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Ex-Giants Coaches on the Panthers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/17/2022 11:59 am
The Panthers have several former Giants coaches on their staff.

Head coach Matt Rhule was the Giants’ assistant offensive line coach in 2012. Offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo held the same role with the Giants in 2014-15 and was the head coach in 2016-17. Tight ends coach Kevin M. Gilbride was the Giants’ offensive quality control coach and coached the team’s wide receivers (2012-13) and tight ends (2014-17). Quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan was the Giants’ offensive quality control coach (2007-09) and coached the wide receivers (2010-11, 2014-15) and quarterbacks (2012-13). Carolina assistant head coach/ defense Al Holcomb was the Giants’ defensive quality control (2009-10) and defensive assistant (2011-12).
unlike Russell Wilson  
Giantsfan79 : 9/17/2022 12:03 pm : link
I hope the Giants have changed their hand signals
Straw Hat : 9/17/2022 12:06 pm : link
Why the panthers are so terrible.
At least smart enough  
Spiciest Memelord : 9/17/2022 12:13 pm : link
not to hire our trainers and medical staff.
Some of them are good coaches  
Matt M. : 9/17/2022 12:46 pm : link
who were here whee played good football.
Joe Schoen was a scouting  
mikeinbloomfield : 9/17/2022 12:48 pm : link
Assistant there as well.
RE: At least smart enough  
Blackmax00 : 9/17/2022 1:24 pm : link
In comment 15819575 Spiciest Memelord said:
not to hire our trainers and medical staff.

Ain’t that the truth.
christian : 9/17/2022 4:33 pm : link
That's like poaching from the staff of the 62 Mets.
Regardless of what happens tomorrow…  
DefenseWins : 9/17/2022 4:59 pm : link
I don’t think Rhule is going to be a successful head coach in this league. He will be back in the NCAA at some point.
RE: Explains  
bradshaw44 : 9/17/2022 5:31 pm : link
In comment 15819563 Straw Hat said:
Why the panthers are so terrible.

Haha was thinking the same thing.
When I watch the Panthers  
Giantimistic : 9/17/2022 5:53 pm : link
they really do remind me of some of the Giants teams we have had over the years.

They sometimes show promise, and then have big letdowns.

They are unpredictable in how they will preform.
Mayfield is not a terrible quarterback.  
GeofromNJ : 9/17/2022 6:06 pm : link
His arm is not elite, but he's elusive and can throw on the run. And McCaffery and Robbie Anderson (6'3") are weapons. Giants will have a fight on their hands I think. Stop the run and blanket the receivers may be the key to winning.
RE: ...  
Optimus-NY : 9/17/2022 7:00 pm : link
In comment 15819764 christian said:
That's like poaching from the staff of the 62 Mets.

There must be a reason Sean Ryan keeps getting QB Coach gigs.  
Big Blue Blogger : 9/18/2022 10:08 am : link
His best work here was with the receivers. Then Sullivan got the OC job in Tampa Bay, Ryan got bumped up to QB Coach, and by 2013 the whole unit was such a mess that Ryan got demoted back to WRs and McAdoo was brought in to overhaul the whole offense.

Ryan may deserve some credit for Deshaun Watson’s development in Houston. During his two years in Detroit, Stafford remained the same player he had always been. But then Ryan got his big assignment in Carolina: salvaging Sam Darnold. That didn’t go so well. Now he gets another chance with Baker Mayfield.
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