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Giants App: issues

Daniel in MI : 9/19/2022 1:44 pm
Hey gents. Anyone else having issues with the Giants app? Specifically, two weeks now I’ve tried to use it for Schmelk’s film review. Seems like good content. But the video player is a mess. It starts to play ad during which I can see 2 time countdowns. Then it gives me an option to skip after a bit, but when I do it feeds a new ad into the player. Same deal with that one. Then it dies (I get a video player closed message). Once this happens none of the other video segments will play. Both weeks I’ve given up on it. I’m running the newest app version so it’s not that.

Anyone else?
he does keep mentioning that 'top men' are working on it  
mattlawson : 9/19/2022 1:48 pm : link
go to is my advice
Just tried it  
Daniel in MI : 9/19/2022 5:17 pm : link
Exact same issue.

Top men, indeed.
I had issues on Sunday  
D HOS : 9/19/2022 9:02 pm : link
the post game show wouldn't play at all on the app but did on
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