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Opening Day ( home game)

Fred-in-Florida : 9/18/2022 9:30 am
It never gets old! Have had Season Tickets since 75. Been going to the opening almost 50 years. I still get excited. Always come up for opening day!

The grill is getting ready and opened a beer already. I used to do all the work but my son has taken over since I moved to Florida.

Started this an hour ago. Breakfast was ready and old friends arrived.

Parking lot filling up. Get loud people!

mako J : 9/18/2022 10:37 am : link
Be heard Fred!!
Have a Great Day, Fred!!!  
KingBlue : 9/18/2022 11:16 am : link
I love the buzz at the stadium for the home opener. Enjoy!!!!
So happy  
Des51 : 9/18/2022 11:30 am : link
for you Fred, let's hope we all have a great day.
Nice Fred  
Drewcon40 : 9/18/2022 11:39 am : link
Enjoy my friend - I miss the old days.
Nice job Fred  
5BowlsSoon : 9/18/2022 4:28 pm : link
Your passion and others liked you helped our boys win today….
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