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Transcript: Inside Linebacker Tae Crowder

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/12/2022 6:55 pm
Inside Linebacker Tae Crowder

Q: Have you been on social media yet, and have you seen yet how much buzz the video of you de-cleating (Titans Running Back) Derrick Henry is getting?

A: I'm aware of it.

Q: What's your reaction to that going everywhere, and what do you remember about that play? He's not an easy guy to get off his feet.

A: I don't really pay too much attention to it. I just try to prepare the right way, and it ended up being a good play.

Q: Anything specific you remember about that play like how hard you were charging, the angle, anything you remember about that specific play?

A: I just know the D-line did a good job; everybody did a good job around me of flying to the ball.

Q: If you could just talk about the job you guys did against Derrick Henry. How did this defense who, obviously has gotten its share of criticism for not having big-name players, how did this defense shut down Derrick Henry to four yards a carry, not allow him to have a big one – what was it you guys were doing? And have you guys kind of embraced that idea of people doubting you guys as a defense?

A: It's just coming to work every day and the coaches pushing us to be the best we can. We just want to keep on getting better and preparing the right way.

Q: You guys were around last year, obviously. Didn't have a lot of locker rooms like that. What was the locker room like after the game?

A: It was very exciting. One of the best feelings I've had in a while and I'm just looking forward to having many more.

Q: What did you think of your head coach and the moves he showed?

A: (Laughs). I'll tell you I didn't know he had moves like that, but he did a good job.

Q: He said he wouldn't' know if anyone would describe it as dancing. What would you describe it as?

A: He had some good moves though. Got to give it to him.

Q: Not all head coaches do that. You've been around head coaches. You were here last year, even in college. Some guys just don't want to give themselves up like that. Maybe they'll look funny or something like that. Did that surprise you, and what does it say about (head Coach) Brian Daboll?

A: No, since they first arrived, they showed us we can be ourselves. They preach that a lot: Just be yourself and have fun with it. It's something they do, too.

Q: How does the mindset change? Now you go from Derrick Henry to (Panthers Running Back) Christian McCaffery? Does that change the way you attack a running back?

A: I really don't think it's about whoever it is. It's just about us and what we do this week.

Q: So, having a sort of a shiftier guy as opposed to the big Derrick Henry coming down the hole at you, that's not a difference to you?

A: Obviously, it'll be a difference, but it's not really about what they're going to do. It's about what we're going to do.

Q: Do you expect the game plan to be a little bit different? Personnel maybe?

A: Probably so.

Q: Both of their touchdowns yesterday came on the passes where the guy came out of the backfield. The second one, it seemed like you got chipped a little bit coming across; but is it hard for the linebackers to cover a guy that fast coming out of the backfield?

A: No. I just think we got to do a better job with our techniques and stuff like that. We'll get it corrected this week.

Q: The other question I have is everybody's talking about Daboll's moves. I looked at a camera, and there was (Inside Linebacker) Micah McFadden. He looked like he was having his problems with the dance moves. What would you call his moves?

A: I really don't know. I just feel like it was a lot of joy in that moment. A lot of people were doing a lot of different things. I really don't know.

Q: How are your moves?

A: I got a little something in me.
these reporters....  
jnoble : 9/12/2022 7:44 pm : link
...and their childish obsession with the coach's dance moves in the post game locker room. JHC, who cares
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