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Julian Love to be on GMFB

jvm52106 : 9/20/2022 7:52 am
During 8am hour. Will transcribe if possible.
Fun fact  
Tuckrule : 9/20/2022 9:12 am : link
I live near LIU and I go to their games while I can. His younger brother is a WR on LIU. Very shifty and quick just severely undersized.
Now on (9:20)  
jvm52106 : 9/20/2022 9:36 am : link
Julian Love- a big fan of Lilo and Stitch.

JM- talk about the big play sack at in the 4th quarter.

Love- It was exciting, good plan going in, being aggressive as Wink calls it.

PS-Holidng teams to under 20 a game (avg) after two weeks, what is like being a Giant right now as NYC is a buzz.

Love- very exciting. Tough at times these last few years. Much better on Monday's after a win and seeing fans wearing our jerseys etc. Very exciting.

KB- on playing for Daboll and his call in week 1.

Love- (Daboll)- feels great to play for him. In the first convo with him, he finished asking me if I was ready to bring some juice this year. That showed me he was ready, he was full of energy and is that way everday. Gutsy call in that first game and to his credit he asked the leaders/players etc what do you think if we go for two? he is the same guy daily.

Jm (I think)- asking about the team

Love- energy going, good sense of urgency. Team is focused and we work.

JE- on being named a captain.

Love (on being captain)- it means a lot. Never been a captain before, Iw as close in high school and then left early in college. This team appreciates me and what I bring as a person and player, and I do my best to represent my team and community well.

JM- asking about going to Notre Dame

Love (on Notre Dame)- he never thought he had a chance to go to Notre dame, then got his chance, got an offer and within 10 seconds said yes! His dad had taken him to ND games as a kid. Wasn't highly recruited so didn't expect to be recruited by ND.

love (on ND loss)- feeling a little better after the win, breaking out the iconic green unis. Likes Freeman as the coach, believes they will turn it around and get things righted. Ebbs and flows in a season.

PS- asking about Daniel Jones and how excited the team was for him.

Love- (on Jones)- it was exciting on the 3rd and 6 play, it was what needed to happen. We expect that from everyone adn not just DJ. Won't always be pretty (Dabs says that a lot), but as long as we get it done and keep working. For DJ, he took that play on himself and made it which was the key to the victory at the end.

JM- asking about the Dallas game.

Love- (Dallas)- its a big one, because it is the next one. It is a rivalry game, lots of bad blood, will be lot of energy and big game.

Happy to see him become one of our prominent guys  
mfsd : 9/20/2022 9:59 am : link
easy guy to root for
Thanks for transcribing. I've always liked JL. He plays hard and  
Ira : 9/20/2022 10:01 am : link
plays smart. I hope he stays in blue for the rest of his career.
Anyone see his interview on  
cjac : 9/20/2022 10:06 am : link
a reporter asked him if Wink gives him carte blanche out there in certain situations and he didnt know what it meant. Then every reporter after that broke his balls that he went to Notre Dame and didnt know what carte blanche meant.
RE: Happy to see him become one of our prominent guys  
Spiciest Memelord : 9/20/2022 5:09 pm : link
In comment 15824819 mfsd said:
easy guy to root for

Not for the DG haters XD
Should lock him up long term  
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 9/20/2022 5:11 pm : link
Love was on with Tiki and Tierney  
Drewcon40 : 9/20/2022 5:15 pm : link
It was a really enjoyable listen. Love is really well spoken and was as transparent as can be with some questions. Particularly when asked about Kenny Golladay.
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