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Falato's Breakdown on Wink's play calling

Southern Man : 9/20/2022 5:58 pm
and player responsibilities. Really interesting stuff.
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link started mid-report  
Southern Man : 9/20/2022 6:01 pm : link
it's worth it to watch the whole piece.
Halfway through  
PakistanPete : 9/20/2022 7:23 pm : link
Really good video. Lot of effort put into this one.
that was good - like this guy doing the analysis  
stoneman : 9/20/2022 7:25 pm : link
Is that  
Bill in UT : 9/20/2022 7:43 pm : link
B.J. Falato? Sorry if it's been said 1000X before, I haven't noticed it :)
RE: Is that  
Dennis : 9/20/2022 11:18 pm : link
In comment 15825633 Bill in UT said:
B.J. Falato? Sorry if it's been said 1000X before, I haven't noticed it :)

LOL, I read it as fallatio. I had to read it several times to understand the title.
I'm too old for this shit.
This is why  
giantstock : 9/21/2022 3:07 am : link
The coaching staff prefers an elite CB over an elite Edge. They feel they can "coach up" a pass rush.
Outstanding stuff.  
Big Blue Blogger : 9/21/2022 6:52 am : link
Especially the explanation of what the safeties are doing. The three young guys played big, diverse roles throughout, and Jefferson’s knowledge of the system makes him a real asset - especially mastery of small details like the right angle and timing to tie up the guard and open the B gap.

Seems like Martindale found ways to blanket/bracket CMC without making it obvious where Mayfield should go instead.

Dallas has weapons that can beat you: Lamb, Pollard, Elliott, maybe Brown. Rush has looked good. But he’s still a QB with under 100 total passes in his career, and his safest target, Dalton Schultz, is probably out. Watching that breakdown has me looking forward to what Martindale cooks up for a shaky offense with a makeshift line, a depleted receiving corps, and a QB with little game experience.
The best part  
nygiants16 : 9/21/2022 7:45 am : link
is watching all the confusing lineups and the speed in which the dbs and LBs get to their spots when they drop off..It makes a DC job so kuch easier when you can do that.

On 1 of the plays Love drops from the line of scrimmage to the deep safety and Belton slides up into the middle of the field short..

Jihad Ward was playing NT and then dropping off covering crossing tight ends and running backs..
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