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NFT: Yanks DFA Andujar....Britton recalled

rnargi : 9/22/2022 5:14 pm
..just reported. Got absolutely nothing for him. Between Frazier, Sanchez, and now Andujar this is bordering on malfeasance.
dune69 : 9/22/2022 5:30 pm : link
I wonder what trades Andujar could have been part of 3 or 4 years ago? Here is a player who seemed to have a great future but never improved.

Anxious to see what Britton's got. We need some relief help.
mitch300 : 9/22/2022 5:32 pm : link
Interested to see how Andujar does when given a real chance to play every day to see how he performs.
That was a bad move  
Crazed Dogs : 9/22/2022 5:37 pm : link
the guy can hit....
Lol you guys are stuck on 4 years ago  
Stu11 : 9/22/2022 6:04 pm : link
You think the Yanks haven't shopped him for years? Nobody has offered anything I'm sure. He hasn't hit a lick for years. Every chance he's gotten he's done nothing.
Cashman refused to include him in trades until his  
arniefez : 9/22/2022 7:10 pm : link
value hit zero.

"I think (Andujar) is a hell of a player," Cashman told Joel Sherman of the New York Post. "We have said 'no' to him (in trade talks) not just this year but from Double-A on up. I have not included him any deals and that should say how I feel about him."

Cashman added: "We have been challenged many times to move him or coerced to move him. He is here because of what we think of him. And I mean 'we.' His makeup is off the charts. His work ethic is off the charts. His energy is off the charts. And his physical ability is off the charts. He is a major contributor, which is what we thought he'd be."

Sherman reports that the Pittsburgh Pirates asked for Clint Frazier and Andujar in a package for Gerrit Cole during the offseason, but the Yankees rejected the offer and Cole was eventually dealt to the Houston Astros.

Come Sunday night, Gerrit Cole will take the mound for the Houston Astros in Game 2 of the 2018 American League Championship Series. It's been easy to forget given how Cole has reasserted himself as a top pitcher since joining the Astros, but last winter the New York Yankees were suspected to be the team most likely to acquire Cole from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now we know why a deal never happened. According to Ken Davidoff of the New York Post, the Pirates wanted a package built around outfielder Clint Frazier and third baseman Miguel Andujar. Alas, the Yankees wouldn't budge on Andujar.

With the 2022 trade deadline approaching, the New York Yankees are gearing up to make a big move. However, one of their reserve players requested to be traded after being demoted several weeks ago following the return of Giancarlo Stanton from the injured list.

Miguel Andujar is the player of note, asking management to be sent to a Major League team where he can compete for playing time and increase his service time simultaneously. Andujar is three years away from becoming a free agent and is arbitration-eligible in 2023.

General manager Brian Cashman spoke to the media on Thursday, crushing Andujar’s dreams of being a trade piece at the upcoming deadline.

“I don’t ever look to trade somebody because they ask to be traded,” the Yankees general manager said Thursday. “He’s a member of this organization and someone that we value and we benefit from having. Obviously, if something makes sense, we’d do something. But obviously, clearly through this point, we feel like he’s more valuable to us than me doing anything that has been presented to me up to this point.”

Has there ever been a GM better at devaluing assests and giving them away for nothing a few years after they were prime trade chips than Brian Cashman? What is the justification for bring him back as GM once his contract expiries? It's not like this is anything new. The quote below is from an article that is over 10 years old and the same problems the Yankees had in 2011 they have now.

Brian Cashman has always said he never regretted clinging tightly to Eduardo Nunez back in July of 2010 when the young infielder might have been the final necessary piece in the proposed trade for Cliff Lee. So would the Yankee GM give him up now if it meant a chance to acquire Braves pitcher Jair Jurrjens?Brian Cashman has always said he never regretted clinging tightly to Eduardo Nunez back in July of 2010 when the young infielder might have been the final necessary piece in the proposed trade for Cliff Lee. So would the Yankee GM give him up now if it meant a chance to acquire Braves pitcher Jair Jurrjens?

That's a question Cashman may get to consider for real as he continues to explore trade possibilities for pitching.

Cashman yesterday declined comment, saying he wouldn't discuss any specific potential trades. He did say that he continues to value Nunez as "a real athletic guy who can help us at a lot of positions."

If the Braves push the discussions forward eventually, any deal for Jurrjens would have to include more than Nunez. The major league source suggested that Nick Swisher could fill the Braves' need for offense, playing left field for them next season on the final year of his contract.

Nunez, Swisher, and perhaps a middling minor league prospect for Jurrjens? You'd think the Yankees would be happy to make that deal, considering their need for a No. 2-type starter.

Meet the new GM same as the old GM.
Straight up for Jordan Montgomery?  
DCOrange : 9/22/2022 7:20 pm : link
Get it done.
I like Miggy as much as anyone,  
section125 : 9/22/2022 10:23 pm : link
but the angst over like the 6th or 7th OF in the organization is silly.
I really liked him and hope he finds a good place that will bring him up to play.
He could still accept  
Scooter185 : 9/22/2022 10:39 pm : link
The assignment and go back to the Yankees minors
RE: He could still accept  
section125 : 9/22/2022 10:41 pm : link
In comment 15828105 Scooter185 said:
The assignment and go back to the Yankees minors

Yes he could, but he is stuck behind to many people. If I were him, I would consider moving on.
bwitz : 9/22/2022 11:07 pm : link
Lmao. Typical from the source.
He’s wanted out for a while  
Greg from LI : 9/22/2022 11:08 pm : link
No way he’s taking the assignment. He’ll try his luck elsewhere.
bwitz : 9/22/2022 11:10 pm : link
Another clueless moron like rnargi!

The Yankees just make the playoffs and these two know nothing dinguses are complaining about dropping a player who’s done fuckall for 2 years.

Way to go guys! Just brilliant stuff!
Frazier and Sanchez? Really?  
Spirit of '86 : 9/23/2022 6:26 am : link
OP mentions them in same breath as Andujar? Neither of those guys is any good. Andujar does not really have a position and has not hit that well in the majors in years. He is a good guy and has talent but needs to move on. DFA clears roster space in a hurry. They have 10 days to deal him.
Perfect Landing Spot  
varco : 9/23/2022 8:28 am : link
The Cincinnati Reds have often taken on "reclamation project" type hitters and gotten nice returns. Playing in the Great American Bandbox, Andujar would do well and when he posts good numbers, they would flip him to a contender for prospects (who never make it). Seriously, the Reds seem to provide a landing spot for players like Tommy Pham, Brandon Drury, Donovan Solano, etc. who do well after falling out of favor elsewhere.
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