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BigBlueJ : 9/17/2022 10:41 am
Lost in all of this is the performance by Glowinski. Looking at the highlights and film study by other content creators, I am so excited by this players savy and smarts. That 30+ yard run by Saquon on the last drive was popped by Glow moving through the trash after losing his assignment and catching that DB coming from the other side of the field was beautiful. On no planet was Hernandez doing anything so heads up. He was a great signing.
Solid signing  
Payasdaddy : 9/17/2022 12:27 pm : link
Maybe similar to where zeitler was, a solid pro at OG
Something we just aren’t used to here at this point
Good thread  
5BowlsSoon : 9/17/2022 12:49 pm : link
Nice to give credit where it is due. So I now feel good about 4/5 of our line (yes, I feel good about José Feliciano), and 1/2 of our left guards.

Ezudu- great run blocker
Bledson- Better pass blocker than Ezudu, not better run blocker

Lemieux- like Ezudu- better at run blocking

Hopefully, someone of those 3 evolves into a consistent run and pass blocker
Ez will become a terrific player....  
No Where Man : 9/17/2022 1:05 pm : link
Give him time to develop. His movement ability is rare.
Thought Glowinski had some troubles, but he was also  
chick310 : 9/17/2022 2:23 pm : link
doing a good job on a couple of the big runs.

Good addition for a team with limited funds this offseason. Can be upgraded at some point but no hurry as he isn't the liability Hernandez was.

Giants traded Olivier Vernon for Zeitler  
gersh : 9/17/2022 8:27 pm : link
And paid Zeitler about twice of what they are paying Glowinski
Much better value with Glowinski
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