 9/1/2022 6:25 pm : link
Hard not to feel like he's not happy here, for whatever reason. Shouldn't be the money, that's for sure.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 9/1/2022 6:47 pm : link
I wouldn't lose sleep over KG. 99.9% odds he's a goner next winter.
Maybe we can teach him to hold for field goals  
kelly : 9/1/2022 6:53 pm : link
At least we get something out of him
I’m actually glad they’re taking this so seriously  
mattlawson : 9/1/2022 6:56 pm : link
And trying to create a sense of urgency with this player.
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