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Giants run game could use some help from our wide receivers

M.S. : 9/19/2022 10:51 am

Carolina's front line was rough & tough yesterday and screwed up our O-line run blocking (not to mention our pass protection.)

But from what I could tell on the TV screen, it also looked like their secondary often times started a few steps closer to the LOS. Before the game I asked: When Carolina loads up on Saquon Barkley, can the Giants make them pay with some sort of passing game?

Yesterday, our WRs were gritty, but no one ripped the top of their secondary (save for Sterling Shepard's shifty up-field move that led to an interference call.) I think the Giants need to at least pose a theoretical threat of getting behind the secondary to ease the pressure on our run game.
Still PO'd about that call on Sills  
Gap92 : 9/19/2022 10:53 am : link
That should have been a big play to Toney and who knows what would've happened after that. We were getting in a rhythm there.
Don't hold your breath  
averagejoe : 9/19/2022 10:56 am : link
our WR's scare nobody. Our offense scares nobody. Contain Barkley and pressure Jones. Not very hard to do.
shep says the offensive scheme is hard to understand  
MeanBunny : 9/19/2022 11:00 am : link
Sounds like the Kafka-esque offensive scheme is hard to understand from Shep. It will take some time and the ones who learn faster get started. So Toney and Golliday must be in special Ed class. Golliday did run a block on that TD so maybe he is a decoy
Giants could use some wide receivers  
gidiefor : Mod : 9/19/2022 11:14 am : link
here fixed
RE: Giants could use some wide receivers  
cjac : 9/19/2022 11:22 am : link
In comment 15823273 gidiefor said:
here fixed

i was going to say "what wide receivers?"
Yeah, you have to wonder if the lack of WR talent will kill them  
BillT : 9/19/2022 11:59 am : link
So far they been just barley good enough. But we are getting more guys involved. Yesterday, we saw the TEs contribute more. Sills got his first catches. Both Shepard and James have been consistent. It doesn’t take much. Just enough to keep opposing Ds honest.
Our RBs are pretty good pass catchers too.....  
Simms11 : 9/19/2022 12:29 pm : link
Need to see them more involved in the pass game, as well. Make the LBs run and chase RBs all over the field.
The only blocking WR IMHO  
STLGiant : 9/19/2022 5:30 pm : link
are Shep & Slayton…possibly Sills.
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